Chinese sign: the personality of the Boar

The Brief History of Chinese Astrology

The Buddha, in a very distant time, would have invited several animals to pay homage to him and only 12 showed up.

First it was the Rat, the Ox (the Ox, if you prefer), the Tiger, the Hare (the Cat or the Rabbit, if you prefer), the Dragon, the Serpent, the Horse, the Goat (the Sheep, if you prefer), Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar (Pig, if you prefer).

The personality of the Chinese zodiac sign Boar

The native of Sanglier dislikes discord and squabbling or friction. If you want to scare him away, be aggressive and intolerant. He forgives too easily… there is his wound!

In doing so, it attracts profiteers and abusers of all kinds. His popularity rating is enviable and his social network is just as much. This tireless, reliable, honest and conscientious worker can only shine in the field of work, business, the arts and politics. Naive and gullible, the Sanglier attracts far more rejection than true love into her life. But when he becomes aware of this, he turns 180 degrees and he can then better assert himself and gain respect. This bon vivant spends more than he saves and the end of the month comes too quickly for him.

His devotion to family, children and life partner is legendary! Among his faults are chronic anxiety, his secret side, hypocrisy, gluttony. 

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