Crystals: everything you need to know when starting out

Real eye-catching gems designed by Mother Nature, the crystals would have purifying virtues, therapeutic and could actively participate in our well-being.

according to lithotherapy, the alternative science that says to cure and prevent evils thanks to crystals, each stone has its own influence on an energy or an aspect of life.

Skeptical? Curious? Interested? So give these beautiful gemstones a chance. I tell you more.

What are crystals for?

Basically crystals amplify and increase energy vibrations ; whether it's for you, your dog or your home.

They help you settle down and initiate positive changes in your life. When you feel stagnant, a little depressed or stressed, crystals can give you the helping hand you need to center yourself and see more clearly.

The essential crystals:

  • Clear Quartz: transformation, clarity, healing
  • Selenite: cleansing, liberation, power under the moon
  • Rose quartz: love, compassion, kindness, tenderness
  • Amethyst: transformation, protection, release from addictions, sleep aid
  • Smoky Quartz: release of bad energy, stress relief, motivation, meditation
  • Citrine: energy, ambition, abundance, luck, creativity
  • Shungite: Detoxification, purification, protection

Crystals and Chakra Healing

The human body generates a rainbow of vibrations called chakras. Yoga, meditation, nature and crystals are great ways to keep your chakras healthy.

There are 7 main chakras, from head to toe: crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root. Each has a specific color and energy.

To perform a healing ritual, simply place the crystal on the chakra that corresponds to its color. So a blue stone would go to the throat or a green stone to the heart.

Then visualize the crystal radiate its color where it is placed, with each breath. Each chakra has its own mantra. With every breath. this mantra must be repeated. The ritual can last about 5 minutes.

Example: The citrine stone should be placed on the solar plexus since it is bright yellow and the mantra associated with the solar plexus is “I share”. With each breath, repeat the mantra. At the end of the ritual, it is important to thank her crystal, although it may seem a little strange, it's all about gratitude.  

Here are the different mantras:

  • Crown: I know
  • 3rd eye: I see
  • Throat: I speak
  • Heart: I love
  • Solar plexus: I share
  • Sacred: I create
  • Root: I am

Psst! It is important to mention that crystals will not magically materialize you into a perfect life; the perfect romance, the body you dream of, the super career, fortune, etc.

Crystals are here to help you be the clearest, strongest and brightest version of yourself. so that you can share your kindness, compassion, inspiration and love with others. By releasing all that, the sequel will come by itself! 

Whether we believe in it hard or whether it does us good sporadically, one thing is certain, the crystals will not hurt you.

Hoping to have demystified you and interested you in the world of crystals, I wish you lots of beautiful energies! 

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