13 things to know about Gemini

From May 21 to June 21, we celebrate the natives of astrological sign du Gemini! What best defines our Gemini friends, these curious, funny, seductive and sometimes excessive beings? Discover their preferences, their character traits, their perfect love matches and more: here 13 things to know about the Gemini person.

13 things to know about Gemini

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1. His favorite colors are: chestnut-brown or red-brown and yellow.

2. Its metal is: mercury. In antiquity, alchemists called it "quicksilver".

3. Its element is: Air.

4. Its flower is: the lily of the valley and the tulip.

5. Its ruling planet is: Mercury.

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6. Gemini's lucky stones are: tiger's eye, amber, mahogany obsidian and agate.

  • The tiger's eye will sharpen the thoughts of Gemini to help him better materialize them. He will also enlighten him if he experiences financial difficulties.
  • When a Gemini wears a mahogany obsidian, he takes root more easily, since he happens to have a thousand things to do at the same time.
  • Amber blurs his existential anxieties, warms his body and his heart, and promotes his self-healing process. 
  • When a Gemini wears an agate he attracts to him a beautiful longevity, prosperity and the joy of living. An ancient legend gives agate great occult protection.

The main characteristics of Gemini

7. Appearances are very important to Gemini because they fear rejection. A true chameleon, Gemini knows how to adapt and shows impressive flexibility. The Romans believed that the two figures formed by the sign of Gemini were the god Apollo and his twin sister the goddess Diana. The astrologers of India compared them to the lovers of the zodiac. In short, there remains a mystery around this double figure, endowed with a truth and its opposite.

Having a lively, curious, creative mind, a head full of ideas, Gemini is always on the lookout, ready to intervene to help, support, advise, go on an adventure to experience life and communicate with others. One thing is certain, he has repartee and can sometimes be mocking. He likes to make people laugh and laugh heartily. Gemini are beings fundamentally intellectual, but beneath these rational exteriors hides a great sensitivity. The universe of seduction has no secrets for them and they love ardent love, intense passion. He is attractive, a lover of words and a good communicator, flexible, adaptable, brilliant and very knowledgeable in his field of expertise. However, since he knows how to handle the verb, Gemini can also be manipulative and vain if he wishes to use his qualities for the wrong reasons. 

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8. His friends are...

  • Another Gemini and he could build a beautiful friendship that will last over time. 
  • The cancer needs certainties too much for him, but their reciprocal spontaneity will ensure them a beautiful friendship. 
  • The Lion won't always appreciate his taunts, but their clear-headedness could be a game-changer. 
  • Aquarius is an equally creative being with whom he will develop a deep friendship. 
  • Le Fish will lead him out of his comfort zone. This friendship will challenge and elevate his beliefs on a spiritual level.

9. Her perfect love matches are...

  • The Virgin is his soul mate. It is the meeting of the other at the level of the heart.
  • The Scorpion will make him experience moments of great intensity. However, a bit of humor would help to de-dramatize the situations.
  • With Sagittarius it would be the apotheosis! They are very complementary... but beware of this Fire and Air tandem which is not always harmonious!
  • Capricorn will be sensitive to his sensual mastery.

10. Signs Gemini may have trouble getting along with are...

  • Aries it will take a lot of energy while trying to submit it, to dominate it. Gemini needs freedom too much!
  • Libra who sometimes takes too long to decide or who plays the devil's advocate will end up getting on his nerves.
  • The bull makes too many demands and it will end up tiring and wearing them both down.

11. What this zodiac sign symbolically represents: The great lesson of Gemini is that "the relationship with the other is never so easy". More symbolically, the union of opposites woman-woman, man-man or woman-man, child-parent, God and men, life-death, heaven and hell are two sides of the same coin. of currency. There would be no light if darkness did not exist! Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, is a young God and it is for this reason that Gemini keeps eternal youth of heart, body and spirit. The Persians saw in this sign of the zodiac the androgyneity of love which carries within it both feminine and masculine characteristics.

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What does the planet Mercury represent in a more personalized star chart? The constellation where the planet Mercury is located will indicate the relational, educational, communication difficulties and oppositions that the person will encounter during his life. Also, Mercury will point out in which sector of life the person who consults keeps his child's heart, and a kind of eternal youth which makes his physical body or his spirit radiate a little as if the years had no hold on she. In addition, Mercury will indicate how the studies or knowledge acquired have forged his personality.

12. Gemini's greatest weakness: Self-affirmation! They can also be changing, fluctuating, uncertain, inconstant, unstable and irregular. He likes to renew himself constantly. Just like the symbol of their zodiac sign, two twin children holding hands, Gemini have a dual nature ; one is funny, playful, the other is more rational, serious and not lacking in critical thinking. This is why great anxieties, deep boredom or a fear of rejection almost constantly undermine his morale.

13. His best quality and his biggest flaw: Gemini is a brilliant communicator... but he can become indecisive and/or manipulative.

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