The ascendants of Libra

The ascendants of Libra

You are Balance and want to know the influence of your ascendant on your astrological sign? First you can calculate your ascendant. Then select your sign and your ascendant.

Libra rising Aries

The outspokenness and ardor of Aries meet here the hesitations of Venus (Ia Libra). Libra loves compromise and, for Aries, it's a waste of time and energy. On the other hand, the Aries ascendant pushes you to assert yourself, to take a first place, and it also brings you the possibility of acting with great speed. Your reactions are intense and it is difficult to recognize the Libra behind such energy. Of course, all these characteristics make you a militant person who wants to participate in social struggles. You don't let go easily as they say! A skilled diplomat, you use your advanced knowledge of human relations to achieve your ends. It is not surprising to see a Libra ascendant Aries live a passionate love that will last over time. In short, the role of the spouse is also that of a partner in everyday life.


Libra rising Taurus

The cerebrality of Libra meets here another cerebrity, that of Taurus. You like to seduce, but the more sanguine temperament of Taurus makes you react passionately. Venus linked to the Air element (Libra) meets here Venus linked to the Earth element (Taurus). Quite a combination! Here, the foodie meets the great chef, one might say; the born sociable meets the homebody. Libra pushes Taurus to step out of their comfort zones to open up to the world. Phew! That said, you have both feet firmly anchored in the material. You're not the type to eat the wool off your back, but you do it with great finesse. This finesse, however, hides a powerful strategy. Libra brings you a sense of aesthetics, and a deep love for the arts in general. You have a stunning classic charm and few people resist the urge to envy you precisely this unique gift. Your affable, welcoming, gracious nature and your sense of refinement are all qualities that make your personality shine.


Libra rising Gemini

Beautiful Venus and Mercury meet here in the Air element. You like freedom of thought, love games, communication, education and the arts in general. You are a fundamentally sociable being. In short, you appreciate intellectual games at their fair value. You are a "machine" that manufactures creative ideas. These two planets make you sociable, open-minded, a great communicator (with the heart – Venus), and an inspiration on two legs. That's why people love you so much. Moreover, you possess the art of bringing harmony wherever you set foot. In fact, you are a first-class conciliator, intermediary, negotiator or peacemaker. You hate discrimination and gratuitous violence. The insignificance of some people really discourages you. You advocate respect in everything and towards everyone.


Balance ascendant Cancer

It seems more important for you to succeed in life than in life! In short, your personal life is so much more important and will always have a first place in your heart. This position of Venus (Libra) and the Moon (Cancer) ensures that imagination and creativity have a place of honor in your life. You care about the well-being of your family and friends. You appease conflict (which you hate, by the way), gratuitous wickedness and all forms of injustice. Your biggest fault is that by dint of wanting to please, you forget yourself, and then you feel a certain nostalgia, a deep boredom. You would make a wonderful diplomat, a good mediator! You are called, at one time or another in your life, to be the instigator of a great achievement or a great success.


Balance ascendant Lion

You are looking for an ideal union. You have this little je-ne-sais-quoi that really appeals! You enjoy socializing! You like splendour, beauty, but in its most classic dimension. You like to negotiate or arbitrate, as the case may be, because for you the human factor holds no secrets. You understand quickly and well the issues, the needs of the egos involved and the protocol to be respected. You are the most exteriorized Libra capable of bringing your warmth to others. You are afraid of feeling rejected. The only problem is that this fear generates your greatest flaw: by dint of being afraid of being rejected, you take all the light and the others do not have the chance to shine and impress you in turn. Thus warned, you will be able to make the necessary changes to recreate a beautiful relational life. You are also a great project initiator. You can show stubbornness at times (Libra) and a powerful force of character (Leo) and these two forces push you to impose on others.


Libra rising Virgo

The undisputed charm of Libra and that of Virgo are found under the same capital. What a great winning combination on the social, artistic, business, political, romantic, friendly, family and professional levels! Charm, sweetness and beauty give you access to everything you desire and you already know it, having surely experienced it. Public relations holds no secrets for you, but you remain secret all the same. Your conciliatory nature, your refinement, your fine, subtle intelligence and your capacity for understanding sometimes go beyond understanding. You have learned to be realistic in your desire to devote yourself, to give yourself to others. Above all, you came to learn to make the difference between “doing everything for the other and being with the other — accompanying him without trying to DO for him”. It was surely a difficult life lesson to learn. You like spirituality in the sense of "evolving your mind", and not in the religious sense of the term. Could it be that you live your life in a position of dependence by letting the other do the effort, earn the living and make the decisions for both of you?


