Take a look at your astro-sex for the month of February!

Ah this famous month of February! Well in the depths of winter, even if it is the shortest of the whole year, it sometimes seems to us to be the longest... But hey, February still has its pink and romantic feast - Valentine's Day - for spice things up, ya! To warm you up a bit, we decided to give you a good dose of naughty entertainment by offering you your astro-sex in february, concocted in collaboration with our astrologer Ginette Blais!


For adult and informed readers!


Whether you are in a couple or single, whether you are one of our faithful female readers or a very curious male reader, our astro-sex will certainly make you smile.


For even more fun, take a look at the little predictions about the sign of your significant other or the person you have in your eye, if this is the case!


Aries (March 21 to April 20)


She : You may have met someone, but you are not quite sure of the future of this relationship yet... If you were offered a rose, on Valentine's Day, you would remove each of the petals repeating: "I love it a little, a lot! ". Yes, yes, you are there in your thoughts! At least sex is fun, exquisite even, with this person.


His : This month you will discover the importance of friendship, perhaps because you will feel more mental than physical attraction towards a person. Otherwise, you don't want to feel restricted in your personal freedom. One thing anyone who wants to seduce you should keep in mind!


In a relationship with

She : No more theory: it's time to put your sexual knowledge into practice! This month, learn to fully trust your body, your desires and your needs… You will be more than satisfied with it, in bed! 


His : Perhaps because of this magic of February and Cupid in the air, you will feel ready to show true loving and sexual devotion within your couple. Let yourself be "stung" more often!


Taurus (April 21 to May 20)


She : But why do you harbor this emotional detachment in your heart? Ultimately, you have to realize that it's doing you more harm than good. What if, this month, you put your finger on what really drives you to keep the object of your desires at bay? As a result, you will certainly feel less “incomplete”…    


His : wow! So you, your heart will be pounding hard, hard, hard this month, and that's because it will finally feel ready to open up fully! Driven by your desire for permanence and stability, you will agree to commit yourself to another person. Don't worry: you won't lose your independent side and your “fun”!


In a relationship with

She : Public displays of affection? Very little for you! Although you will feel your sexual urges throughout your body, you will control them and demand that your other half imitate you.


His : You, you know how to fully appreciate a sensual striptease… for the greatest pleasure of your partner! This month, you'll want to affirm a secret fantasy. It was time to embrace your passion!


Gemini (May 21 to June 21)


She : The first month of the year is behind you, but you continue to find refuge in your thoughts… You are too much in your head! What if we put you face to face with the killer question: “Do you relegate your heart to second place to escape sexual and romantic intimacy”? You know, listening to your impulses and your sexual impulses is also important.


His : Our recommendation of the month: follow your instincts and let it guide you to your next “prey”! Indeed, it seems that you want to be more hunter and determined, in your methods of seduction. Yet you continue to maintain some emotional distance to keep others from getting too close to you…


In a relationship with

She : Making love… Can “the act” be considered a sport? If so, this is definitely your favorite sport! And you will be well served, in February, if you listen to the suggestions of your significant other.


His : Give yourself a Valentine's Day gift for two, a gift that will spice up your evenings (and days, who knows)... To reach nirvana, would you like to take a training course on the Kama Sutra or Kundalini?


Cancer (June 22 to July 23)


She : This month, pay particular attention to your flippant jokes and your “clever” remarks… They can hurt, without you expecting it, and come to create a void around you. If it's solo sex you're aiming for, treat yourself, but if not, learn to keep a little “reserve” when you open your mouth!


His : Oh big surprise for you on the program, in this ordinary month of February! The best person for you – you know, the one who will actually allow you to be yourself – well, they will cross your path! Even if you are fickle by nature, trust yourself this time around. You shouldn't be disappointed...


In a relationship with

She : Listen to yourself a bit, damn it! You spend your time tolerating your partner's weaknesses, but you often let them overstep the mark. And then you blame yourself. It stops now!



His : Your magnetic power will reach its full potential in February. You will be more romantic and sex-oriented than usual. You will truly feel incomplete without the loved one to share your life with. Oh all this love!


Leo (July 24 to August 23)


She : You will be inclined to question your ability to meet someone good. But why do you have this self-destructive attitude? Stop worrying, life will take care of it, it knows what you really need! Get ready to live a whole loving, sexual and sensual experience.


His : Exceeding the limits of good taste, when you indulge in a "party" of seduction, no, that's not your style! You constantly give off a sexual scent of delicacy and sophistication, which adds romance and beauty to your approach to love. Stimulated, you will be more adventurous.


In a relationship with

She : Quality, not quantity. This is what matters to you in a sexual relationship. You will fascinate and arouse your partner, to ignite his libido. We can expect a mirror effect on your own libido!  


His : You know all those erotic scenarios that go through your head? Well, this month is when you put them on show! You will be very excited at the idea of ​​creating a sexy refuge for yourself with your partner.


Virgo (August 24 to September 23)


She : The secret and mysterious aspect of your character makes your intimate encounters more difficult than they should be. Subconsciously, it's as if you distrust those who seem to show you any interest… If you want some action under the duvet this month, stop pushing away all your suitors!


His : A person will come to pierce your shell and discover that you are a sensual and a romantic. You will fall in love faster. Could it be because of Valentine's Day or the idea of ​​a winter cocooning session for two appeals to you? You will have someone in your sights, but their need for freedom and their independent character will dampen your ardor.


In a relationship with

She : You believe that most problems can be solved through dialogue. It's not false, but you have to make allowances… Be careful: your relationship could be shaken by someone who opens their arms to you!


His : The person who shares your life does not fully understand you. Does she need a dummies guide to dating? A comedian friend on the edges, will help you to overcome your doubts!


