Meaning of the Card of 6 of Pentacles of the Tarot

Meaning of the Card of 6 of Pentacles of the Tarot:

Meaning of the Card of 6 of Pentacles of the Tarot

The 6 of pentacles of the tarot expresses the very principle of generosity. You have to know how to give when you have, because the wheel turns. It means knowing how to give when the opportunity arises because life is a boomerang and everything eventually comes back one day or another.

Here are the meanings of the Tarot Pentacles card

Keywords related to the 6 of Tarot Pentacles card

The 6 of Pentacles Tarot upright: giving, charity, prosperity, sharing

The 6 of Pentacles of the Tarot reversed: selfishness, keeping everything to oneself, debts

Description of the Tarot's 6 Denier Blade

The 6 of pentacles is one of the minor mysteries of the Tarot. It features four pentacles plus two.

The four coins in the center of the card suggest stability in the sense of the number four.

The other two pentacles make a column and an opening.

The idea here is complementarity. The pentacles at the two extremes give the idea of openness.

We can therefore think that this card is opening up to the world.

The meanings of the 6 of Pentacles card in the Tarot upright

The 6 pentacles of Tarot is a card carrying high energy. Like all the cards in the Money Suites, it talks about finance, wealth and the material world.

The six pentacles represent harmony and wealth. A state of grace in which you feel good enough to be able to share. Money comes and goes with ease and everything follows a balanced system.

As a thank you for this situation, you are happy and can benefit others by giving. So this card will talk about charity for example or about sharing with those who need it. Indeed, today you are rich and you can give to those who are not rich as a reminder of what you have been.

The six of pentacles, the one who gives

The wealth you can share can take many forms. It is not only financial wealth. It can also be about helping others in many ways.

Here, what is important is to know how to give.

The card asks you in this aspect to thank the Universe for your position by giving as much as you have received. Charity and giving should be considered here not as something extra but as something that is part of the abundance of your life. The respect of the flow that consists in getting people in and out. As such the card asks you to remember the wheel of fortune. Nothing is eternal and those who are up will be down tomorrow and vice versa. By this act of charity you also guarantee to be better treated by fate.

The six of pentacles and the one who receives

The card of the 6 of pentacles of the tarot can be seen under another aspect which is not under the angle of the one who gives but under the one who receives. In this case, you should be grateful to the person who allows you to return to a more decent situation. On the other hand, you must be careful not to remain in this situation and be dependent on the one who gives.

The meanings of the 6 of pentacles of the Tarot Reversed

The card of the 6 pentacles upside down it's the other way around. It indicates charity is only one way. You give but you do not receive. For example, you have lent money and you don't get it back. Or you have done actions but they are not returned to you.

Here the card takes on a more practical aspect by asking you to verify that you have acquired you lend your money or acquired you do you a service. Indeed, although it is advisable to give without expecting anything in exchange, when there is an agreement and the money is to be returned to you this agreement must be respected.
Likewise, the backwards six of a pentacles can be a debt, or the fact that you have spent too much money without any return.

The upside-down six of a pentacles Tarot deck may also suggest a selfish attitude. The fact of having raised a lot of money but not wanting to share it. The syndrome of seeing it. In these cases, you have to be careful because you don't navigate the law of the universe and it can backfire.

The six of pentacles emotionally...

The six of pentacles in relationships, especially if it is upside down, may suggest that your partner takes a lot from you, benefits a lot but doesn't give much in return.

So you have to be careful about what you give is acquired give you so that you do not find yourself wronged. The card of the six of tarot pentacles in the right place will suggest in love that you can give and that it will be returned to you.

Summary of the card of the 6 of pentacles of the Tarot

The 6 of pentacles of the tarot speaks of the efforts of giving and generosity. It is a card of sharing and it is important to fulfill the conditions of abundance. That is to say, to share one's wealth.

You play the six of pentacles card thinking of one person in particular...

In the professional field:

The professional field is privileged here. It will be a person who is not afraid to give of their time and energy to work. He or she has a lot of experience and may even have excellent contacts. She will be able to share this with you. If it is a question of setting up a business, she will be able to help you and lend you money.

In the sentimental field:

This person is generous and knows how to give. She does a lot for you and helps you too. They are generous in love and do not expect anything in return. Be worthy of her generosity.

In the financial field:

This person is reliable. You can ask him or her to lend you money. But you can also entrust your money to him or her, and he or she will make it work for you.

The message of the 6 of pentacles of Tarot Cards

Knowing how to share is one of the keys to the laws of abundance.

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