Meaning of the Card the Queen of Cups on Tarot

Meaning of the Card the Queen of Cups on Tarot:

The meanings of the Card the Queen of Cubs upright

The Tarot deck queen at the right side... represents a character loving and warm.

We imagine her full of compassion and sensitivity. Such as a wonderful wife and a loving mother could be. But she also knows how to protect herself very well. She doesn't give herself away like that. You have to conquer her and seduce her. She seems to be dispensed with an emotional world of security.

The queen of the Tarot deck as all the cut characters connect with others at the emotional level. That's what matters most to her. She appears to be a fertile and caring mother. But she is in retreat and remains passive, unlike the Queen of Sticks, who goes forward and seduces.

She will be at home in the counseling profession: She will be found among people who work in the field of personal assistance or who have a relationship with the psyche.

In addition, the Tarot Queen has large intuitive abilities. It is also Very receptive. It sometimes allows him to feel things before they happen. She's a person you can count on. She's excellent at relationships. She knows how to approach people and how to make them feel comfortable. Her area of excellence is emotions and feelings. The Queen of Cups is also a very active person. She will help you to solve any problems you may have in terms of relationships or emotions. She will know how to give you the right solutions.

Who's the queen of cups

Like all dressed cards, the Tarot deck queen may represent a person who appears in your life. It may also be a person who is a part of your life. She will mostly represent a female character. But do not forget that despite everything, tarot cards are energies. It can also represent a male character but with a feminine energy.

The Queen of Cups is very intuitive. That's her strength and that's what she's all about. She has an extraordinary ability to connect with others but also with the world of the unconscious. So, if you pull the Queen of Cups from the Tarot in a Tarot deck, it may be a sign that you need to look into your unconscious. You will discover the mysteries that are there. It will also tell you that you must trust your intuition.

You must listen to the little voice that speaks within you. The Queen of Cups works on the intuitive mechanism essentially. Her message will therefore be to trust all the sensations and feelings that come to you whether from your interior or your environment.

If the queen of the tarot deck appears in a draw, it will suggest that you may need to be more empathetic to others. Perhaps, you need to focus more on the world of emotions. Take an interest in the well-being of others. This may be a sign that you need to move away from the mind to make more room for the emotional body and its expression.

The queen of the tarot deck will also be able to indicate that it is necessary to open yourself to others and to help them. In a way, whether you are looking to connect with others or to develop your relationship network.

The Queen of Cups as a person

The Queen of Cups is a character who only works through her emotions. Thus, she will make decisions with her heart and not with her mind. She is therefore not a rational or logical person. She is simply a highly intuitive person who is able to direct herself in life through her feelings and sensations.

The Tarot Queen of Cups is an evolved character. She has therefore acquired the mastery of certain abilities and skills. She is a master in the feeling of things and people.

However, it should not be forgotten that the queen of the cup is symbolized by the element water. Just like the Moon for example, she is also passive and receptive.

It is therefore able to capture and receive what others feel, good or bad. This is why she also needs to protect herself. She cannot let others access her inner fragility. This is symbolized by the closed cup she holds firmly in one hand.

The Queen of Cups has the extraordinary quality of being able to help others. So naturally people who are in distress will go to her and find comfort.

Imagination at the service of intuition

Finally, the Queen of the Tarot deck may symbolize the ability to implement his imagination and creative talents. In this, she is the continuity of the cut rider. Like all the characters in the series of cups, she has a tendency to romanticism, a deep artistic taste and has a fertile imagination. She can be found in all artistic professions as well. As such, she could also recall the Empress of whom she could be the extension with her predispositions for literature, art, music and beauty...

If the Queen of Cups represents a person, it will be an extremely intuitive person who may have abilities or gifts of divination or perception (as such she is strongly reminiscent of the map of the Moon). It will however be a person who will not necessarily be rational or logical. This is not his domain. It will be a warm person, very open to others, having the easy and enveloping contact of a beneficial softness. A person who thinks immediately with the heart but sometimes forgets the practical side of things.

