Which animal should you adopt according to your zodiac sign?

Which animal should you adopt according to your zodiac sign?

Ahh… the animals. When we love them, it's usually crazy love! Are you thinking of adopting a pet, but you don't know which creature to choose? Of course, several factors must be considered before making an informed decision... But the stars can give you a good clue to make your final decision.

So which species is the best choice for you according to your astrological sign? Read this to find out. It's not necessarily the pet you were thinking of...

1. Aries

Aries is a being who likes to have fun, and he is made to get along wonderfully with… the dwarf goat! This endearing animal will charm you with its fun sounds and its ability to frolic happily wherever it goes. Well, it's not like having a guard dog that keeps thieves away, but your new friend will fascinate everyone who comes to visit you at home.

2. Taurus

The perfect animal for you is the hedgehog! With its spines less sharp than those of the porcupine, this little ball of love will become your best friend. Be careful, however, not to set foot on it because it must be handled with care, which should not be a problem since Taurus is loyal and protective by nature.

3. Gemini

The Gemini will get along wonderfully well with... the parrot! Since Geminis are communication experts, finally, you will be able to have great discussions with someone other than yourself, who will say exactly what you just said. So no chance of disputes! Thus, you will have the happiness of enjoying his company without having to compromise too much. 

4. Cancer

Despite its reputation, the skunk is a perfect little beast for a beautiful friendship with Cancer. If the glands secreting the famous foul-smelling liquid are removed, you won't risk getting sprayed by your new companion! Cancerians are very sensitive and your new friend will appreciate this quality in you. 

5. Lion

The rabbit is an animal that is found all too often in shelters, abandoned after the Easter period. Yet he is the perfect pet for Leo! You didn't think we were going to tell you to adopt a cat! Leos are loyal people, and your protective spirit will be perfect for watching over this rodent who will be happy to jump around the house just as he will be happy to rest from time to time in his cage.

6. Virgin

The Highland lynx and the Virgin form a hellish duo. This big kitty is independent enough to give you time to perfect your life as you see fit while he's having fun playing, but he'll be happy to socialize with you when you come home because he's very affectionate and social. In addition, it is a clean animal that, like you, has high quality standards! Virgos are always ready to help others, which includes furry four-legged beings. 

7 Balance

The miniature pig is an animal that will touch your heart, dear Libra! If you are also allergic to cats and dogs, you will be delighted by this adorable, very clean, intelligent and curious pig! A long friendship awaits you with your new friend despite your fiery temper.

8. Scorpio

Tarantula and Scorpio make a great pair! You are a lover of thrills and this spider could well become your best friend! Calm and quiet, she will be happy as long as you feed her live insects. So, the heart tells you? Your legendary Scorpion composure will serve you well!

9. Sagittarius

The Sagittarius will get along very well with the domestic ferret. This subspecies of long-bodied polecat is very sociable and intelligent. Sagittarians appreciate humor, and you won't miss an opportunity to be entertained in the company of your ferret. However, you have to take the time to take care of it. It's not a big hamster, rather you have to invest as much time as if you had a dog or a kitty because it loves to play with humans! 

10. Capricorn

You dream of reconnecting with your exotic side and the iguana could be the animal that helps you in this quest. Just like Capricorn, this animal is a quiet force! If you have the space and the means to recreate an ideal climate for its needs, nothing can stop you and your friend the iguana. He will know how to listen to you when you come back from work without ever bothering you with his own reptile stories. But his miniature dinosaur eyes will charm you... even through the windows of his terrarium.  

11. Aquarius

The fennec, this little fox from the Sahara, is perfect for becoming Aquarius' best friend! You have in common your ability to live cheerfully. It's a bit like having a playful, attention-demanding dog, but with the independence of a cat when it wants to nap. Your pet will also help you practice your great communication skills...because he likes to yelp and growl a lot to express himself. 

12. Pisces

The fighting fish and the Pisces native make a perfect match, clearly… Even if you tend not to like aggressiveness, you will be touched by this lonely little animal! You both tend to be in your bubble, and his imagination plays tricks on him as much as yours, especially when he sees his reflection in the mirror and imagines imaginary enemies... Together, you can conquer the world… one jar at a time.

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