10 reasons why Capricorn makes our life better

Some star signs have more guts than others. This is the case of Capricorn, who could serve as a model for many for his exemplary contribution to the advancement of the world! But what would we do without him?

Here are the 10 reasons why it makes our life so much better.

1. He craves ambition

The Capricorn knows how to climb mountains, and this, without ever losing its footing, nor tumbling down while breaking its margoulette. His ambition is legendary. Notice to those who would dare to underestimate him: he will double his efforts in order to silence your doubts! 

2. He's the leader we need to save humanity (nothing less!)

A leader at heart, he can be counted on to offer solutions that are both realistic and innovative. Capricorn is going to help us get out of trouble no matter the situation. If all governments were overseen by people born under this Zodiac sign, civilization would be saved forever! 

3. He works hard

There's nothing better for a manager than seeing a new Capricorn employee prove themselves to their team. He'll quickly see any overtime he doesn't charge, just to make sure the job lives up to his ambitions of accomplishment! 

4. His sarcasm will make fans of acerbic humor laugh

 Despite their great professionalism, Capricorn knows how to be tongue-in-cheek and add a dose of well-placed sarcasm to loosen others up, or simply lighten the mood during crises!

5. He is a being full of discipline

We all need a Capricorn in our lives to become more Jedi than yesterday, and less than tomorrow! With his ethical sense and his desire to be up to the task, no one can blame him for letting himself go or being lazy! 

6. His discretion is a pledge of trust 

Even if sometimes we can find that he does not share enough certain information at work, when we entrust him with a secret, we know that it is not likely to spread behind our backs! The Capricorn is the safest safe in town!

7. He is a quiet force

Even if we will never see him shouting it from the rooftops, Capricorn is a major ally on whom we can count. His strength of character never ceases to surprise us with each ordeal that we go through in his company. 

8. His craftsmanship is remarkable

Whether you want a hand knit scarf or build an Eiffel Tower out of toothpicks, this is a Capricorn you need to get the job done! His dexterity and patience are of great value when it comes to making plastic arts or small DIY gifts.

9. He exceeds his limits, and forces us to surpass ours

If he did a half marathon last year, he will sign up for the marathon, making sure to sign up everyone he knows to train with him to accomplish this new challenge of the year. If you have a Capricorn in your life, be sure to be motivated!

10. His memory is almost perfect

Without his photographic memory, we would often be in trouble. Fortunately, Capricorn is there to remember all the details that others forget, in addition to being able to remind us of memories that we would sometimes prefer to erase from our brain! 

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