The Queen of Cups card is drawn reversed:

When the queen of cutis pulled upside down, you will find yourself faced with a person who is too prey to his emotions and cannot control them.

It may also be the opposite of a person who is experiencing emotional blocks and can't get his emotions out. For example, emotions that are inside and that will not manage to emerge and that can create, for example, depressions... it will be a person who may feel very strong stress and who may suffer some of the consequences in his or her body.

The upside down cut queen will suggest that you are experiencing some form of dissatisfaction in your emotional life or that you are unable to connect with the emotional world. For example, you are in a monotonous and unsatisfying relationship or affection is scarce. Or you have not yet found some form of fulfillment in your life. It is also possible that you are unable to connect with others because you lack confidence in them or in yourself.

The queen of the upside-down cut may also suggest that your imagination is disconnecting you from reality. For example, you imagine things that do not really exist. It also creates in you a form of permanent stress or anxiety, a bit like the arcana of the 9 of swords of the Tarot.

Things that only exist when you have you in your mind and do not have a grip on reality. In this case imagination will play against the queen of cups. It will prevent her from being able to connect to the world and create relationships with others.

The queen of the cup upside down, an emotionally unstable person.

When the queen of the cup feels overwhelmed by her emotions, she will become unstable, moody or very withdrawn.

The upside down cut queen can also represent a form of behaviour based for example on emotional blackmail or manipulation. In this case, the aim of the cut queen will be to manipulate others by touching the emotional fibre. It may also be a way to control them.

In a relationship, she could symbolize emotional or affective difficulties in the couple due to a lack of sensitivity and communication. There will be discord and anger because the Queen of Cups may be excessive and angry. The world of emotions will be disturbed.

As far as the world of work is concerned, she will be an indication of emotional blackmail, harassment or too much stress in relationships with others. If you pull the queen of the cut upside down in this area, it may also be the advice that it may be better to be careful of others and the manipulations you may be subjected to which could lead you to feelings of guilt or remorse for getting things done against your will.

Emotional relationships

The upside down cut queen may also indicate an emotional overdependence on others. This may concern mainly the emotional sphere such as a couple but not only.

In this case, it may be necessary to analyze the type of relationship you have with others. For example, in a relationship of emotional dependence, you often feel that you give a lot to others and receive nothing in return. At this point, you will be able to accept anything and even a devaluing relationship as long as you are not alone. Finally, an upside down cut queen will be able to indicate any form of abuse of an emotionally unstable state: such as falling into drink

Summary of the Queen of Cups

The queen of cut in a draw, is a card that will talk about emotion and interconnection with others. It is a card that represents the world of emotions and the ability to know how to feel them and live with them in harmony. The Queen of Cups will also represent the idea of a kind and caring person.

You draw the card of the queen of cups thinking of one person in particular:

  • In the professional field:
    The Queen of Cups could be an excellent ally in professional matters whenever it comes to jobs that require the ability to use interpersonal skills. Her receptive and intuitive side will also be excellent. It will enable him to work in a team or with other people. His field of predilection lies nevertheless in all that relates to the assistance to the person. It could be a psychologist, a counsellor, a psychotherapist... She could also be very comfortable in all the professions of the artistic field. The queen of the cut will not feel comfortable in jobs that require too much logic or in jobs with little contact with others to monitor her actions so as not to pay the consequences of her imprudence.
  • In the sentimental realm:
    The Queen of Cups will be an excellent wife, attentive and caring. She will be a wonderful companion who will be empathetic and a good listener. With her, the relationship will be sweet and pleasant as long as it is not upside down. She will be a mother full of gentleness and love.
  • In the financial realm :
    The Queen of Cups isn't very good at financial matters. Her domain is that of the heart, but she is not very good at handling money. In any case, she is not interested in this area, it is too cold, too dry.

The message of the Queen of Cups

Loving, giving and receiving

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