Make your own pendulum at home according to your astrological sign

I share with you today, through this article, the symbolism of stone de birth for each of signs du zodiac so that you can use them at your leisure and for fun above all. In this period of containment..., why not ! The subject of birthstones is vast. Think of the diamond, the ruby, the emerald, the sapphire, the precious pearl! What do these stones represent to you? Take the time to think about it.

Amethyst with spiritual virtues, the moonstone, the quartz pink, white, smoked, etc. All stones give off a Energy particular: love, peace, spirituality, money, etc. Which brings me to talk to you about energy. 

L’onyx, associated with the sign of Capricorn, helps to thwart the negative waves of the planet Jupiter when it is falling in this sign (which will be the case in 2021, according to astronomy).

The great leaders of ancient times wore a Turquoise : it was exploited by the masters of Egypt, Persia and by the Aztecs and in other pre-Columbian cultures. Turquoise was also linked to Hathor, the deity of love, motherhood or fertility for men, creativity, joy, beauty, music.



Energy makes the world go round! If it is not really possible to see the energy (still the invisible which does not let go of us: the COVID-19 virus, spirituality, electricity, quantum mechanics: the strangest theory ever imagined by human being, by the way: this branch of physics explains how molecules, atoms or microscopic particles behave. Then, if I make the connection… there is the Breath [invisible to the naked eye like the intelligence, the wind, the Self, etc.] However, its effects are very real and they contribute to nourishing the life in us. Everything that exists needs energy to function, it is known. Actions, movements, heat, thoughts, spirituality or inner energy and electricity... all of this is energy! Try to imagine the Earth without any energy: it would be dark and lifeless. Just like mechanics quantum, spiritual mechanics is full of mysteries, surprises and paradoxes that force us to review the he way we conceive of matter.

Stones, as an element present on our planet, are capable of storing and diffusing energy. Personally, I use the pendulum often set with stones, quartz.

In the same breath, I present to you my new series entitled "The Divinatory Art", and in which I approach the different facets of my profession as an astrologer: Tarot, Pendulum, and other premonitory tools. 

I now present to you your stone de birth and un superb lexicon, the crystal index is available right here.   



Your birthstones : The diamond and the ruby.             

  • The diamond symbolizes eternal love, invincibility during battle [think of the warlike nature of Aries], protection against negative energies, duration or endurance and when you wear a diamond you connect with this energy of continuity, endurance, longevity. In ancient Egypt and Greco-Roman mythology, the diamond was worn as an amulet for protection against poisons.
  • Ruby protects against misfortune and ill health.
  • This stone will also help you open your heart and find love.



Your birthstones: Emerald and tourmaline [rubellite] sporting different shades of pink [because of its ruling planet which is Venus].

According to ancient scriptures, "the emerald is a promise of good luck, and this stone enhances well-being". Emerald green symbolically represents nature awakening and dressing in different colors of green.

  • When you wear an emerald, you tune into an energy of well-being, abundance, and luck.
  • Rubellite, or pink tourmaline will attract love into your life. Or she will purify your heartaches and not always in love. It will allow you to experience a sentimental renewal.



Your birthstones: Tiger's eye, amber, mahogany obsidian.   

  • Tiger's Eye will sharpen your thoughts to help you materialize them better. This stone will enlighten you in case of financial difficulties.
  • Mahogany Obsidian makes it easier for you to ground yourself, since you happen to have a thousand things to do at once.
  • Amber blurs your existential anxieties, energizes your body and your heart, and promotes your understanding process.



Your birthstones: The pearl, the moonstone and the white opal.           

The pearl will allow you to meet a love of great purity. These three precious and semi-precious stones also watch over romance and successful marriages.

  • When you wear a pearl, white opal, or moonstone, you somehow connect with that energy of purity, love, clear thinking, powerful inspirations, and great ideas.



Your birthstones: Diamond, citrine and coral.

