Full moon: does it really have "magical powers" over our lives?

Ah the full moon! How many mysteries surround this intriguing star. Many beliefs, stories and legends have been forged on the Moon. Are they the fruit of the imagination of certain storytellers or, on the contrary, of scientific realities? Here is 10 myths about the moon flushed out..

1. The moon drives people crazy

This myth dates back to the Middle Ages when the mentally ill were beaten on full moon nights. It was said to drive people crazy.

2. The moon helps with fertility

This belief is based on the fact that the lunar cycle is one day closer to the average menstrual cycle. However, there is no connection to be made between the two.

3. The moon turns men into werewolves

You probably suspect it, I hope, but werewolves only exist in the imaginary world!

4. The moon grows hair

No, your mop of hair won't turn into Princess Rapunzel's hair! Maybe a miracle product does exist, but it's definitely not the full moon that will make your hair grow.

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5. The moon bleaches fabrics

In fact, it is rather the dew that bleaches the fabrics when they are stretched outside and not the full moon. So you will have this whitening effect any night! But still avoid rainy evenings...

6. The moon promotes childbirth

No, there are not more births during the full moon!

7. The moon increases crime

No connection between crime and the full moon, even if the authors and screenwriters like to make believe.

8. The moon promotes epileptic seizures

No, studies prove that the full moon has no influence on epileptic seizures.

9. The moon makes sleep more fragile

Just because it's brighter doesn't mean it'll keep you up all night. Little trick if it happens to you: close your curtains and it will be a night like any other! ;)

10. The moon makes plants grow

Plants are indeed sensitive to the phases of the moon, but it is not the moon that makes them grow. Rather, it is soil moisture and sunlight.

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