Libra (September 24 to October 23)


She : One thing is certain: your bed will get a lot of enthusiasm from you this month! Inventive and sensual, you will want to explore your sexual "dynamics". However, try to be realistic in finding a sex partner. When you find the right ally and lover, love and sex will take on a higher meaning.


His : You judge that at this phase of your life, you deserve a true and sincere love and it is to your credit. On the other hand, your too idealistic side could cause you to miss out on certain pleasures. Sometimes you feel hopelessly conflicted between the purely physical act and your romantic ideal of making love as the union of two beings in love...


In a relationship with

She : Hmm, you feel like a new woman these days… The person you share your life with also struggles to recognize you. Your body yearns for sexual fulfillment, that's all. Listen to it!


His : Are you looking for thrilling moments to titillate your a little too routine love life? Yes? Well, it's now or never to entrust your fantasies and your carnal needs to the other!


Scorpio (October 24 to November 22)


She : Are you a fan of improv? Have you ever done it in the past, maybe at school? Whether you answered “yes” or “no” to these two questions does not matter. This month is the time to stop asking your partner too many questions during sex and instead listen to their body and improvise. New exciting sensations are to be expected…


His : Expect to be in demand this February as you sweat sensuality and desire! However, despite your obvious sexual magnetism, you will tend to resist your outbursts of passion, as if you did not assume them 100%. Talking about your theories on life and love will please you more, during a first meeting...


In a relationship with

She : Your significant other could make a shock statement to you, like “I would like to have a threesome”! If you feel like it, go for it, you might be pleasantly surprised. But do not try to please him at all costs.


His : Do not plan anything on your agenda on February 14, because your sweetheart has a nice surprise in mind for you! And that's good, since you feel like you're lacking romantic and sexual stimulation right now.


Sagittarius (November 23 to December 20)


She : Your head is full of images, each more exciting than the next. You aspire to transpose your erotic fantasies into reality, but you may not be doing it with the right method... Indeed, your sexual partner seems rather confused than "turn on" by your approaches! Refocus on your desires, without spreading yourself too thin, and everything will be fine.


His : Are we really in February, the coldest part of winter? We wonder, because under your relaxed facade, you are hot, hot, hot! A volcano is smoldering and about to explode! Your libido will reach levels that you will have to learn to contain. Then, you can throw yourself into the arms of a new chosen one, without risking scaring her away.


In a relationship with

She : You will feel a tad doubtful this month. You want to be reassured by your darling, but what you are really looking for, deep down, is proof of his love. Stop doubting it!


His : You will want to get closer. You miss body to body contact! Our suggestion: wine, caresses and some erotic proposals whispered in the ear of the other should meet your needs.


Capricorn (December 21 to January 20)


She : A beautiful transformation is to be expected on your side… Indeed – and you already know it – you are perhaps not the easiest person to let yourself be loved. However, when a partner satisfies your need for security, reassures you emotionally and sexually, you will metamorphose into a faithful, sexy and devoted companion!


His : Phew, get ready for a destabilizing and upsetting month of February on the relational and sexual level! You will find yourself oscillating between independence and emotional detachment, then the desire to establish an intense and total connection with a new partner. Are you more romantic or rational? There is the question…


In a relationship with

She : We have a great challenge for you this month, do you feel "game"? We hope so, because it will do you a lot of good: let yourself be loved to the fullest! Don't be afraid to display your vulnerability through your desires.


His : Let no one say that you are not a sensational lover: you love to satisfy your partner as much as yourself! By the way, this month you will feel even more passionate and romantic.


Aquarius (January 21 to February 19)


She : Oh! You will probably never have expressed your true Aquarius woman side as much as in this month of February! Why? Because you will give off a strong libido that will turn on everyone who crosses your path. You will love being touched and lightly caressed around the calves and ankles. Chills guaranteed!


His : Are you ready to push your limits? We hope so, because your body craves it terribly! He shivers all over – from your toes to your hair – at the thought of pushing your sexual limits all the way. Since you are unconventional in love, like in any other field, it promises to be thrilling in please!


In a relationship with

She : Your “poker face” will wreak havoc, but it will be positive for the sexual fulfillment of your couple. Under your mask of jaded woman hides an adventurous woman who likes to experiment with new techniques.   


His : Sex and mental stimulation. Impossible to separate these two things, according to you. For sexual chemistry to exist, your intellect needs to be seduced. Fortunately, your partner is on the attack and will see to it!


Pisces (February 20 to March 20)


She : The good friend is you. The one who is constantly being told: "I like you, but I see you as a friend". Aren't you a little tired? The answer is yes "! Know that if you continue to hide behind the mask of friendship, others will fail to interpret your carnal desires. No choice, it's time to put yourself in the game and assert yourself! 


His : Our advice for you, in this month of February? Get your head out of the clouds a bit! You are a sensual and free-spirited lover. You like feelings of uninhibited excitement and the joys of experimentation. By being more alert to what is unfolding before your eyes, you will be able to make more sexual discoveries.


In a relationship with

She : The key to having a torrid February is simple: dare! Start a conversation that excites you, that eroticizes you and you will float on a cloud. Your body will follow and you can have great sex!


His : Make yourself a list of sweet and “electrically” sensual little words to whisper in your significant other's ear and you'll get exactly the sexual climate you so outrageously crave!


Psitt: it is normal to wonder about the preferences or attitudes adopted in bed by your partner or by yourself. Whether it is simply to see a little more clearly or to better tame one's sexuality, our sexologists at Canal Vie (Marie-Ève ​​Demers-Morabito or Véronique Larivière, for example) write enlightened articles on the subject. Have the opinion of a sexuality professional, why not!?

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