What does your rising sign say about you?

Do you know that your ascending and the signe who was rising in the east when you were born? It can affect several aspects of a person's personality such as their general attitude, their relationships with others, the way they present themselves and even their physical appearance! The older we get, the more we feelinfluence of our ascendancy. If you know your sun sign, your ascendant and your moon sign, this " Big 3 astrology will already teach you a lot about your way of approaching the world and reacting to it.

Do you know the impact of your ascendant in your life? We explain what it means.

What does your rising sign say about you?

Aries Ascendant

Your Aries ascendant needs to move! For you, it will be more and more important over the years to put into practice the expression "a rolling stone gathers no moss". Nothing irritates you more than treading water (or people who never take action). This ascendant will also make you more impulsive or impulsive, but it is better to think a little before throwing yourself headlong into a project without weighing the pros and cons. But it will undoubtedly play in favor of your career and rise in life... Beware of exhaustion, however! The Aries ascendant stands straight and has an impeccable posture!

Taurus Ascendant

Your Taurus ascendant jump with both feet on every opportunity that presents itself! You don't lack motivation, and you don't hesitate to go for it because you know what you want to have in life. You are considerate of others and offer good care if someone around you gets hurt or needs special attention. You still tend to act before thinking and confront others for nothing! You are protective by nature, sometimes a little too much. You like to take your time to explore the path. Like the animal it symbolizes, Taurus tends to have a rather wide rather than skinny neck!

Gemini Ascendant

Thanks to your Gemini ascendant, you are insightful, very curious and a bit scattered! You have to watch out for distractions, even if deep down you have your own sense of organization, often imperceptible to others! You are deeply interested in everything and you don't always know where to turn... or how to make a choice! Some will think that you are not listening to them, but rather that you are thinking about everything at the same time, because as much as you are cerebral, as much as you take everything very seriously. You often start projects without finishing them, so be careful to put your energy where it's worth it. You also have an air of youth despite the years passing so quickly!

Ascendant Cancer

influenced by your ascendant Cancer, you are full of delicacy, generosity and sweetness! Relationships with others are very important to you and you are sensitive to everything around you... For better or for worse! Everything other people do affects you, so it's important to set aside some time to take care of yourself and sort out the emotions of your loved ones and your own. Your suspicious nature can sometimes make you wary of new things, try not to let insecurity guide you. You like to have a healthy, comfortable and well-decorated home.

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Ascendant Lion

What your ascendant Lion prefer is to be appreciated by others! You like to shine and you give a good show to your loved ones! You trust people, sometimes a little too much. But you really want to see the best side of those around you. You like to have fun, and your social image is very important. To please you, a compliment will always be well received and you risk returning the favor because generosity is an essential quality for you! You tend to be very hairy, like the Leo and his mane... Or else you appreciate fashion and dare the most original trends.

Virgo Ascendant

Careful, your Virgo ascendant constantly fearing the worst. Before embarking on a task, you do extensive research in order to be well prepared. On the other hand, once the process has started, nothing can stop you…unless the procedures are not followed! In short, you are methodical and like organization, sometimes to the point of making you experience anxiety. You know how to be very delicate with others, but if you really don't like something, you will make it known and try to settle matters your way. Physically, we notice your delicate appearance and your pleasant look.

Ascendant Balance

Friendly and always respectful, your ascendant Balance treats others as he likes to be treated himself. You show tenderness, kindness and consideration towards your neighbour! Well, sometimes you let others cross your limits and it's afterwards that you feel hurt and can be aggressive. You handle the art of persuasion and concession to defuse conflicts and unite all opinions around the table. If everyone could be happy, you would be overjoyed! You like to take care of yourself physically and show coquetry!

Ascendant Scorpion

Both cautious and daring, your ascendant Scorpion gives you a most mysterious look! You don't often show your real emotions. In fact, you are much better at asking questions than answering other people's questions! With great inner strength, you appear more fragile than you really are. With you, no decision is taken by chance and you like to experience life to the fullest! Your eyes are piercing, you have a lot of sensuality in you and you hypnotize others. Be careful, however, not to keep the people you love away from you by sometimes being a little too spicy...

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Sagittarius rising

entertaining, your Sagittarius ascendant likes very much to make colorful speeches on life from your anecdotes of life and travels. Full of candor and insightful, you have an unmistakable sense of humor. If someone wants to ruin your morale, you will have to work hard to succeed, because you are an eternal optimist. In addition to your jovial nature, you have real radar for detecting hypocritical or malicious people. Be careful, however, to take the time to listen to others and to accept that not everyone lives in your own reality... Novelty always interests you and you know how to motivate your troops with great ease. 

Capricorn rising

L'ascendant capricorn is one of the most serious in the cosmos! You are always focused in order to be able to take on the next big challenge and you are used to speaking as little as possible to avoid showing others your weaknesses. Relax a bit, you are allowed to have vulnerabilities! You are a reliable worker and take responsibilities very seriously. Let's say that if you have other placements in Capricorn, you are not the clown on duty, on the contrary! You were surely a little adult from a very young age. Others are often perceived as immature by your Capricorn ascendant, but remember to cultivate your inner child and not take everything too seriously. We notice a serious look on your face... A little taciturn!

Aquarius rising

Embodying absolute calm, theascending Verseau possesses great self-control during catastrophic situations. This aspect helps people around you maintain a calm attitude. You are intrigued by the mysteries of life and all that is a little strange fascinates you and amuses you. You like innovative projects and often reach out to people who are discriminated against because contrary to appearances, you are very close to your emotions. In addition, you know how to keep the focus on what matters and can easily guide others with your wisdom and your somewhat offbeat vision. Sometimes a little cold, you don't always know how to express your feelings and difficulties easily, but you have great respect for others. Your body is particularly symmetrical.

Pisces Ascendant

Although he may seem a bit lost at times, your ascendant pisces is in symbiosis with its surroundings. Because of him, you can sometimes wonder where your ideas come from out of nowhere, but it's rather that he gives you a very spontaneous side and that generates a lot of associations of ideas in you. You progress slowly in life, and you know how to adapt to everything that comes your way. Your feelings are constantly changing and you learn throughout your life to really live in the present moment. Above all, don't take yourself for a fish and try to fool you, you are armed to see others coming up with their lies! There are very large eyes in your face, which observe everything that comes in the way without judgment.

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