What kind of colleague are you according to your zodiac sign?

What kind of colleague are you according to your zodiac sign?

We spend so much time that it is normal to forge links or to feel that we connect more or less with certain colleagues. The office workers have a pretty good idea of ​​who we are from spending hundreds of days a year with us from morning to night! 

It is therefore always good to be aware of how others perceive us in the office.

What kind of work colleague are you according to your zodiac sign? We tell you everything.

1. Aries

With you, conversations around the coffee machine run at full speed! Debating the latest news is a passion because you like to have the last word on your colleagues during pitches, and you often succeed because of your unshakeable confidence… Even when you are wrong.! you are the boss, you tend to be a real little tyrant, be careful.

2. Taurus

You're a creature of habit and the whole office knows what time you're going to leave your office to go to the bathroom or make yourself a coffee. Every day is Groundhog Day because it reassures you to know that you can control your daily life and see things coming. Let's say you are appreciated for your reliability!

3. Gemini

You are the sunshine in the office! You know everyone, whether it's the concierge or the big boss: you don't discriminate when it comes time to have a chat and do some small talk. You put life and everyone hopes that you will still be at the Christmas party because the party really does not rise well without you.

4. Cancer

Rather self-effacing, you are a quiet force who often shows small discreet attentions towards your colleagues. Your office is always tidy, but beware of those who would like to take you out of your hinges! Despite your delicacy, you can surprise when you decide to object to a situation that does not suit you.

5. Lion

You never go unnoticed and you can feel your presence as soon as you set foot in the office. You are on the lookout for congratulations and you seek to highlight yourself by all means. One thing is certain: you have a great sense of morality despite your flashy side and you make an excellent lawyer when it comes time to do justice to a colleague who has been unfairly mistreated by others!

6. Virgin

You are often the last to leave the office at night because you are simply unable not to complete a task perfectly! You can be counted on to organize office socials, while staying behind the scenes to make sure everything runs like clockwork. Be careful not to give lessons on how to do things better, you risk shooting yourself in the foot by alienating colleagues who are just as talented as you, but with other strengths!

7 Balance

You are a courteous employee who likes to use diplomacy, but you can sometimes be a little intolerant of people who don't think like you... So you never really know which of your facets will show up in the office each day. Your instability is known to others, but fortunately you are appreciated for your charm and your aura of mystery!

8. Scorpio

A real top! With you, things move. Looks like you're hooked up to an energy drink solution overnight. It's probably what gives you the strength to persuade your colleagues to do just about anything you want. Be careful not to get a reputation as a manipulator. Not everyone is at your service...

9. Sagittarius

You are the one who says out loud what he thinks! If you don't like a new project or a colleague's hair makeover, we can be sure we'll find out! You know where you are going and that makes you a good leader However, watch out for delays! You regularly show up to meetings you organized an hour late, which makes your colleagues' eyes roll in the air every time...

10. Capricorn

You're a pretty cold co-worker and nothing gets on your nerves more than overly sentimental employees in the office who want to know everything. You are very demanding, but deep down you seek the affection of others. This shell of rigor actually hides an insecure person who always believes that he is not up to it and who tries to prove himself the opposite! We know it: Capricorns put pressure on themselves at work!

11. Aquarius

You wear several masks and sometimes you don't even know which one you are on your face! Your sense of freedom forces you to organize yourself so as not to be at the mercy of others. You are also very creative in getting out of situations that often border on the ridiculous. Fortunately, you have a joie de vivre that touches people, who then want to have lunch with you!

12. Pisces

You can be so over the moon that you are the walking disaster of the office! Watch out for banana peels lying on the ground! Colleagues appreciate you for your sensitivity and your artistic touch which knows how to make places more human and welcoming. They know you have a good heart, but they often try to influence you because you sometimes lack firmness and you'd rather go back to your playful world than obstinate with others!

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