What kind of sexual partner are you according to your zodiac sign?

La sexuality plays an important role in life and intimacy, and you never quite know in advance how the chemistry will unfold at the very beginning of a date. Unless, of course, you ask the stars what they think! 

Here is what kind of partner you are in bed according to your zodiac sign. Psst: you can also take a look at your rising sign for a more complete gender portrait.

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1. Aries

Making love in silence is clearly not your style! You have a lot of energy and you like to take the lead. Habits take over and you end up in positions you thought were physically impossible. Or you suggest your partner try BDSM! Since we know it well, friend Aries, that you tend to want to dominate the other... As long as these erotic games take place with everyone's consent, everything is fine! Erotic shops love having you as a customer, because they do good business...

2. Taurus

You know what you want even if you are sometimes shy to state it clearly. Your great sensuality makes you an ardent partner and you know how to melt the other. Your seductive side is very appealing and you take full advantage of all the moments spent under the blanket… or even on the kitchen table! 

3. Gemini

You know how to pull out all the stops to titillate your partner. Your greatest quality as a lover is your perfect mastery of your sexy look! If you are relatively comfortable in your body, you know how to take advantage of it and your self-confidence is irresistible! You are a seducer.ice at heart! And since you also have excellent communication skills, we agree that you shouldn't twist your arm to put on a show. When are the pole dancing lessons?

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4. Cancer

You are discreet by nature, you show great sensitivity, but you are ready to bring your partner to orgasm! On the other hand, you don't like lovemaking that is too intense, too brutal, but you know very well how to spice up bed, don't underestimate yourself... Your blue flower side appreciates when the other shows imagination. Deep down, you are a great romantic, even during the hottest moments!

5. Lion

Your little “star” side gives you a distinguished air that your partner adores. You like it when your better half sings the apple to you and makes you feel irresistible, even if, paradoxically, you also like it when he resists you a little... We'll tell each other: you're a real diva in bed, and no one seems to care. complain about it, because you make them all crack! You also love sex toys and sex games, as it brings out your intense and passionate side.

6. Virgin

Very conscientious, you prefer obscurity to light and don't trust just anyone, but once coaxed you can become very kinky, contrary to what others think... You are the type who likes to do naughty things in the dark rather than with big neon lights on. And if your partner and you are on the same wavelength, you will be able to increase the pleasure! You just have to know how to tame yourself and make yourself feel safe.

7 Balance

You love making yourself unavailable for people to drag at your feet (but just enough to show your interest anyway...). You like it when your partner works to increase your desire, but keeps your head held high and full of dignity. We can say that you are rather paradoxical! Seduction and elegance, you like that and you are the type to prepare for more than an hour before a date and/or a sexy evening. That said, you know how to be very generous towards those who win your heart and your respect! Deep down, you have a romantic soul even if you are not always very clear with your partner.

8. Scorpio

You often have energy to spare in bed and a libido in excellent shape! You say you give freely, but you expect a big return on your investment! You know how to crack the one you love, during your naughty moments, with your beautiful, somewhat bewitching assurance. You have a huge need to admire your partner, otherwise you risk falling asleep during your lovemaking. Moreover, you are completely seduced by a person's intelligence and humor, the very definition of sapiosexuality!

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9. Sagittarius

You are an open book, and you like having a partner with whom you can express all your fantasies, without taboos! If this is not the case and the other is rather closed-minded…you prefer to manage on your own! Your saying is: it is better to enjoy alone than in bad company, and you are right!

10. Capricorn

You are a faithful lover looking for true love! You like to receive a bouquet of compliments before devoting yourself to carnal pleasures, because you are very (very!) romantic despite your sometimes cold shell! Ideally, to reach orgasm, you must first reach your heart. Once that's done, your partner has nothing to complain about, because you're a real bomb when the flame is burning and you know how to adequately explore your lover's erogenous zones.

11. Aquarius

You show originality in the bedroom. What excites you the most is freedom! Partners who are too stuck up or conservative may bore you. You like to play role-playing games and you love to dress up to put a little (a lot) of spice under the covers. As an Air sign, however, you need to feel connected to your partner for your sexual desire to be there.

12. Pisces

You like clichés and you love it when your partner makes you shiver with his follies! Passion is all that matters, at the risk of moving on to the next one if things should get routine or boring. You are a fan of romance novels and demand the same intensity in your sexual and romantic life! Your sensuality makes you a rare and appreciated creature. 

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