The visualization technique with Ginette Blais

The origin of my proven technique  

Have you ever met a person who projected and attracted negative energy ? How did you feel in his presence? Have you ever met someone who attracted and projected positive energy? How did you feel in his présence ? The killer question: how to succeed in creating a Positive thought ?

Descartes offered us as only answer this famous sentence: “I think therefore I am”. If I adhere to this philosophy, it becomes obvious to me "that a negative thought generates an emotion of the same nature which will activate in me, so I become and I project this energy", or "that a positive thought generates an emotion of the same nature that will activate in me, so I become and I project this energy”.

More so, emotions are magnets that attract good or bad things, people or events. The Law of Attraction is clear on the subject: if you want to get something, you must TO FEEL that you already have. So you have to put your emotions to work. Emotions are powerful magnets. In other words, if I think that I do not deserve love or that love does not exist, that I was not born under a lucky star, this thought will necessarily generate a negative emotion which will attract me a life. without love and a series of bad luck. You follow me !    

This point of view helped me to create my technical : If I create thoughts that generate loving emotions, what is the most powerful emotion on this planet? Love, according to the greatest Buddhist masters. How do I generate love in me, when I experience hatred, resentment, a feeling of disillusionment, or when I am going through a breakup, a situation of injustice or rejection? If I experience bitterness towards myself and others, life or love, I close automatically like an oyster. There is no more possible opening. By cutting myself off from life and love in this way, I suffer even more.

According to Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg[1], neuropsychologist and cognitive neuroscientist, “The left hemisphere is involved in positive emotions, the right hemisphere is involved in negative emotions”. He writes [2] again “as we age, we use our left hemisphere more and more, which has the effect of protecting it from degeneration”. Another nice positive point which, I hope, will encourage you to put my technique (which has proven itself) into practice!

The lives of those who have been willing to participate and put it into practice have been tremendously transformed. PRACTICE is critically important if you want to get real results and attract manifestations of abundance into your life.

By putting it into practice:

1. You will develop a new force of attraction (you attract a lot of negative and bad experiences, the opposite is also true).

2. You will access a higher level of intelligence: genius ideas will arise in you, inspired thoughts will arise in you, new understandings or visions of life will transform your inner energy, you will become aware of all those negative beliefs that are playing you.  

3. You will move from thought to action to realize your dreams.

4. You will manifest whatever you desire.

5. You will connect, naturally and effortlessly, with the part of you that yearns for well-being, for love, for peace of mind, for abundance.   


How to put into practice "my technique" which has proven itself

You must put this technique into action in your life in the form of a mantra that you will repeat aloud, at least three times a day: "I choose to love despite everything because I choose to love despite everything. everything. That's what it is and that's okay! » Simple, easy and effective!

Don't worry, this mantra has nothing to do with others, you are not putting it into practice for them. This "mantra" is for the sole purpose of helping YOU to establish a RELATIONSHIP with the highest part of yourself, to "empower" you and, as Celine Dion sang so well, to help you connect intimately with "The power of love", the most powerful power in the universe. Don't take my word for it, experiment and put this teaching into practice and you will see it for yourself! You are not reading this article for nothing.        

Give the technique a chance to do its work in you (2 to 3 months, according to the testimony of the voluntary participants), and events orchestrated by life will create outside of you this beautiful change of destiny that you are hoping for so much.

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Ginette Blais


[1] The prodigies of the brain, or how the mind improves with age, published by Éditions Robert Lafond, SA, Paris, 2007, page 241. [1] The prodigies of the brain, or how the mind improves with age, published by Éditions Robert Lafond, SA, Paris, 2007, page 24.

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