Here are the 5 most resentful zodiac signs

We told you about the signs with which you are most compatible, but also what kind of colleague you are according to the Zodiac... here are now the the most resentful astrological signs.

With them, nothing to do, once the limit is reached, no more excuses possible and you may be preparing to spend a very bad quarter of an hour... Who are the resentful signs?

5. Cancer

He is usually gentle and friendly, but beneath his calm demeanor also hides a very sensitive... and fearsome being!

Don't disrespect him because he will remember this for a LONG TIME.

4. Scorpio

With its intense character power 10, it was to be expected: if you are looking for the Scorpion, you will find it and quickly.

Not only will his anger be great if you hurt him, but he'll reciprocate...with interest.

3. Virgin

Generally following what his head tells him, his pride can also lead him to lose it! She also has a certain ease in finding faults in others and sometimes stubbornly sees things negatively.

If in addition you dare to humiliate him or touch him in his self-esteem, count on the Virgin to hold a grudge against you, for a long time...

2. Pisces

Usually kind and generous, the Pisces nevertheless remains a sensitive and nervous being, with a vengeful spirit.

If you make him suffer, expect to serve him as food: he will take pleasure in making your life difficult.

1. Taurus

Resentful in love, and even perhaps even more in friendship, if Taurus can take a long time to get angry, once angry, you can say goodbye to him.

Distrustful by nature, if he feels betrayed, even without a really valid reason, nothing will make him reconsider his decision.

And who are the most common astrological signs tolerant? The Capricorn and Verseau are the undisputed champions of indulgence!

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