Chinese zodiac sign: the personality of the Hare

Chinese zodiac sign: the personality of the Hare

The Brief History of Chinese Astrology

The Buddha, in a very distant time, would have invited several animals to pay homage to him and only 12 showed up.

First it was the Rat, the Ox (the Ox, if you prefer), the Tiger, the Hare (the Cat or the Rabbit, if you prefer), the Dragon, the Serpent, the Horse, the Goat (the Sheep, if you prefer), Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar (Pig, if you prefer).

Hare Chinese zodiac personality

Le Lièvre has the gift of diplomacy: this born peacemaker knows how to reconcile the various personalities that cross his path and, even the most forbidding, the most anti-social end up agreeing to unite and work together in a certain harmony.

The accuracy of his arguments is without a doubt his main asset. Strategic, educated (close to erudition), cunning and gifted to convince, he must all the same be wary of his tendency to want to control everything and do as he pleases. He can be distant, cold and too attached to appearances.

Just like in Jean de Lafontaine's Fable, he sometimes runs in all directions and in all winds and forgets to concentrate on what he has to do and victory eludes him. There is his wound!

The hare is generally faithful and very attached to its life partner.

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