How to choose your crystals to surround yourself with beneficial energies

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The crystals are as old as the world. Forged millions of years ago within the earth, they are recognized for their energetic powers allowing, among other things, healing,introspection and self-confidence. The crystals capture the vibration, retain in them, like all stones, the evolution of their environment over time, but also the intentions which are asked of them.

Du crystallized rock in the cliffs sacred objects, crystals have long fascinated mankind who have used them to adorn their bodies and transform them into luxurious creations, filled with magic. According to crystal scholar Colleen McCann, we are drawn to wormholes, places on Earth filled with energy where we have built religious sites, such as Stonehenge. Sensitive to vibrations, we would be susceptible to crystal emanations. And crystals do indeed react to energies! Scientists discovered in the twentieth century that the quartz crystal vibrates at different frequencies and stores information, which is why we use it in our telephone devices.

But how choose your first crystal? There are shops dedicated to these little marvels, such as Cystal Dream in Montreal and Mine Cristal in Quebec where they will be able to guide you for your first purchase. Until then, here is a portrait of the main crystals and their particularities.



Drawing its power from the sun, the cristal citrine is to be placed on the edge of your window to capture the light. It helps with professional development and self-confidence. It is a perfect crystal for beginners, since it is considered one of the most powerful crystals and that it helps to realize your intentions.

black obsidian


Renowned for dissolving feelings of anger, theblack obsidian allows you to refocus. It regulates our thoughts, particularly negative ones, but it also drives out questions and ambiguities. This crystal is to be kept close to you when you go to bed, in order to eliminate the stress of the day.



Also called the artists stone, theamethyst eliminates negative energies in a room and promotesintuition and connection to the world. Appealing to inner strength, Amethyst sits nicely in your home decor and provides additional support during your meditations.

Rose quartz


Le pink quartz is known as the crystal of love unconditional for oneself and for others. It is a stone that helps to open one's heart for all types of love. She activates the heart chakra to fill up with positive energy. You can carry it with you or even make a facial mist.

Black moonstone


This stone is directly related to the new Moon. It symbolizes new beginnings, whether it's a new project, wanting to get pregnant, or setting new intentions. It must be worked with the cycle of the moon in order to open the way to our inner thoughts.

Lapis lazuli


Of a majestic color, the Lapis lazuli open it throat chakra and promises to reach the truth, your truth. It will give you inner wisdom and show you that you already have the answer to your questions.

Whether it's because you find them pretty or because you want to surround yourself with their beneficial energies, crystals will necessarily bring something to warm your homes, if only to give them a symbolism that is close to our hearts.

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