Which celebrity do you look like based on your sign?

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Have you ever wondered what kind of star you would do if you had known the glory of the limelight? The stars and sometimes we have more in common than you might think! Indeed, we are all influenced by our astrological sign, whether you are a simple citizen or a star ofHollywood.

Find out which celebrity you most resemble, according to your astrological sign!

1. Aries

Emma Watson

You have an alpha side that makes you a positive leader for all the other women around you. You are fearless and you have energy to spare. Many people approach you to take you as a spokesperson to support their causes, and you know how to spot the noblest projects that will move society forward. In private, you know how to be very romantic and you would be perfect for a role that would star you in a fairy tale.

2. Taurus          

Tina Fey

All the starlets want to be your friend and be seen with you on the red carpet, because you're good company. You know how to show creativity as well as compassion towards others, and you have the courage of your ideas. Besides, you are not very complicated! You're kind of like the girl next door who doesn't hide in the glamorous side of things, and you're full of authenticity and loyalty to those around you.

3. Gemini

Marilyn Monroe       

stockelements / Shutterstock            

Your many facets are constantly in motion! You never know if you'll come across the sex symbol, the naive ingenue or the irritable woman when you approach. People adore you because you are friendly and entertaining. We never get tired of seeing you because you know how to be so endearing despite your little complicated side.

4. Cancer

Meryl Streep

You have inner strength and a hand on your heart. All the emotions that inhabit you make you a great actress. You tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses, and you sometimes have little mood swings. You are considerate of the fate of others, but sometimes you become cold to protect yourself. 

5. Lion

Jennifer Lopez

The limelight is for you! As soon as you set foot in a room, heads turn towards you and you fascinate everyone with your natural panache! Your looks are flawless and you're a real diva with the occasional tantrum so people won't forget you.

6. Virgin

Cameron Diaz

Featureflash Photo Agency

With your critical spirit, there is no chance of being called an empty shell. You have your hands on your heart, with an imaginative and fired-up spirit, which makes interviewing you really interesting! On the other hand, you are very sensitive when criticism targets you personally.

7 Balance

Kim Kardashian

Confident, you pose for the paparazzi without too much embarrassment. You know how to be creative in attracting attention while keeping a certain distance and you are always in control, which only furthers your mystery. Your smile melts hearts and you mark the imagination!

8. Scorpio

Katy Perry

Your magnetism draws crowds to you and captivates the minds of fans and other stars around you. You captivate people with your great aura of mystery and your strength of character. Jealous, you don't like it when a newcomer takes your place on the red carpet!

9. Sagittarius            

Britney Spears

Outspokenness and authenticity mark all your public interventions. You may have an entourage that controls your image per square foot, but you simply can't help but get people talking with your sometimes spectacular improvisations! You are extravagant and you have a passion for costumes and clothes.

10. Capricorn

Michelle Obama

Debby Wong

Full of charm and seemingly flawless, Capricorn is the queen of etiquette and good manners. She captivates those who cross her path with her grace and her philanthropic side. She is a pillar in her family and those around her, but she likes to be reassured of her worth from time to time. She has the makings of a first lady!

11. Aquarius

Jennifer Aniston

Intriguing, interesting and dedicated, the Aquarius woman has a sense of humor that makes her unique and endearing. Sometimes a little confused, she remains relatively down to earth for a Hollywood star! And as we know, Aquarius is independent and does not need a partner to hold her hand. She is largely responsible for his happiness.

12. Pisces

Sharon Stone

The Pisces woman is ultra-feminine and very emotional! She's the dreamer of the zodiac, and a healthy dose of mystery and fantasy follow her wherever she goes. You are therefore a legend that makes men and women dream!

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