13 things to know about Taurus

It is from April 21 to May 20 that we celebrate the natives of the astrological sign of Taurus! What best defines our Taurus friends, these grounded, reliable and sometimes materialistic beings? Discover their preferences, their character traits, their perfect love matches and more: here 13 things to know about the Taurus person.


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1. His favorite colors are: shades of green (he loves nature!) and salmon pink.

2. Its metal is: copper, also called the “red metal”.

3. Its element is: the Earth. And the fact that he is an earth sign has an influence on his personality!

4. Its flower is: lily of the valley, also called the flower of happiness.

5. Its ruling planet is: Venus.

6. Her birthstones are: emerald, rubellite, or pink tourmaline.

  • According to ancient scriptures, "the emerald is a promise of good luck, and this stone strengthens well-being". Emerald green symbolically represents nature awakening and dressing in different colors of green. Taurus, when wearing an emerald, connects with this energy of well-being, abundance and luck.
  • Rubellite, or pink tourmaline, will attract love into the life of Taurus or purify his heartache and allow sentimental renewal.
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7. Taurus is both Cartesian and Epicurean. He likes to invest his time in sustainable and thoughtful projects, but he also enjoys enjoying the little pleasures of life, such as food and the pleasures of the senses. Love brings him the light he needs to live well. In fact, when a Taurus falls in love, their whole life lights up and takes on new meaning. In affective relationships as well as at work, it is loyal, patient and protective... but he has a tendency to become very grumpy.

He may have materialistic tendencies, can become very stubborn or cold if something displeases him. In fact, he is calm and slow by nature, but if he loses his temper... he gets very angry and can even become possessive! The planet Venus is also the mother of fighting and aggression and closed-mindedness (in the sense that it can get stuck easily). The ancient astrologers of Persia, Greece, India and Babylon agreed that his heart becomes larger than life, that it shines with all its fire, when he gives himself permission to love the people around him, who are part of his life. He will also tend to go towards what is more "traditional": a marriage, a family, a house, a dog, a conventional job. Let's say he doesn't always give himself the right to express his creativity!

In short, Taurus is a endearing sulky and reliable. This sign is appreciated for its sensuality and sincerity. 

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8. His friends are...

  • With another Taurus, they will form a solid friendship.
  • With Lion, the attachment will be intense, they will have great ideas together, but they could both take parallel paths and end up not liking each other anymore...
  • Le Verseau with whom he will develop a very beautiful friendship. Taurus especially likes his sense of humor and his way of putting him on a pedestal.
  • Le Fish will lead him to plunge into a sensual universe filled with mysteries, it is a relationship that will last.

9. Her perfect love match is...

  • Le Cancer. They will experience an exceptional agreement, except that it could confine the Taurus in a protective role that risks making him become disillusioned over time. This is the “house” couple par excellence!
  • La Virgin will bring him every chance of experiencing great organized and exceptional happiness!
  • With Balance, it will be a karmic encounter that will leave traces. Their shared Venusian tone will bring them together forever.
  • In the company of Scorpion, there will be a reciprocal explosion of their sexuality. But not sure if it's a match for a long-term relationship. 

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10. His enemies are...

  • Le Aries with whom he will get along like thieves at a fair or it will be the declaration of war! 
  • Le Gemini will probably annoy him a little too much. The excessive expressiveness of Gemini confuses him.
  • Le Sagittarius with its "extreme social relationship" side, it rebuffs it. Moreover, the practical sense of Taurus does not always resonate with Sagittarius.
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11. What this zodiac sign symbolically represents: According to the ancients, the sign of the Taurus symbolically represents the energies of “Mother Mother Earth”. Great farmers, aquaculturists, arborists, bulb growers, cereal growers or cereal growers, horticulturists, sowers or gardeners, to name a few, have been born under this important constellation. “Mother Earth” is the playground on which human beings can experience life. Intimately linked to the magic of life – childbirth is in itself a miracle of life – the sign of Taurus can feel a strong need to taste life and learn to love it, to understand it, to respect it. .

12 The life mission of Taurus : Taurus, if he wishes, is invited to embody trust, to achieve good and just self-esteem.

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13. His greatest fragility: Like the animal that represents him, his musculature is solid and, more symbolically, he therefore drags heavy burdens on his shoulders or on his heart. Many astrologers claim that it is slow to react which is not entirely untrue. Taurus always weighs the pros and cons, turns the problem around before acting or committing. He does not forget an affront and the rancor is one of the burdens he will carry around until he learns to forgive, to open his heart.

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