Tired of being single? Crystals might be able to help you...

Tired of being single? Crystals might be able to help you...

Precious stones or birth, or crystals : call them what you want! The fact remains that these pretty stones attract the eye, yes, but above all the positive vibes... Recognized for centuries to have benefits on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, precious stones would also be a precious asset for people looking forsoul mate!


Being single when every member of your entourage is in a relationship is sometimes heavy. Not everyone lives well with it. Whether it's simply out of curiosity or downright desperation, some people are ready to do anything to end their celibacy and fully embrace life together. In love, it is important not to judge: you must always keep an open mind! So why not try to get off the beaten track a little, by opting for less traditional methods of finding love with a capital “A”?


Crystals with magical effects

Apparently, gemstones can bestow "powers" on those who possess them, whether you believe it or not. For example, rose quartz represents unconditional love. This specific crystal tends to help the person who possesses it to develop self-confidence, which then opens the door to love. Indeed, we can never say it enough: we must first love ourselves if we want to be able to love someone else! Pink tourmaline, for its part, could undoubtedly be given the nickname of the crystal of seduction. Why? Because this stone would have the power to transform all that is negative into something positive... Thus, a single person who ardently wishes to withdraw from the market of celibacy and who "adorns" herself with pink tourmaline gives off a strong perfume of attraction, which lets those who meet her understand that she is open and ready to live a love story!


See life in pink… like Katy Perry

Crystals have a famous lover. The singer admits that one of the reasons she has never been single for long is because she always has rose quartz on her. She repeats to anyone who will listen that this is what attracts so many people to her… Hum, one wonders if Taylor Swift imitates her!


Moderation tastes better

In short, if celibacy really means nothing to you anymore and you want to try your luck with crystals, go for it! A word of warning from gemstone experts, though: too much is like not enough. If you decorate your bedside table with a beautiful pink tourmaline stone, that's enough for now. Gemstones are powerful and could stun you – in a bad way – if they start taking over your life too quickly…

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