Meaning of the Card of 7 of Pentacles of the Tarot

Meaning of the Card of 7 of Pentacles of the Tarot:

Meaning of the Card of 7 of Pentacles of the Tarot

Key words related to the card of the Seven of Pentacles of Tarot

The 7 of Pentacles Upright on the Tarot deck: Harvest, satisfaction, profit

The 7 of Pentacles reversed on the Tarot deck: lack of vision, dissatisfaction, limitations

Description of the 7 de Pentacles Tarot blade card

The seven of pentacles of the Tarot is one of the minor arcana of the Tarot. Its geometrical forms are reminiscent of the gestation of thought at the center of matter.

The materialization of the efforts materialized. It represents the action on matter or on the material world that leads to the fruition of efforts. Thought creates matter.

The meanings of the 7 of pentacles card upright in the Tarot deck

The card of the seven pentacles of Tarot bears the strong imprint of the pentacles suite. It shows the desire to make its efforts bear fruit over the long term. As a result, you know the value of the efforts you invest in your shares and how to get the most out of them.

The 7 of pentacles card of the tarot shows that you know how to plan for the long term and that you have a vision of what you want to build.

This tarot card refers to the energy and hard work you're getting out of today. All the efforts invested are finally profitable. The 7 of pentacles encourages you to continue your efforts because they will bring you a lot of satisfaction.

The 7 Denier Tarot card can also show that you are now halfway to your task. You look at your work and ask yourself what there is still to go. It is a question of understanding that you must not slacken. You must continue your efforts to the end.

The 7 Denier card indicates that you are on the right track. You have found the way out of your financial difficulties.

The meanings of the 7 of Pentacles reversed in the Tarot deck

The card of the 7 of pentacles upside down will rather be the expression that you have worked a lot but that what you reap is not worth the efforts invested. For example, you have invested an amount of money and are not getting the expected benefits.

It is also possible, as with the 7 of Cups, that you may continue your efforts in vain. In this case you think you are investing and reaping the rewards of your work. But in fact, you are working hard without really knowing where you are going. In this case you are wasting your energy. You can't move forward. The lesson from the 7 of pentacles card upside down is to reflect on your actions. Where you're headed. Whether it's worth it. Maybe you didn't assess the situation well enough and you're not moving forward now.

Pulling this Tarot card may be an indication that you need to stop. It is necessary to take the time to reflect. Maybe you need to change your strategy. In any case, the actions taken so far are not productive enough to allow you to reap the fruits.

The 7 of pentacles in emotional matters

In a romantic relationship, the backwards 7 of pentacles may indicate that you have been trying to build your relationship. You have put a lot of effort into it, but unfortunately it hasn't turned out the way you wanted. In this case, the 7 of pentacles reversed may show some form of frustration.
In any case, the 7 of pentacles reversed here will indicate that you need to change your strategy or invest in other things that are more in line with the energy you want to invest in it.

Summary of the 7 of Tarot Pentacles card

The seven of pentacles of the tarot speaks of the effort and energy one puts into a task. So this card is about making a long term decision and how to go about building something based on work and effort that will then allow you to enjoy what you have invested.

You play the card of the 7 of Pentacles by thinking of a person in particular.

In the professional field:

The professional field is privileged here. It will be a person who is not afraid of effort and who knows how to invest himself thoroughly in a project when he believes in it. On the other hand, it will be necessary to show him the possible benefits of his work. For example, you could imagine a sales position that invests in sales and receives a good percentage of its sales.

In the sentimental field:

This person will put all the energy needed to build a solid and serious relationship. It is more the safety and construction side that is emphasized. This person will express his feelings in this way by showing more the actions he does than his feelings. It will however be a person with whom you will be able to build a life together on solid foundations.

In the financial field :

This person is reliable. She will know how to work and deepen the knowledge and understanding of the minor arcana?

The message of the 7 of Tarot Pentacles

Efforts are always rewarded

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