The ascendants of Aries

The ascendants of Aries

You are Aries and want to know the influence of your ascendant on your astrological sign? First you can calculate your ascendant. Then select your sign and your ascendant.

Aries rising Aries

Here, the planet Mars makes an encounter with itself: your ideas are clear-cut, your nature is carried away and impatient! You decide quickly and your choices are clear and unambiguous, but be careful not to become aggressive or dominating! You have an iron will, you are a go-getter, an incredible entrepreneur and a leader, but you will have to learn to "be a good chief” precisely. Mars thus placed in the ascendant will force you throughout your life to plan your projects well... In short, your ardor is energized!


Aries rising Taurus

The pace is slower, but this slowness gives you breathtaking power to work. You don't like being pushed behind your back, but you don't mind pushing behind other people's backs. Venus meets Mars, you have a taste for beauty and you surely have a highly developed artistic temperament. You like to be your own master and not depend on others. Reasonable, obstinate and pragmatic, you hate weather vanes and emotional outbursts. You reason your passion, your impulses, so as not to lose face!


Aries Gemini ascendant

Your mind is particularly thoughtful and quick to react or jump to conclusions. Except that you sometimes let yourself be carried away by too much intellectual enthusiasm. Your ideas are brilliant, you like challenges and overcoming obstacles, going beyond the boundaries of the known and venturing into several spheres of activity. The Gemini ascendant pushes you to scatter and put off until tomorrow what could be done today, while Aries always pushes you further ahead. You communicate well and a lot… your flow of words is sometimes intense.  


Aries rising Cancer

Mars meets the Moon and it's a pretty uncomfortable combination. Your sensitivity is on edge and you defend your family tooth and nail. Your ardor is militant and you have everything you need to lead an environmental, business, political or other group that defends widows and orphans. The moon makes you very careful. You want to control the situation and avoid taking unnecessary risks. You will be, so to speak, more ambivalent and moody, sensitive and determined, your emotions can push you to react very aggressively.


Aries rising Leo

You are a willful person (the Sun rising), ambitious and sentimental. Your goals are high, perhaps even a little too much on the romantic, professional, artistic, political and social side. Your susceptibility is intense and you don't like having your self-esteem attacked. The pride of Leo meets here the stubbornness of Aries… the challenge of your life will be to learn how to calm one and the other, to develop wisdom and maturity. Beware of "delusions of grandeur" and your overly passionate temperament and you will become larger than life! 


Aries rising Virgo

Surely you get impatient yourself when the demands and perfectionism of the Virgo ascendant force you to be thoughtful and to restrain your go-getter impulses. An energetic, determined, resourceful, efficient worker with an unparalleled sense of organization, you tend to put too much pressure on yourself. In addition, you do not trust easily and this mistrust can sometimes play nasty tricks on you. No detail escapes the Virgo ascendant, and the "impatients" of Aries must learn to calm down, observe and study things in depth before launching into action. Quite a challenge!


Aries rising Libra

The hesitations and the drastic judgment of the ascendant Libra meet here the outspokenness and the ardor of the Aries. Of course, all these characteristics make you a militant person who wants to participate in social struggles. You don't let go easily as they say! A skilled diplomat, you use your advanced knowledge of human relations to achieve your ends. It is not surprising to see a Libra rising Aries experience a passionate love that will last over time. In short, the role of the spouse is also that of a partner in everyday life.  


Aries rising Scorpio

You have the temperament of a soldier, an army chief, a private detective, in short, you like weapons or anything related to defence. Martial arts, the art of war, skydiving, even the teaching of these disciplines, concentration in the effort or the deployment of physical forces… here you are known in titi! You don't feel tired, that's your weakness, and you overwork yourself. Then you get aggressive and get carried away over small things. In short, you are not in the lace. Your good character then turns into a “bad” character.  


Aries ascendant Sagittarius

Mars meets Jupiter… desire to travel, endless and ardent spiritual quest, desire to know and know, artistic will, combative philosophy with too many intellectual and religious convictions and fervor. The heart remains young, the attitude is sometimes naive or arrogant. You want to assert yourself and leave your mark on the world. You are a pioneer in your sphere of activity or you are a hard-working self-employed person. Your level of culture is high and you don't always show it. A real bear trap! What you love above all is freedom...


Aries ascendant Capricorn

Saturn and Mars are rather individualistic planets. Saturn, in the ascendant, makes you seem calm and thoughtful, but the fiery Aries boils inside you, and these contradictory energies or forces fight over your mind. Saturn pushes you to control your ambitions, to show endurance and perseverance, to rise in the social ladder by your own efforts and talents and your Aries is impatient with the slowness of the process. You don't want to owe anyone anything, but you know how to seize opportunities when they arise. 


Aries rising Aquarius

Uranus, the planet of Aquarius, meets Mars here. Your spirit is independent, you like to emancipate yourself, to be at the forefront. Your social goals are humanitarian and unionism could be your hobbyhorse. You like to provoke and show yourself to be non-conformist and marginal. Your optimism can be very contagious. Advanced techniques could make your fortune. You like to create, investigate, discover and learn. In fact, you would make an excellent (woman or man) astronaut, airplane or fighter pilot, lecturer, animator and/or director of feature or short films.


Aries rising Pisces

Neptune in the ascendant makes you look indifferent and placid, when it is not. You are on your guard, you distrust others so as not to be judged or outright rejected. You have this very Neptunian visionary side. Your spiritual, artistic, business or professional nature is inspired, you demonstrate an extraordinary imagination, you have a highly developed sense of improvisation. In short, you are resourceful and never short of solutions. The flexible and adaptable side of Pisces makes it easier for you to be accepted by others. Your dedication is endless. This is your Achilles heel!


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