Balance ascendant Balance

You impose a certain firmness on yourself, a great rigor in the work and when you have to carry out a project, an idea or a concept. The beautiful Venus is doubled here and that makes you a nuanced and very open-minded being. But when you feel hurt, then you show your warrior temperament, reluctant to laugh and capable of being extremely violent in your words. You are a skilled tactician, an outstanding politician, an analyst capable of seeing the advantages on either side. Your social skills (double Venus), your charming personality, your big heart and your tact make you a person that everyone wants and likes to associate with. You like to seduce and, until you have found the rare pearl, you may tend to play on several violins.


Balance ascendant Scorpion

Your nature is very secret. In fact, you don't reveal yourself so easily. Only the privileged are entitled to this part of your personality. You have a determination to throw to the ground under your nice exterior, your subtle, bewitching charm, your feline grace. You don't like to flaunt your private life. You are totally invested in love. You don't like half measures and, despite a certain cordiality, kindness and open-mindedness, you are a passionate, intense being. Your demands on life and on others are immense and it is precisely these that prevent you from creating the life you would like. It will never be enough this or that and this desire for perfection is a kind of “racket” that blocks your access to the life that, once again, you would like to have. Your diplomacy and your sense of ethics are your trademark in a way.


Libra rising Sagittarius

The Sagittarius ascendant always pushes you outside your comfort zone. You look great, you are bursting with energy and aesthetics, aesthetics and art or all forms of art will lead you to the gates of success. You like great knowledge, feed your intellect and acquire a lot of knowledge or studies, but you will have to put them to good use one day or another, which is never an easy task for you. Elegance, a taste for exoticism, and your multiple aptitudes have forged your personality since your earliest childhood. You are always on the move, ready to jump at the chance to stand out, to take a place of choice in your sector of activity. Social events (Venus) are surely numerous and you often get lost in this thrilling life.


Libra rising Capricorn

Your deep nature is rather reserved with the Capricorn ascendant. Venus meets Saturn here and this astral combination makes you thoughtful, observant, ambitious and diplomatic. Politics, architecture and the love for old things or for antiquity open the door to several trades or professions in one or the other of these fields including fashion, modeling or the creation of clothes which , generally, will last over time (Saturn). You only trust yourself and, therefore, you don't trust easily. Shows of affection and emotional outbursts freeze your blood, in short, you hate it. Also, it is not uncommon to meet Libra ascendant Capricorn having married an older person. If not the Capricorn ascendant Libra who, very often, will choose a partner much younger than him or her. In short, the age difference can be very marked in some cases. You show a powerful pragmatism.


Libra rising Aquarius

The Aquarius ascendant propels you towards social life and Uranus, its ruling planet, takes you from unexpected to unexpected. Your life is surely woven with stories as wonderful as each other. You like traveling, but as soon as you arrive... you are already thinking of going somewhere else! Independent, you don't let yourself be caught so easily in the nets of love. For you love = commitment = obligation = loss of freedom! With such a calculation, it is not surprising that your love life is marked by several breakups, leaks or disorderly conduct. You have a strong taste for studies, philosophy, cinema, communication, creation, invention (Uranus) and everything related to the arts with a capital A. You are (perhaps) a tormented being or too often you feel misunderstood.


Libra rising Pisces

Venus meets Neptune here! Neptune is the master of illusions... so you should always be wary of your dreams, your idealizations, your amorous outbursts. In short, you are the "master" of straw fires! Your sensitivity is on edge. Your humanitarian devotion, your intrinsic gentleness and your joie de vivre make you appreciated by all. Often, it happens to the Libra ascendant Pisces to make a first marriage doomed. The choice of partner was certainly based on security due to a lack of autonomy. The second marriage will be more emotionally fruitful. Otherwise, you are inclined to seek artificial compensations to escape reality. You have a rare gift… the love of music. You are and always will be a romantic at heart!


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