Breakups according to astrological signs

Breakups according to astrological signs

The disruptions, it's never easy to live, and it's not easier to be the one who puts an end to the couple. Our past relationships obviously affect our behavior, but what about the influence of the stars on how we say goodbye to our partner when we want to end a relationship?

This is what your Zodiac sign on your way to break up in love! 

1. Aries

Overnight you have a revelation and thank you, good evening! Without anyone seeing anything coming, your subconscious suddenly reveals itself to you. It's like you've never been in a relationship. Listen to this realization, but try to be more delicate, if possible, because the other is likely to have a big surprise.

2. Taurus 

You let your decision mature. You can spend 3 months thinking before you realize that nothing has happened between you for 2 years! Letting ripen does not mean letting an indigestible situation rot...

3. Gemini 

You are a coward and you step aside without being able to give an explanation. For you, it's really too difficult to face the other and the easiest solution is to ghost. Learn to respect the other and ask yourself how you would react if it was you who was doing it!

4. Cancer

You find a nice, but roundabout way to say goodbye. For example, you are going to write long sentimental text messages on your phone while refusing to go and have a coffee to talk about it... Your intentions are good, but admit that it is a little selfish deep down to empty your heart without that the other cannot grieve in his own way.  

5. Leo

You don't like being left out, so you protect yourself by flushing the other out at the first doubt. But if the other really loved you and you too? Beware of your pride, it may cause you to miss the boat of true love! 

6. Virgin

You are a perfectionist in your breakup, and therefore you hesitate for a very long time before broaching the subject because the circumstances are never ideal. A beautiful, perfectly romantic breakup... that doesn't exist. Give yourself the right to listen to yourself candidly! It will never be pleasant, so assume!

7. Balance

You don't break up, but you find yourself another partner. Instead of cheating on him and creating a love triangle, why not just clean up and make room for the next person? Think about it!

8. Scorpion

With you, it's frankness above all! No need to make a detailed (and a bit naughty) list of everything that annoys you about your spouse! You are a whole person, but why not use a little delicacy while being frank?

9. Sagittarius

You wait until the threshold of implosion before communicating the frustrations that you have been accumulating for months. The ideal would be to listen to you a little more quickly when a problem arises in order to be able to address it before the relationship self-destructs! 

10 Capricorn 

When the time is right to break up, you do it without going through 4 paths! A direct approach can be a good thing, but try not to put all your ex's things on the street and try to act as you would like to be acted on. 

11 Verseau

You are a direct person: with you, no nonsense! When it's over, you don't spend ages finding a plan B or working on your relationship. You give yourself your 4% without speaking. Ciao bye! 

12 Fish 

Don't hurt others, that's your mission! You have so much empathy for the other that you worry without worrying too much about your own feelings. It's nice to heal the wounds of others, but be careful not to let your ex manipulate you or make you feel guilty if your decision is made. 

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