13 things to know about Sagittarius

From November 23 to December 20, it is the turn of the astrological sign of Sagittarius to be celebrated! What best defines the natives of Sagittarius? Discover his preferences, his character traits, his perfect love matches and more: here is 13 things to know about Sagittarius.

1. His favorite colors are: the different shades of purple and violet and dark blue. The red and black colors suit it perfectly.

2. Its metals are: tin and cassiterite, a compound of tin oxide.

3. Its element is: the Feu.

4. Its flowers are: the carnation which is designated as the flower of the gods.

5. Its ruling planet is: Jupiter.

6. Her birthstones are: amethyst and citrine. These two stones are almost twins.

  • The transparent violet color of theamethyst symbolizes spiritual elevation, higher thought. Put a amethyst under the Sagittarius pillow and it will act as an excellent dreamcatcher. 
  • La citrine, meanwhile, is known to help accumulate gold and silver and Sagittarius would do well to wear it.

7. Sagittarius is the great resourceful of the zodiac. This unique being likes to drink, laugh and eat. He doesn't give up easily. He is a sociable and social being, but his deep nature remains independent. It's not uncommon for him to show a little condescending, smooth talker, vain and seductive, however he makes every effort not to hurt the being he loves. The fire element allows him to be expressive, dynamic, even an excellent communicator. His enthusiasm is also contagious. Moreover, the laws of the countries where he would like to live in the company of the loved one often mark the destiny of Sagittarius.

If it's not his love life calling him overseas, it's his job or a visceral desire to discover the world, the unknown. Literally and figuratively, his need to pierce the sky and the mysteries of life, death and life after death forces him to journey, to question himself deeply and, to lighten his burden, he offers himself holidays in distant lands. Sagittarius prefers to maintain doubt rather than to be convinced, but he listens attentively to others. He must discover the mysteries by himself, it is the only law in which he believes. One thing is certain, Sagittarius feels as comfortable with a mystical person as with a business man or woman. That's why his friends are so disparate, different from each other.

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8. His friends are :

  • He and Taurus will form a professional or sports and business strike force that is difficult to beat.
  • Cancer will be compatible if there are no dissatisfactions that arise on their friendly path.
  • Capricorn will allow him to live joyful and pleasant moments on a daily basis, but he risks being bored in his loving company.
  • With another Sagittarius, the sky will be the limit! However, the monetary aspect could take up too much space in the relationship and friendship would be more appropriate.=

9. Her perfect love match is:

  • Aries will lead him to explore unknown lands of his own sexuality.
  • With a Gemini, it will be the apotheosis! They will complement each other.
  • The Lion with whom he will form an almost perfect tandem, provided he does not seek to dominate him. The passion will be there.
  • Libra will serve their ambitions and love will reign supreme.
  • With Aquarius he will use the same erotic vocabulary!
  • Pisces will bring him delight and complicity.

10 His enemies are:

  • With Virgo, the relationship will end in a fishtail, unless the person in question has a Fire ascendant of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.
  • Scorpio and his dark temperament will eventually drive him away. He will exhaust her until he really gets on her nerves. 

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11 What this zodiac sign symbolically represents: The sign of Sagittarius is represented by a centaur aiming his bow and arrow at the firmament. It therefore symbolizes the obligation of every human being to pierce the mysteries of the sky, of the invisible. This is why Sagittarius surrounds himself with friends who think outside the box, who experience a beautiful spiritual or intellectual evolution, who are able to dive into the abyss of the soul without adhering to the beliefs of each other.   

12 What does Jupiter represent in a more personalized star chart? Given that Sagittarius lives in the 9th house and that this represents the foreigner in the big wheel of the zodiac, the astrologer will be able to determine what type of trips abroad the consultant will make. Also, the planet Jupiter is the guardian of laws and the desire for justice. The astrologer will look in which sector the consultant will be the most erudite: - he will check what are his high conceptions, the religion, the spirituality or the belief which will contribute to elevate his spirit, the legality of his life choices and philosophy, as well than higher education that will transform the consultant during his life.

13 Its greatest weaknesses: Sagittarius is not immune to a certain conformism. It is therefore faithful to the established codes and quite conservative regarding the regulations. His independent nature pushed to the extreme risks harming him on many levels, if he is not careful. Verbal jousts sometimes lead to controversy. In short, he must be wary of his outbursts and his anger. Sometimes he lacks courage and does not carry out his intentions. 

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