The ancestors of Pisces

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Pisces ascendant Aries

Neptune in the ascendant makes you look indifferent and placid, when it is not. You are on your guard, you distrust others so as not to be judged or outright rejected. You have this very Neptunian visionary side (your zodiac sign Pisces). Your spiritual, artistic, business or professional nature is inspired, you demonstrate an extraordinary imagination, you have a highly developed sense of improvisation. In short, you are resourceful, and never short of solutions. The flexible and adaptable side of Pisces makes it easier for the Aries ascendant to be accepted by others. This is the same dynamic that occurs if you are an Aries rising Pisces. Your dedication is endless. This is your Achilles heel! You have the gift of getting out of any problem, life ordeal or blockage, and this, regardless of its level of importance.


Pisces rising Taurus

Neptune (Pisces) meets the beautiful Venus (Taurus) here. The rigidities of Taurus are calmed here. Pisces' quest for meaning intoxicates Taurus because it allows him to give "meaning" to his life. The artistic or creative side is powerful, extraordinary. Taurus can easily take Pisces' Neptunian dreams and turn them into something real, real. In short, this happy combination gives substance to ideas, and it allows you to materialize them. In short, you have a designer, a contractor, a builder, a businessman, a director, an actor or an artist who slumbers in your soul. You are passionate about knowledge and achievements. You give off an aura of mystery and a powerful force of attraction.


Pisces ascendant Gemini

Neptune (Pisces) meets Mercury (Gemini) here! You like contradictions: they don't scare you in any case. It would be more accurate to say that Pisces somehow drowns your Gemini nature in too much emotional sensitivity. Then, around the age of approximately 40, the Gemini ascendant will take over and a new inner strength will settle in you! The fear of the depths of Gemini must face the depth of his being (Pisces) to get to know himself better. Quite a mandate of life, but which is carried by beautiful personal achievement! You don't like to take root somewhere. Elsewhere always seems better to you. Your mind is agile, versatile, creative, open and able to face the vagaries of life. Resourceful and flexible, the malleability of the Pisces part of you allows you to fully realize yourself. The Pisces ascendant allows you to stand out in society. A beautiful reserve sets you apart from others and that is why you shine in society.


Pisces rising Cancer

Your talents as an educator, life coach or trainer are magnified here with the Cancer ascendant. It's the same dynamic if you're a Cancer ascendant Pisces. Your moods are sometimes your worst enemies. You post them without really realizing that they scare people away. You have the right to feel sorry for yourself, to be in pain and to want to share it, but more than anyone, you must learn to balance your energies when you tell yourself. In other words, when you put a dimmer on your emotions, you will reduce your energy loss, you will accumulate new vital energies and you will learn, by the same token, to manage your emotions well and you will transform your life forever. The ascendant Cancer (the Moon) obliges you to protect your interests and your intimate universe. You are too sensitive (hypersensitivity which combines with a powerful intuition) to atmospheres and you catch negative or positive energies like others catch a good cold. Your biggest flaw is that you are less flexible with those close to you than with strangers. A great melancholy lives in you.


Pisces rising Leo

The natural benevolence of Pisces makes you a sensitive and naturally empathetic being. But, because there is a but, you happen to be excessively opportunistic. The need for personal affirmation is very powerful here. You are a creative being coupled with a rather surprising power of realization. The same characteristics are attributable to the ascending Leo Pisces. In fact, you always give of yourself with passion. You constantly check the limits (which is very Pisces) of your creativity, the borders of your deep being since spirituality surely plays a first role in your life. The Lion is proud and this pride, you wear it like a banner. In other words, you often mix pride and love… “I'm proud of you, of my work, of my life”, but what happens when the other doesn't make you proud? How do you react ? You know it now, in short, you have been warned, all you have to do is act accordingly to undo this bad relational karma which has surely isolated you from others, from love, from friendship or from family, sometimes. You do not lack audacity, generosity and loyalty in life. When too directive, your authority can be annoying.


Pisces rising Virgo

You want to understand how subtle energies work, life or death. In short, you are interested in the invisible because you want to understand, and not to make a religion out of it. This last distinction is important since Virgo does not like to think outside the box very much. However, others often bring you the discernment that you lack. You are often trapped in the duty at hand instead of opening yourself up to the possibility of working for pleasure and doing what you love. A certain heaviness of living then sets in. Imagine that "pleasure" is an important ingredient in raising the dough (your life). You absolutely must add it if you want to succeed in your recipe (your life). Your zodiac sign confronts the dreamy side of Pisces, and this "reality" often forces you to bring your mind down to earth. You have the ability to mold yourself to the most diverse personalities, it is the most formidable weapon of Pisces!


