Full moon September 10 in Pisces: here is its meaning and the signs affected

The next full moon will be in the sign of Fish and will happen the 10 September 2022!

This is last full moon before the autumnal equinox, and the season change will be on September 22 at 21:03 p.m. this year. 

It is also called harvest moon, an appellation coming from farmers who can take advantage of its early rise to lengthen their harvest day. What does this full moon have in store for us?

Full Moon in the Sign of Pisces: What Does It Mean to You?

The sensitivity and the secret side of Pisces will influence our day (even if the effect of the full moon can be felt 2,3 days before and after) and our evening of September 10.

You may feel that some information that was hidden from you is finally revealed, and become aware of things that were happening before your eyes without your knowledge. You will no doubt feel a great need to understand yourself and dive (very Pisces!) into your truth (Virgo season!).

This will be the time to use this energy filled with sincerity to leave what prevents you from moving forward behind you. Because sometimes seeing reality in the face is necessary to be able to continue on the right path! Not always obvious, but saving... 

Tensions are very palpable? It's quite legit. Several planets are in retrograde, including Mercury, which begins its retrograde on the same day as this full moon. But are also in a downgrade phase: 

  • Until October 22, Saturn is currently retrograde in the sign of Aquarius.
  • Until November 23, Jupiter is in retrograde.
  • As well as that of Uranus in Taurus.
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