13 things to know about Cancer

    From June 22 to July 23, we celebrate the natives of astrological sign du Cancer! What best defines our Cancer friends, these sensitive, faithful, empathetic, but sometimes sulky beings? Discover their preferences, their character traits, their perfect love matches and more: here 13 things to know about the Cancer person.

    13 things to know about Cancer

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    1. Her favorite colors are: pale hues and shimmering whites.

    2. Its metals are: silver.

    3. Its element is: Water.

    4. Its flower is: the blue lotus.

    5. Its ruling planet is: the Moon.

    6. Her birthstones are: pearl, selenite, moonstone and white opal.

    • The pearl will allow Cancer to meet a love of great purity.
    • The three precious and semi-precious stones that are the pearl, the moonstone and the white opal also watch over romance and successful marriages.
    • When wearing a pearl, a white opal, or a moonstone, the person born under the sign of Cancer connects with a beautiful energy of purity, love, clear thinking, powerful inspirations and ideas. awesome.
    • A selenite lamp, for example, will promote calm and relaxation and will envelop your bedroom in a very special glow.

    7. The family and the home are very important for the Cancer. The family - especially the children - the house where the home of origin, the roots, the country of origin or the mother will remain at the heart of the concerns of a person born under the sign of Cancer all his life. The material reality of life is very important to people born under the sign of Cancer. Besides, he still keeps nostalgia for the family, memories of his childhood, of his past. He has a lot of love to give and knows how to make things comfortable and enjoyable. Cancer knows how to console the people he or she loves and connect to his heart and child's soul. It is also a sign that is sensitive to beauty and can learn to fully enjoy life in its most playful and rewarding facet. This sign needs time alone to

    Cancer can also be moody, sulky or not very present. to what is happening around him or her. In this sense, he often gives the impression of having his mind elsewhere when he lives full of emotion. He sometimes chooses the wrong life partner and suffers from a lack of love or does not feel wanted. Many astrologers say he is the most unloved of the zodiac signs, but beware of his tendency to constantly complain and ask for more without questioning himself. The situation recovers when he or she learns to manage his or her emotions and romantic or affective demands. It's not uncommon to hear a Cancer complain about having been rejected by a parent or loved one and continue to brew the past instead of moving forward. Some Cancer women become so attached to their family that they forget their life as a woman, which is never fully satisfied. 

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    8. His friends are...

    • Another Cancer since they will have a powerful bond.
    • The Leo who will help him climb the social and professional ladder.
    • Scorpio will allow him to share his spiritual experiences rich in intense emotions.

    9. Her perfect love match is...

    • The Taurus with whom he will form a solid couple. They could even live in a vacuum.
    • The Virgin with whom he will form a harmonious couple.
    • The balance. Their relationship will go smoothly and peacefully.

    10. Signs Cancer may have trouble getting along with are...

    • The Aries who is too directive and abrupt makes him lose his means and gets on his nerves!
    • Gemini who cannot offer him any certainty will increase his anxiety.
    • Sagittarius is a little too adventurous for Cancer.
    • Pisces will dangle him a dream life, but the dream could turn into a nightmare when they drown in an ocean of sensitivity and illusions!

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    11 What This Zodiac Sign Symbolically Represents : According to the ancients, the sign of Cancer symbolically represents the finality of something, the birth of life and rebirth. The ancient Egyptians associated the following actions with the sign of Cancer: to cause to arise, to transform, to exist, to provoke, to create, to procreate, etc. In Roman mythology, Juno, in Latin Juno, is the queen of the gods and the protector of marriage. The Romans believed that the sign of Cancer should teach that everything and every human being has a beginning and an end. It is a difficult life lesson to learn to accept the ephemerality of a person, a job or a family life that you love!

    12. The greatest fragility of Cancer: The person born under the sign of Cancer, who has a Cancer ascendant or who has his house 12 in the sign of Cancer, must be wary of a tendency to let himself be pulled down, to always see the glass half empty. She therefore gives herself up to discouragement more easily. This person must therefore learn to strengthen themselves internally through good therapy, physical and social activities, meditation or creative visualization.

    13 The greatest flaw and the most beautiful quality of Cancer : Cancer is as empathetic, funny, generous and tolerant as they can become touchy and immature! 

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