13 things to know about Pisces

From February 19 to March 20, it is the turn of the astrological sign of Fish to be celebrated! What best defines our Pisces friends? Discover their preferences, their character traits, their perfect love matches and more: here 13 things to know about Pisces.

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1. His favorite colors are: different shades of blue, especially indigo. Turquoise as well as certain shades of purple. White and black are lucky colors.

2. Its metals are: palladium, platinum, iridium, rhodium, osmium and ruthenium.

3. Its element is: the water.

4. Its flowers are : the Nympheaceae. Nymphaea and Nuphar: aquatic plants, with underground stems, round, floating leaves, like the yellow water lily.

5. Its ruling planets are: Jupiter and Neptune.

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6. Her birthstones are: sapphire, blue agate and turquoise.

  • Sapphire protects him against the bad vibrations of the planet Mercury which is in fall when it finds itself in its sign of the zodiac. Moreover, it seems that this stone helps to predict the future.
  • blue agate offers powerful protection to Pisces by acting as a shield to prevent others from draining his energy. This same stone helps him awaken his talents.
  • Turquoise is known to attract money, success and love. It also acts favorably on the friendships of this sign.

Who are the Pisces and who are their allies?

7. Pisces has a strong desire to escape and a desire to live life personal and professional freely and according to its own laws animate this unique being. This attitude sometimes earns him the incomprehension of others. In fact, it travels against the tide, going against a normal life of work and obligations. It will only be fully realized when it assumes its great freedom of action and that he will put it at the service of others. They are sometimes found with their heads in the air, because they are a sign that dreams and gets to the bottom of things, but this sign has organizational qualities and excels as a collaborator and in positions of trust... so don't underestimate it! His ability to understand and assimilate makes him a perceptive, cunning and very intellectually lit autodidact. Intuitive and clairvoyant, he is often attracted by the occult sciences.

8. His friends are...

  • Aries will make him live intense moments, but which will perhaps not last. Friendship will be fragile if the characters are too opposed... 
  • Gemini will take him out of his comfort zone and the friendship they will weave will be deep.
  • Capricorn will allow him to build a lasting friendship based on respect and sincere affection.
  • With another Pisces he will find it difficult to materialize his plans and make things happen, but they will laugh a lot together.    
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9. Her perfect love matches are...

  • The bull, who knows how to be protective and sensual, will satisfy him.
  • The cancer will be his best life partner, but they must not blind each other.
  • The Lion could prove to be dominating, otherwise, they will spend happy days together.
  • With the Scorpio it's the perfect match: they will form an ardent and very loving couple.
  • Le Sagittarius with whom he will share moments of pure delight and a beautiful bond. In the worst case, they will maintain a beautiful friendship.

10. His enemies are...

  • Libra is as sensitive as he is. Will they be able to make their relationship work?
  • The Virgin whom he likes since they have good hooked atoms, but his sometimes elusive character will put her off.
  • Aquarius will give him the opportunity to experience magical moments marked by surprise, but the mechanical coldness of Aquarius could frustrate him terribly.

11. What this zodiac sign symbolically represents: Neptune is the god of the waters — the famous Poseidon. The trident of Neptune is the symbol that symbolically represents the triple essence of nature which consists of birth (being), life (the way to go) and death, which makes us disappear. The rope that unites the two Fish (represented by a star) is called "Riksu" by the Babylonians and "Al Risha" by the Arabs.   

13 things to know about Pisces


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12. Its finest qualities : Pisces is empathetic, endearing, artistic at heart and sincere. He loves people, nature in a visceral way.

13. Its greatest weaknesses : He embellishes reality and this trap always ends up closing in on him. His natural nonchalance and his great desire for freedom can prevent him from succeeding in his life to the extent of his talents. In general, Pisces will often be disappointed in love until they put an end to their tendency to idealize the person they love. In doing so, he neglects the reality that is sure to catch up with him.

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