Meaning of the Page of Cups Tarot Card

Meaning of the Page of Cups Tarot card

Meaning of the Page of Cups Tarot Card

Description of the Tarot Blade

The Tarot Page of Cups follows the same dominant pattern as all the Pages in the Tarot Suites.

It's one of the Tarot cards dressed in the Minor Arcana. It belongs to the series of cuts that represent the world of feelings.

He will therefore announce a start a new beginning or a new beginning of something.

The manservant wears a multi-coloured suit of these colours which remind us of the creative side of the character and his sensitivity.

The young man seems to be walking with a cup in his hand, a large cup that he holds underneath with his eyes fixed on it. Just as if he had to get something out of that cup.

He has the same attitude as the cup rider when it comes to the cup.

The meanings of the Page card upright

The Tarot Page of Cups at the right place indicates the beginning of something. It can be a new project, a new situation. It carries in it a creative energy a little like the Boatman. This energy comes from the unconscious and imposes itself on him, on his consciousness. He is therefore linked to everything that is artistic, just as the Star will also be.

For you in a Tarot deck, the Tarot Cutter can give you the indication that your unconscious is trying to get in touch with your conscious or that it is trying to talk to you through your intuition, your dreams and all the means at its disposal. Thus, the message that the Page of Cups can give you can come in a totally unexpected way.

The blade of the Tarot  Page Cubs can also mean that you have a lot of intuition and that you need to listen to it.

The valet, a contact-oriented character

The Tarot Page is a character who is very much in touch with his emotions. Therefore, it is important if you pull the Tarot Page in a Tarot deck to be willing to show your emotions and to accept them. Let yourself be guided by your heart, because that is where you must go.

The Page can also talk about a happy event, or that you are going to receive good news such as the announcement of a birth, a pregnancy, a new (emotional) relationship, new travels (which are important to you), etc.

An apprentice for life

The Page of Cups is a very young character. He will be able to talk to your inner child for example or reveal it. He is young, fresh, creative, joyful, full of love, intuitive... free.

For you, taking out the Page of all trades in a draw will indicate that you could find a new solution to a situation or see things from a fresh perspective.

The Tarot Page is also the message that one should never give up one's dreams and that whatever the difficulties and doubts, one should follow the choice of one's heart and intuition.

The Page of Cups is a call to believe in your dreams and never give them up.

The Tarot deck Page card is reversed:

When the Tarot Page of Cups is reversed it will represent a very emotionally immature person. It may be a person who cannot face his responsibilities and will look for escape routes such as running away from reality.

It can also be a person who lives in his world and has little contact with reality.

A person who is emotionally unstable or emotionally dependent because they do not feel emotionally secure.

It will be a very emotionally demanding person for example and very dependent which will be almost suffocating.

The upside down Page of Cups will also have the qualities of the upside down Page of Cups in excess. That is to say that he will become angry, he may burst, will be unpredictable ...

He can also talk about emotional blocks, about not being able to let go of his emotions. It will then be impossible for him to carry out his projects and he will find himself facing dead ends due to a lack of creativity or ideas. Or he may have ideas but not know how to implement them. Or he may have ideas but not know how to implement them. Or he may not be able to keep his promises because of a lack of commitment.

If you pull the Page of Cups backwards, it may also be a sign that you can't listen to your inner voice. You don't let your desires and your heart express itself?

Summary of the Page of Cups

This card is very positive overall. It will talk about creativity, feelings and emotions. It's about staying connected to his intuition to find the way and to launch himself into new situations with confidence.

You extract the Page card thinking of one person in particular:

  • In the professional field:
    He's someone who acts a lot on his intuition. He can be very creative and imaginative if he feels confident.
  • In the sentimental realm:
    This is a person who is a good listener. Very affectionate and not afraid to express his feelings. For her, love and demonstrations of love are important. This person will also be very intuitive and you will have to be sincere with them, because they will quickly sense if you are misleading them about your feelings.

  • In the financial field :
    This is not really the forte of the Page of all trades who is mostly emotionally and creatively oriented. Which doesn't go well with business in general. You can't trust the Page of Cups in financial matters unless he's assisted by the Devil's map, for example.

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