  • The diamond symbolizes eternal love, duration and endurance. When you wear a diamond, you connect with this energy of love.
  • Citrine protects you against your own impatience, dark thoughts that drag you down and mental restlessness. 
  • The coral, tinged with ocher and orange above all, will help you ward off bad luck and thieves of all kinds.



Your birthstones: Amber, green or golden brown agate, carnelian, yellow sapphire and turquoise.

  • Amber soothes [it does not cure them, it is important to distinguish this] your existential anxieties, warms your body and your heart, in addition to promoting your well-being.
  • When you wear an agate, you make sure to keep your thoughts clear.
  • Carnelian attracts luck and success to you.
  • The yellow sapphire brings you the spontaneity and joie de vivre that you so badly need.
  • Turquoise harmonizes your emotions.



Your birthstones: Pink and royal topaz [yellow], sapphire and peridot [chrysolite].

  • When you wear a pink topaz, you increase the possibility of finding love. In addition, it arms you with great protection.
  • Royal Topaz, on the other hand, activates your life energy and attracts pure luck and public success to your person.
  • Peridot chases away your melancholy and protects you against negative energies.



Your birthstones: Red garnet, black diamond and yellow topaz.

According to some American researchers, the black diamond is of extraterrestrial origin. These scholars maintain that this type of diamond comes from meteorites that have fallen to Earth. More symbolically, the black diamond is a powerful channel that unites heaven and earth; it acts on the soul, the brain, the creator in oneself and makes it possible to incite, to initiate, to inspire, in short, it grants qualities of project manager.

  • In light of this information, it seems obvious that the black diamond can help you better manage your contradictions.
  • Red garnet brings you the chance to find love and live happily together.
  • Yellow topaz balances your clairvoyance; it calms your anger and discouragement by activating your inner strength.



Your birthstones: Amethyst and citrine. These two stones are almost twins.

  • The transparent violet color of the amethyst symbolizes spiritual elevation, higher thought. Put an amethyst under your pillow and it will act as an excellent dreamcatcher.
  • Citrine, on the other hand, is known to help you accumulate gold and silver.



Your birthstones: Onyx, jet and smoky quartz.

  • Onyx allows you to thwart the negative vibes of the planet Jupiter when it is falling in your sign [which will be the case in 2021]. By ricochet, this stone attracts luck and happy nudges of fate to you.
  • Jet protects you against the evil eye.
  • You are a very down to earth person and smoky quartz will make you aware of your spiritual dimension and you will carry out creative projects.



Your birthstones: Garnet and angelite.

  • Garnet is a very popular talisman. This stone allows you to shine in society and protects you against any attack from occult forces or ill-intentioned people. In addition, garnet attracts love with its deep red which resembles the color of blood, which makes it even more powerful.
  • Also known as the "Stone of Angels", Angelite is the stone of awareness. You should always wear one since it brings you pure luck and happiness in love, and it is a strong protection against evil spirits.



Your birthstones: Sapphire, blue agate and turquoise.

  • Sapphire protects you from the bad vibrations of the planet Mercury, which is falling when it finds itself in your zodiac sign. In addition, this stone helps predict the future.
  • Blue Agate gives you powerful protection by acting as a shield to prevent others from draining your energy. This same stone helps you awaken your talents.
  • Turquoise is known to attract money, success and love. It also positively influences friendships and the people who appreciate and support you.


You now have all the information to obtain your birthstone. You can even make your pendulum at home. In my capsules this week, I'm talking to you about another form of energy, that of the pendulum, which you can use to entertain yourself and help you connect differently, differently, and to feel less alone during this period of confinement. 

You also want to please a friend, your daughter, your mother outside who are also going through a period of loneliness. I also invite you to choose the birthstone of your person to whom you want to offer it, and send or give it to him after the crisis. The unveiling of the gift can also be done virtually. 

In this time of containment, it's important to stay at home. So I invite you to consult two of my good addresses in order to encourage local purchase et online, in this difficult time. 


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