Pisces rising Libra

Neptune (Pisces) meets Venus (Libra) here! Neptune is the master of illusions... so you should always be wary of your dreams, your idealizations, your outbursts of love. In short, you are the "master" of straw fires! It's the same if you are Libra ascendant Pisces. Your sensitivity is on edge. Your level of creativity is extraordinary and Art with a capital A really appeals to you. Your humanitarian devotion, your intrinsic gentleness and your joie de vivre make you appreciated by all. Often it happens to Pisces ascendant Libra to make a first marriage doomed to failure. The choice of partner was certainly based on security due to a lack of autonomy. Both signs suffer from great insecurity in life. The second marriage will be more emotionally fruitful. Otherwise, you are inclined to seek artificial compensations to escape reality. You have a rare gift… the love of music. You are and always will be a romantic at heart!


Pisces rising Scorpio

Disturbing, magnetic, mysterious, sensual and deeply intelligent, you have the ingredients capable of melting any heart in search of love. Your sensitivity and modesty are on edge. It's the same description for Scorpio rising Pisces! You willingly serve a humanitarian cause or a community. Your intuition is so powerful that it borders on mediumship. Moreover, you surely have attractions for the world of the occult, esotericism or life after death. The medical world, the occult, precisely, bars (the planet Neptune associated with the sign of Pisces likes to work at night), hotels, aesthetics, restaurants, arts and music above all will one day open the door to success for you. Your deep nature is mystical and you grasp the great secrets quite easily. You refuse to expose your vulnerable facet to others. The new, in fact, brings you the vertigo you seek so much to feel alive.


Pisces ascendant Sagittarius

Your temperament is emotional, inspired, and you know how to improvise to get out of any embarrassment or difficulty. You easily take the defense of the most disadvantaged. Your premonitory power is powerful. The benevolence of your Pisces sign pushes you to open up to others. The more energetic and persuasive behavior of the Sagittarius ascendant makes you more go-getter, more determined and always ready to commit. The warrior side of Sagittarius sometimes disturbs or insecure your Pisces side, which prefers to please, be unanimous and stay in its comfort zone. However, the unpredictability of Pisces makes Sagittarius lose its footing. In short, you are an energetic personality capable of moving mountains! Of course, this is just a metaphor for demonstrating your power over matter when you get involved, when you choose to take action or commit yourself.


Pisces rising Capricorn

It's the same dynamic for Capricorn rising Pisces. Your nature is almost monastic, you show an astonishing compassion, which remains effective. In that you're pouring out the misfortune of others, but offering them a key, a way out, and if they don't take it, you're able to detach yourself from the results, which a normal Pisces doesn't. wouldn't do. So pat yourself on the back for having Capricorn as your base sign. The sign of Pisces pushes you to reverie, to contemplation, to show resignation or towards meditation and the occult sciences, but at the same time you remain someone deep down inside you who is very pragmatic and rational. You can explain God to us without falling into fanaticism or blind belief. You push your “Pisces energy” to commit, and in doing so, you learn to master your own resistances (Pisces have a lot when it comes to jumping into action or committing). You seem to belong to another world when you decide to act.


Pisces rising Aquarius

Your ruling planet, Neptune, struggles a bit with the rather explosive energy of the planet Uranus (Aquarius). It is similarly the same character traits that inhabit the Aquarius ascendant Pisces. Uranus seeks to destroy what lacks solidity and Neptune loves to have fun learning to control subtle energies. Do you ever get lost in such a maze of contradictory energies? In fact, you suffer from chronic ambivalence. You can flee into alternate realities or find yourself in the moon quite often and easily. In addition, you have easy happiness, but you pick up quickly. You have surely experienced significant financial or material reversals during your life. Your ideas are often revolutionary. The most negative aspect of this assembly is your tendency to run away from reality in drugs or drink. Unfortunately, they alter your level of consciousness to such an extent that you sometimes lose the map. Thus warned, you will avoid falling into these extremes.


Pisces ascending Pisces

Needless to say, you are probably the most mystical being on the planet! Or you are in constant inner change and your emotions are most certainly on edge in everyday life. Your power of mediumship must surely surprise you at times. Throughout your life, you will experience great reforms – either you will impose them on yourself or you will suffer them, but with each of them you will come out bigger and better in your skin. You will have to manage your fears of the unknown, of the judgment of others and of committing yourself in life. It is difficult to commit oneself when the fear of the “judgment of others” grips our stomachs! Ultimately, you will find new freedom when you apply new knowledge. In short, you are called to raise your level of consciousness in this lifetime whether you like it or not. The sentence "that's what it is and that's okay!" “, could be your favorite rallying phrase just like that of the three musketeers “all for one and one for all! In any case, it would help you to stop fighting against windmills. Your changing moods, your changing moods, if you will, pull you down.


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