The 3 Signs Least Affected by Mercury Retrograde

The 3 Signs Least Affected by Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is currently in retrograde in the sign of Aquarius then Capricorn. It's the panic! If we talk about it more and more, it's because we often tend to feel the negative effects of this demotion, and with good reason.

We are talking about sometimes direct impacts on our sexual life, but especially on communications and technologies since these are the themes associated with the planet Mercury.

But hey, in this first Mercury retrograde period of 2022, there is 3 signs that are spared more. Here are which ones.

1. Taurus

First of all, the Taurus is the luckiest sign during this Mercury retrograde.

This transit, which allows us collectively to take the necessary step back to obtain information or documentation, will give him the true picture of aspects of his life that are not yet efficient or profitable. We'll tell ourselves: taking a step back once in a while is good!

Many Taurus will then be able to find their "professional and financial levers" to effectively prepare the retraining project they would like to set up, if necessary of course. So if you're one of those Taurus who are wondering about their careers, rejoice! Then, if you have the feeling that you are not using your full potential or that the clientele is not there despite your many efforts, tell yourself that nothing is lost. 

In Taurus, Mercury retrograde allows them to understand what needs to be done to reverse these difficulties or to ward off fate and to build a step-by-step action plan to achieve success and success.

2. Lion

Le Leo is the second luckiest sign during this Mercury retrograde.

In fact, it's about retreating just like Mercury retrograde, and that's why Leo will be protected, in a way. Tsé, when we say that there are some who are luckier than others! Learning to let go is also good. It's self-reflective and this phase is congruent with Mercury retrograde, which will send chances to those Leos concerned.

Then, Leos will act on the world and reap great benefits. Between now and the end of retrograde, the best astrological advice for Leos would be to retire peacefully to take stock and review what has worked so far. You have to keep your eyes fixed on the positive. 

Mercury retrograde will bring Leo innovation, high spirits, and the ability to relate to people or a large audience.

3. Cancer

Le Cancer is the third luckiest sign during this Mercury retrograde.

This means that the participation of Cancerians in the community, social networks, associations, humanitarian work and projects for the common good will be under the protection of Mercury retrograde. Your participation will be more active with your friends! Thus, group experiences, networks of friends, clubs, associations, brotherhoods will become great playgrounds for you. 

Take advantage of these moments to let loose. No one will judge you for your little cravings! You will also find extraordinary support to advance your projects and ideas.

The only small problem with this demotion is that you will have to be disciplined despite everything, and that this pressure may play on your nervous system. Additionally, Mercury retrograde will make you more hypersensitive and more prone to picking on bad emotions from others. The good news in there is that sexually, there will be room for a lot of audacity on your part... 

And now you might be wondering, which are the lines for which the retrograde is the most intense? These are our friends Virgo, Gemini and Aquarius. Ouch... We are wholeheartedly with you!

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