5 Reasons Leos Are Awesome

Ah, the Leo… Sociable, flamboyant, leaders, hardworking, they are real born stars! And if you are in his good graces, count yourself lucky, because he will bring you happiness like no other!

Here is 5 reasons who make Lions are beings sensational.

1. Enterprising and determined

A Leo is afraid of almost nothing! In the face of adversity, he rolls up his sleeves and is more determined than anyone.

In short, nothing stops them (or in any case, we have not yet found what).

2. They know how to party!

Leos, it is known, know and like to party. When it comes to partying, they are downright champions.

With their hedonistic side, they always have good entertaining plans and it's very difficult not to have fun in their beautiful company.

3. Leader

With their contagious optimism and fiery perseverance, they tend to take the reins… of everything!

And that's often so much the better! #BornLikeThis

4. Loyal

Reliable, honest and loyal, they make great life partners and teflon friends. Unless you do them a bad job, with them, it's all the way.

5. Generous

As a good king, he likes to give and share with those he loves. Friends or lovers, he tends to pay you the draft without asking anything in return; long live the Lion!

In short, we can say that the Lion has the makings of a great diva.

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