The ascendants of Capricorn

You are Capricorn and want to know the influence of your ascendant on your astrological sign? First you must calculate your ascendant. Then select your sign and your ascendant.

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Capricorn rising Aries

Saturn (Capricorn) meets fiery and impulsive Mars (Aries), and they are both rather individualistic planets. It is a strange planetary mix. Mars in the ascendant makes you look fiery, while Saturn in your zodiac sign forces you to be poised and thoughtful in life. But the fiery Aries boils inside you, and these conflicting energies or forces are fighting over your mind. Saturn pushes you to control your ambitions, to show endurance and perseverance, to rise in the social ladder by your own efforts and talents, and your Aries temperament becomes impatient with the slowness of the process. You don't want to owe anyone anything, but you know how to seize opportunities when they arise. Your ambition is great and you like to conquer power. Many Capricorn entrepreneurs have an Aries ascendant. You can be very reactive and spontaneous, and you don't mince your words. Capricorn forces Aries to be more solitary, to travel through life alone, until they meet the rare pearl.


Capricorn rising Taurus

The planet Saturn (Capricorn): the god of time and the wear and tear of time: makes the Venus of Taurus a little more sad. Taurus ascendant Capricorn undergoes the same character tendencies at the level of their personality. If the news is good, you gloat, if it's bad you fall from above. The planet Saturn is sometimes austere, old-fashioned or it cools the emotions and makes us more lonely, while Venus is quite the opposite. You are ambitious, determined and hard-working, and you forget yourself too often. Above all, you forget to live. You may also try too often to muzzle your emotions so as not to lose face in public. This emotional pride cuts you off from life. That said, you have incredible know-how and a mastery of work that goes beyond the average. Your sense of duty is breathtaking.


Capricorn rising Gemini

Saturn (Capricorn) meets Mercury (Gemini) here! These are the same characteristics as Gemini who have a Capricorn ascendant. You know how to show rigor, seriousness and exceptional listening. You surely flourish better in the slowness of things, of situations, but your Gemini part often has to calm down so as not to stomp with impatience. Capricorn handles austerity, obligations, responsibilities rather well, but, meanwhile, the Gemini part in you is hurting and bored. Saturn doesn't really like mental turmoil and Gemini loves it! You can imagine that these two inner extremes are not always so easy to manage. You don't like finding yourself in an unfamiliar situation, but thanks to your Gemini part, you manage to make your fears or hesitations “look good”. Your Capricorn part has a big-picture, long-term view, and your Gemini part is driven by an ability to juggle whatever comes their way. Success is never far away! In any case, you have a sense of self-mockery and easy laughter.


Capricorn rising Cancer

Capricorn (the planet Saturn) makes you a solitary being with a strong sense of responsibility. You like the "duration" of things, beings and situations, but unfortunately this world is ephemeral and everything is ephemeral. You lead this fight with life ferociously, but at what cost! You are thoughtful, involved and determined. The Cancer ascendant makes you the protector and the fragile child who seeks protection. Strange combination of discordant energies, isn't it? However, when you reassure others, life reassures you and carries you. It is your key to attracting the blessings and chances of life. Of course, these two natures, Cancer and Capricorn, are hardly talkative and the unspoken will take precedence over the dialogue, except that this requirement to be guessed by others does not lead you anywhere. Your biggest flaw is that you often infantilize the people you love with my beautiful, my little one or my little one. This can be seen as condescension. Thus warned, you just have to adjust yourself accordingly.


Capricorne ascendant Lion

From the top of your ivory tower, you ogle ordinary mortals, surely wondering why they refuse to take themselves in hand, to get out of their misery, to rise in life. Quite simply because he is not a Capricorn rising Leo! These same conclusions apply to Leo ascendant Capricorn. You share with Leo the same sense of duty, the same powerful ambition, the same determination, the same desire for social and personal, spiritual and moral elevation. You are an aristocrat at heart, a leader of men, a great politician or a great builder. In short, this “aristocratic” character trait is in you and it seems to have taken root. You are looking for perfection and, of course, it does not exist! This incessant quest misleads you because you will never be perfect, and neither will the others! Thus warned, you will save yourself from very bad trials of life. You are capable of such detachment that your relatives and friends are often taken aback. Leo's big heart and generosity will always save you the day.


Capricorn rising Virgo

Saturn meets Mercury here! Two powerfully down-to-earth signs. Your practical sense must be extremely developed. Your memory is sometimes encyclopedic and your taste for studies is the highest in the zodiac. If it's not studies that turn you on, it's knowledge with a capital C. You show discretion and great determination. This stature hides behind modest airs. Your loved ones, loved ones and/or friends must blame you for being cold. You internalize your emotions too much because you believe that the display of emotions is a sign of weakness. The Earth element is double and this doublet makes you an organized being with well-ordered opinions and your practical side is powerful. In short, your "reason" is a formidable weapon and the people who know you have surely already tasted your medicine! You must beware of falling into narrow-mindedness by confining yourself precisely in the ghetto of “I am right and you are wrong” or in “judgment”. You then deprive yourself of a certain freedom to be and to live in harmony with others. I salute your composure!


