Discover 8 superstitions related to Halloween

THEHalloween is known for being a party where kids dress up to fetch candy, but it's also known for being the ultimate fear party. This fright is partly due to the many superstitions that have evolved over time since the Middle Ages. The origins of Halloween would come from a Celtic festival, the festival of Samhain.


The various superstitions related to Halloween

Several myths resurface on Halloween. Indeed, some scary beings have power on this holiday. Watch out for the bat! It would be a sign of bad omen if you meet it on Halloween day and, if by misfortune it goes around your house three times, death will come to get you. In addition, if one of them manages to sneak into your home, it means that there is the presence of a ghost who would have let the beast in. 

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The classic black cat, on the other hand, is associated with witches and their evil spells. One of the powers witches have is being able to transform into a black cat. Crossing this beast would therefore be to meet a witch. However, in some civilizations today, the black cat is said to be a symbol of luck. 

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Have you noticed that we often light candles on Halloween, especially in pumpkins? It is indeed a Halloween tradition. It comes from the fact that the days are getting shorter and the candles provide light. In addition, they have a connection with ghosts and spirits. When the flame turns blue or goes out, it's a sign that spirits are around. 


Although haunted places are spooky all year round, they are even more so on Halloween night. Of course, they are found on every street corner. Haunted castles, haunted houses, mansions, cemeteries... These are all places where murders have occurred and where the spirits of the victims lurk. Haunted houses often have a dilapidated facade, creaking shutters, and spooky figures passing in front of the windows. 

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Other unusual elements are part of the superstitions present at Halloween. For example, when a child is born on this day, he receives the gift of seeing the deceased and communicating with them. In addition, you should not sweep the entrance to your door on Halloween night, because you risk sweeping away the happiness present in your home. Eating an apple at midnight in front of a mirror, on the other hand, would reveal the face of his future soul mate. Strange... isn't it more like the face of a demon that appears in this situation? 

Nor should one look at his shadow in the moonlight on this evening; it would hasten our death. Many myths also revolve around the moon and terror. What would happen if Halloween was at the same time as the full moon?

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Full Moon Superstitions

It would certainly be a spooky Halloween if it happened on the day of the full moon considering all the terrifying legends about those two dates. Indeed, as we all know, it is during the full moon that cursed humans turn into werewolves or vampires and attack their prey. It is also on full moon evenings that the lunatics would see their madness unleash.

These beliefs come in particular from the fear of the night. Anything dark and gloomy is scary. The moon is the goddess of the night, so if it is full, it seems like the night is even more present than usual. It gives more power to the terror of the night. It is especially during the full moon that strange creatures come out of their hiding places. 

To give even more power to this star, it would have powers of influence over plants, animals and humans. Influences as much physical as with regard to behavior and mood. We are therefore afraid of the influence that the moon has on us. Indeed, some find it an evil power, because they sleep less well in times of full moon. 

If you are afraid of this famous full moon or if it intrigues you, keep an eye on the 2018 and 2019 full moon calendars so that you don't miss it... or to mentally prepare yourself for this lunar terror! 

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