5 secrets about the Sagittarius woman

5 secrets about the Sagittarius woman

You think you know everything about the sagittarius woman? You might be surprised! After all, this sign will not show you all the cards in its deck and will always have unexpected revelations in store for you! 

Here is 5 secrets well guarded about this Zodiac sign.

1. You're an open book for Sagittarius.

Never underestimate the power of their intuition: Sagittarius sees you as you are, and can decode all the micro-expressions you didn't even know you were expressing! If you hide the truth from her, she will know how to read between the lines of your lie.

2. Sagittarius is an indisputable champion of strategy

You thought you would take her by surprise and make her lose her footing, but she had seen you coming for ages and had seen everything coming in advance, even before you thought of this Machiavellian plan. Sagittarius is waiting around the corner and you could get caught in your own game.

3. Pleasure is his reason for living

The best time of her day is when she can in order to unleash her crazy! For this sign, as long as there is pleasure, there is life!


4. He's a very stressed being

The natives of this sign may act as if nothing had happened, as soon as the pressure mounts, stress takes possession of their system. Sagittarius needs to be very careful with their mental health, as they sometimes ignore the signs of anxiety they may be feeling. She just doesn't dare admit to herself that she's stressed.

5. She doesn't care what other people think of her!

If you think her dress doesn't look good on her and you're gasping to tell her, honestly, she doesn't care. She accepts herself as she is and does not want to change to please you. In fact, she finds you people downright corny for daring to share their judgments about her, and she's not wrong!

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