Capricorn rising Libra

Consider these same explanations if you are a Libra ascendant Capricorn! You want to understand how subtle energies work, life or death. In short, you are interested in the invisible because you want to understand, and not to make a religion out of it. This last distinction is important. However, others often bring you the discernment that you lack. You are often trapped in the duty at hand instead of opening yourself up to the possibility of working for pleasure and doing what you love. A certain heaviness of living then sets in. Imagine that "pleasure" is an important ingredient in raising the dough (your life). You absolutely must add it if you want to succeed in your recipe (your life). Your zodiac sign confronts the dreamy side of Pisces, and this "reality" often forces you to bring your mind down to earth. You have the ability to mold yourself to the most diverse personalities, it is the most formidable weapon of Pisces!


Capricorn rising Scorpio

Saturn (Capricorn) brings you rigor and rigidity in behavior, coldness in thought and actions. It pushes you towards a career in politics, eminence grise, secret mission, engineering, or in construction and real estate. You are a scholar, a learned autodidact and capable of research. You have a sense of reality that sometimes goes beyond understanding. You are demanding, uncompromising, ambitious, a lover of a job well done and a careerist. Your reserve is matched only by your sense of observation! You have x-rays instead of eyes! People sense it and they run away from you. You say things directly without making detours and the others see this as a lack of humanity, altruism and love of the human race, when it is quite the opposite. You sincerely believe that the truth is capable of transforming the person and making them better, except that not all truth is good to say so as not to offend certain susceptibilities.


Capricorn rising Sagittarius

Here, Capricorn extinguishes the boldness of Sagittarius a little. Surely you will never run out of money. Financial administration, organization and economics are probably your most developed fields of activity. You are ambitious and determined, but you become even more so when there is a cause to defend, than if the widow and the orphan are in danger, than if an investigation must be carried out to find the solution to their misfortune. You also possess a moral force that surpasses understanding. You are a missionary at heart, a being who easily turns to the misfortune of others or the mental, physical or moral illness that affects them on a deeper level. Culture, travel, politics, philosophy, spirituality, and, etc., are professional possibilities that would open your arms wide. The Capricorn ascendant brings you great intellectual rigor, a sense of organization and stunning leadership! Social gratification is important to you.


Capricorn rising Capricorn

This doublet of the planet Saturn makes you whole and determined. You must above all fear a tendency to show pride which can sink into excessiveness, if you are not careful. You don't lack ambition either. You are a leader, leader, alpha male or female in real life, or you play an important social role. Otherwise, you are called to take on such a role in your life to come. If you have a high spiritual level, you are probably a wonderful researcher or life coach known for his in-depth teachings. You control your emotions well, except that you sometimes do not really take those of others into consideration and the rag then begins to burn between you and your loved one, friends or loved ones. You have the brain of an architect, an engineer or a cathedral builder, and I'm hardly exaggerating! Your relentlessness is matched only by your ability to do, produce, achieve and put into action everything you want to accomplish.


Capricorn rising Aquarius

Saturn meets Uranus here...much like the "old times" (represented by the energies of the planet Saturn) meet the eternal youth (represented by the energies of the planet Uranus), and these two opposing forces dwell beneath the same roof… they are within you and they activate your personality. For example, Saturn puts the brakes on you and Uranus pushes you to act, Saturn gives you a maturity to die for and brings you deep and serious realizations, while Uranus takes things with a grain of salt, it does not s in fact not that much in life. This dynamic generates several contradictions in you, but it is at the same time what sculpts your beautiful personality with great beauty. You are also very sociable, but also very selective in choosing your friends, and even your relatives. In short, you do not open your door to just anyone, even if they are close people. Capricorn is an Earth sign and Aquarius an Air sign, you like to embody new ideas, new concepts or new plans of action, but they must remain in the realm of the achievable, the doable.


Capricorn rising Pisces

It's the same dynamic for Pisces ascending Capricorn. Your nature is almost monastic, you show an astonishing compassion, which remains effective. In that you're pouring out the misfortune of others, but offering them a key, a way out, and if they don't take it, you're able to detach yourself from the results, which a normal Pisces doesn't. wouldn't do! So pat yourself on the back for having Capricorn as your base sign. The sign of Pisces pushes you to reverie, to contemplation, to show resignation or towards meditation and the occult sciences, but at the same time you remain someone deep down inside you who is very pragmatic and rational. You can explain God to us without falling into fanaticism or blind belief. You push your “Pisces energy” to commit, and in doing so, you learn to master your own resistances (Pisces have a lot when it comes to jumping into action or committing). You seem to belong to another world when you decide to act.


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