5 Reasons Cancerians Are the Most Wonderful People on Earth

A sensitive person with a big, persevering and fair heart, who says it better? Here are 5 raisons who make Cancer the most wonderful people on earth (or real Care Bears). 

1. Protective and Loyal

Loyal as no two, if you're lucky enough to have a Cancer friend, you know they'll always be there for you, like the big brother or big sister you don't have (...or better than, quiet).

2. Sensitive and dreamy

If his sensitivity can sometimes lead him to be sad or melancholic, it gives him a touching depth and a je-ne-sais-quoi that melts our hearts.

3. Passionate and willful 

When he wants and believes in something, he will follow through. He is committed, passionate and tenacious, but still cautious. In short, his well-invested passion usually takes him far. It's nice. 

The whole truth about Cancer


4. Romantic and tender

Cancer loves without counting! He loves with all his heart and likes to surprise his better half with little surprises because he is tender and the like that.

And then he gives, he gives... and asks only to be loved (just a little) in return! 

5. Empathetic and open-minded

Empathetic, he is always ready to listen and hear your version of the facts. And he won't judge you easily (because he's a Care Bear).

Come on, let's clap again.

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