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You are Gemini and want to know the influence of your ascendant on your astrological sign? First you can calculate your ascendant. Then select your sign and your ascendant.

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Gemini ascendant Aries

You have great quick-wittedness, but you are particularly thoughtful and quick to react or jump to conclusions. You assert yourself with audacity and great spontaneity. Except that you sometimes let yourself be carried away by too much intellectual enthusiasm. Your ideas are brilliant, you like to take up challenges, overcome obstacles, go beyond the boundaries of the known and venture into several spheres of activity. The Gemini ascendant pushes you to scatter and put off until tomorrow what could be done today, while Aries always pushes you further ahead. You communicate well and a lot… your flow of words is sometimes intense. The only catch is that you often get scattered.


Gemini rising Taurus

The solidity of Taurus meets here the more "airy" side of Gemini. It's a nice combination that makes you more flexible and sociable, strong and sensitive, go-getter and thoughtful. You have the qualities of a mediator, communicator or reflective thinker. You still happen to dwell on too many things in your head and then you lose sight of the reality of the moment. The inconstancy of Gemini encourages you to like several professions, jobs or to be interested in everything and nothing. In fact, you like to have several dishes on the stove. Your need for security is great and you do not skimp on the means to find your sustenance or ensure your security. You don't let go easily. When you take a stand, you don't let go easily.


Gemini rising Gemini

As a dual Gemini, the rational Mercury has to deal with two Air elements. Your cerebral nature is ethereal, capable of looking ahead to the arrival of obstacles or seeing difficulties ahead before many people. You are curious about everything and nothing, you like to understand and the great spiritual "knowledge" intrigues you even if it scares you. You are fond of information, knowledge, contacts, in short, your gray matter is in constant boiling! Your versatility saves your life. You also have a sense of humor to die for. You are lucky enough to be able to adapt to any situation. The only problem is that you sometimes lack rigor and rush things too quickly. In times like these, you fail to honor your many talents.


Gemini rising Cancer

Mercury and the moon come together here to allow you to experience love in all its facets and the pain of loving is never far away. In these moments, you can't make sense of things and you feel guilty. You are very attached to your family, to the clan (the moon is associated with the 4th house): the home, the physical body, childhood and everything you build in your life. If you are a life coach, a trainer, an architect or a doctor or if you work in daycare (in a daycare center), consider that your ascendant Cancer is at work. You may be interested in the performing arts. Otherwise, you are surely highly regarded in your sphere of activity by people, but not necessarily by those in high places. You are pulled by the call of the outer world and that of the inner world. You can be whimsical at times, capricious or changeable.


Gemini rising Leo

You like to party, glitz and you can win almost any heart. The Sun - the star of Leo (because the Sun is a star) gives you the allure of a conqueror and the strategic intelligence of Gemini (Mercury conjunct the Sun) brings nobility to your behavior, reactions or outbursts. In other words, even angry… you are beautiful to see! Not always, but you have enough class not to seek to hurt others with impunity. You tend to want to understand everything, and in every detail, everything that happens. You know how to assert yourself very well and take first place when situations require it. You easily charm those around you. You have mastered the art of public relations.


Gemini rising Virgo

This doublet of Mercury (Gemini – Mercury Air and Virgo – Mercury Earth) makes you experience certain contradictions. You often waver between heaven and earth or between the concrete and the dream. But when you get into action, you know how to do it right. Your instinct is powerful. Your intellect is able to make connections, to understand complex teachings or ways of doing things thanks to your power of observation. You're probably easy to talk to, but you don't open up so easily. This nuance is important. Young, you were already reasonable, observant and modest. Your biggest flaw is that you tend to over-intellectualize things, situations and people. You leave little room for spontaneity.


Gemini rising Libra

Mercury and beautiful Venus meet here in the Air element. You like freedom of thought, love games, communication, education and the arts in general. In short, you appreciate intellectual games at their fair value. You are a "machine" that manufactures creative ideas. These two planets make you sociable, open-minded, a great communicator (with the heart – Venus), and an inspiration on two legs. That's why people love you so much. Moreover, you possess the art of bringing harmony wherever you set foot. In fact, you are a first-class conciliator, intermediary, negotiator or peacemaker. You hate discrimination and gratuitous violence. The insignificance of some people really discourages you. You advocate respect in everything and towards everyone.


Gemini ascendant Scorpio

Your sense of humor is quite caustic, thank you! However, you should be wary of your tendency to use dark humor. Sarcasm is never far away in these moments! You also have a knack for pinpointing what's wrong. In two minutes you grab the person in front of you. Depending on your mood, you are the calm sea or the breaking ocean, in short, there are no half measures in you. You don't do anything either when a situation or a person doesn't suit you anymore. Scorpio likes to test people, Gemini loves to clown around. So behind your antics hides a powerful intellect capable of destroying the slightest false argument. The reserve and the shy side of the Scorpio do not prevent you from throwing yourself into the fray, from winning many hearts.


Gemini ascendant Sagittarius

Mercury meets the great Jupiter in this planetary association. You like travel and knowledge, general culture, and in your case it is true that travel forges your youth of mind. You sometimes lack seriousness and you have to be wary of your jokes, which sometimes go beyond the limits. Clever, adaptable, you remain a top extrovert. Wherever you hang your hat, you feel at home. On the other hand, you show such a desire for independence that you are sometimes difficult to follow or to satisfy. Sagittarius (Jupiter) likes to dive into the depths and Gemini (Mercury Air) loves to wade on the surface. So the teachings that Gemini integrates are supported by Sagittarius which gives them depth and meaning.


Gemini ascendant Capricorn

Mercury meets Saturn here! You know how to show rigor, seriousness and exceptional listening. You surely flourish better in the slowness of things, of situations, but your Gemini part often has to calm down so as not to stomp with impatience. Capricorn handles austerity, obligations, responsibilities rather well, but, meanwhile, the Gemini part in you is hurting and bored. Saturn doesn't really like mental turmoil and Gemini loves it! You can imagine that these two inner extremes are not always so easy to manage. You don't like finding yourself in an unfamiliar situation, but thanks to your Gemini part, you manage to make your fears or hesitations “look good”. Your Capricorn part has a big-picture, long-term view, and your Gemini part is driven by an ability to juggle whatever comes their way. Success is never far away!


Gemini ascendant Aquarius

Uranus meets the planet Mercury here. Quite a life contract! Your intellect is like a presto. You are a high-flying avant-garde. You enjoy solving puzzles, undoing old beliefs, attacking crass ignorance, but you often do so without compassion for your counterpart. A bit as if you were traveling at 200 an hour and the person in front of you couldn't go faster than 100 an hour! This intellectual shift is apparent, of course, but it can be very hurtful. Do you get the nuance? In other words, it is up to you to adjust to the intellect of the other and not the other way around. The Aquarius part of you is eccentric, intriguing, cordial and open to the world and the Gemini part of you is just as much. This ensures that you move a lot of air, and you can electrify any audience.


Gemini ascendant Pisces

Neptune meets Mercury here! It would be more accurate to say that he somehow drowns him! The fear of the depths of the Gemini must face the depth of his being to learn to know himself better. Quite a mandate of life, but which is carried by beautiful personal achievement! You don't like to take root somewhere. Elsewhere always seems better to you. Your mind is agile, versatile, creative, open and able to face the vagaries of life. Resourceful and flexible, the malleability of the Pisces part of you allows you to fully realize yourself. The Pisces ascendant allows you to stand out in society. A beautiful reserve sets you apart from others and that is why you shine in society.


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