What are the most lying zodiac signs?

Who are the astrological signs most Pinocchio of all? Let's say that each sign has room for improvement with its conception of truth and lie! But what are the most important signs liars?

In order to better understand each of the Zodiac signs that surround you, here is a brief overview of their profile! Pss: don't hesitate to check the rising sign as well...


Since the Aries is of the direct type, it very rarely happens to him to lie! He greatly prefers to face hard-to-swallow truths. If the others don't like it, that's their problem! The only exception: if a lie can help a cause greater than itself.


Le Taurus doesn't like to complicate life for nothing, and a lie could put a spoke in his wheels. In the worst case, this sign will slightly modify the truth to embellish it… That's not lying, right?


Le Gemini knows that the truth is complicated and that every medal has three sides! They are therefore not liars, simply great sages who know that the truth is more complex than it seems.

What are the most lying zodiac signs?



Le Cancer is a sign full of mystery that can sometimes confuse reality and its inner universe. He's a pro at lying to himself! Let's just say take it and leave it...

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Le Leo like to see reality larger than life! He tends to exaggerate the facts so that life is as grandiose as the image he makes of it in his head.


La Virgin is fundamentally honest. This sign does not like to take the easy way out, and in the name of virtue it will strive not to deceive others.


La Balance does not like to offend others or get into conflict at all. She therefore tends to play the hypocrite in order to keep the peace rather than risk ruffling the feathers of others! Beware if it all seems too good to be true...


Being transparent is a big challenge for this sign. the Scorpion tends to alter reality to his advantage! As much as he can show an excess of candor, if a truth is uncomfortable to say, he will omit to share it with you.

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No more a liar than anyone else, he sometimes gets lost in his ambitions for grandeur. The only way to ensnare the Sagittarius during a lie is to question him about the facts, because with his bad memory he risks forgetting the small details of his fictitious story... Oops!


Le Capricorn going to want you to believe in Santa Claus for as long as possible. Well-intentioned, he seeks to protect others from harsh reality, much like a good parent who is a bit overprotective!


With its rationalization, the Verseau has a sometimes quite flexible sense of truth and feels justified in doing so. He wants to do well, and precisely, he will find an excellent reason to change the facts from time to time.


Often confused by the task of sorting out the true from the false, the Fish is often a victim of his imagination. He does not understand that reality and his desires are not always the same thing. Sometimes manipulative, he knows how to adapt his truth depending on his interlocutor.ice.

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