The Blood Blue Super Moon According To Your Sign: Here's What To Expect!

We know, the full moon often causes a stir in people's lives! As if one a month wasn't enough, this month of October contains some exceptionally two people! And the second will not be trivial! For the first time since 1866, people in North America, Oceania and Asia will witness both a "supermoon", a "blue moon" (as it is called to the 13th bonus Full Moon which occurs every 2,7 years) and to a eclipse full moon. This phenomenon is called a super blue blood moon ». 

What should we expect from this extremely rare second full moon on October 31, 2020? Here is how each of astrological signs will live this phase.

1. Aries

If you've got an art or DIY project that you've been leaving behind, this Super Blue Blood Moon is a great time to get back to it and stop procrastinating! You will have a beautiful energy that will allow you to obtain optimal results.

2. Taurus

The super blue blood moon will allow you to sharpen your social skills. It is therefore an excellent period for making new acquaintances and new friends. Who knows, maybe you will finally find the rare pearl!

3. Gemini

Your antennae will be very active and you will be able to read between the lines better than ever. Look around to learn about others, but don't forget to look inside! 

4. Cancer

This super blue blood moon will fill your heart with love and you will take the opportunity to receive loved ones into your home. Deglaze your interior with this great opportunity for human warmth!

5. Leo

Your creativity will be at its peak and you will be overflowing with vital energy. A great opportunity to work on your couple in order to give it a little summer air, even if we are approaching the end of October!

6. Virgin

It may not be the romantic answer you were expecting, but your near supernatural efficiency during this Super Blue Blood Moon will benefit you to the maximum in organizing your daily life.

7. Balance

Your talent as a communicator will be exponential, so take the opportunity to settle delicate impasses. Your diplomacy will be quintupled, you could well end up in international relations for the UN during this super blue blood moon, although everything will return to normal quickly.

8. Scorpion

You are like a magnet that attracts beautiful souls during this super blue blood moon period. Take the opportunity to solidify ties with friends who have recently moved away a little in the whirlwind of everyday life. So organize a little virtual happy hour in this time of a pandemic with the restrictions imposed by Covid-5! 

9. Sagittarius

You are going to shine during this period of super blue blood moon, so finally take the opportunity to go outside and do a new sporting activity. Who knows, you might take a liking to it and decide not to wait until the next full moon to experience it fully.

10 Capricorn

Productive, you will be! No time to fool around, things have to go well and the results have to be there. If people give you a hand, be indulgent, everyone will follow their own pace!

11 Verseau

The full moon, you love, and it returns it to you! So imagine the super blue blood moon. If you dream of a trip to a tropical country, why not organize a Full Moon Party at home with your family? The heart will be at the party!

12 Fish

You will be emotional and make sure your mind is in “positive” mode. Thus, all your loved ones will benefit from the best of your personality, and you will have a sparkle in your eyes and a cute smile towards the lucky ones who will share your company.


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