13 things to know about Leo

From July 24 to August 23, we celebrate the natives of astrological sign du Leo! What best defines our fiery, charismatic, loyal and proud Leo friends? Discover their preferences, their qualities, their faults, their perfect love matches and more: here 13 things to know about the Leo person.

These few characteristic traits also apply to those who have a Leo ascendant and/or several placements in this sign!

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He is a passionate, elegant, intense and generally extroverted being. Moreover, it is theatrical, flamboyant, creative and very welcoming. If he doesn't fall into condescension, people will simply adore him. the Leo also has an unfailing inner strength. He has panache and he likes to show off his look like the abundant mane of the animal that represents him! This zodiac sign assumes its responsibilities with confidence, dignity and know-how, even if it has a big heart of a child and loves to play. His element Feu is located at the level of the heart, that is why it shows itself so generous and valiant. It's the "Richard heart of Leo of the zodiac, the Sun King, the one who administers, who organizes, who gives.

1. His favorite colors are: different shades of ochre, yellow and gold. Its color remains yellow, because this sign of the zodiac is governed by the star called the Sun, but it also appreciates the purity of white and the different intensities of orange.

2. Its metals are: gold and silver.

3. Its element is: Fire.

4. Its flowers are: the sunflower and the small-flowered marigold.

5. Its ruling planet is: a star which is the Sun.

6. Her birthstones are: diamond, citrine, coral and ruby.

  • The diamond symbolizes eternal love, duration and endurance. When wearing a diamond, Leo connects with this energy of love.
  • The citrine protects him against his own impatience, his dark thoughts that pull him down and his mental agitation.
  • The coral, tinged with ocher and orange above all, will help ward off bad luck and thieves of all kinds.

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7. His friends are...

  • Aries will be his best friend. They will be able to walk hand in hand and they will understand each other half-heartedly. 
  • With Scorpio, it's a safe bet that they won't always get along like thieves at a fair, but if their two intelligences came together to do business... The competition would be something to be afraid of!
  • Capricorn and Aquarius will be very good friends for Leo; but a romantic relationship would suffer from their diametrically opposed views.

8. Her perfect love matches are...

  • With Gemini unless they both fall into "dominated/dominant" relationship disorder, they will have an extremely happy relationship.
  • Cancer or the Cancer ascendant is definitely your soul mate.
  • Another Leo will offer him a common goal. Love might be on the way, but watch out for power struggles!
  • Libra will please him very much and they could live a beautiful love story together.
  • Sagittarius will give him the impression of having already met him in another life…
  • With Pisces he will experience moments of pure delight. Except that Leo's tendency to sometimes be authoritarian will eventually wear down the relationship.

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9. Signs Leo may have trouble getting along with are...

  • Taurus will be a little too stubborn for him, and they will both come up against the wall of misunderstandings.
  • The Virgin does not pursue the same goals as him and they will end up suffering from it both. There will be too many concessions to be made on both sides! 

10. For seduce a lion... show him how much you like him! The Lion likes to shine and sincerely seeks to please and entertain others. Show him that you notice his uniqueness. Moreover, if the Leo is generous with others, he also likes to feel spoiled by those close to him. Impress him, put him in full view, since the Leo has a little exuberant side 

11 The Leo hates... being criticized! It's hard for this Fire sign to feel hurt, his ego is immediately attacked and he can become VERY defensive or even aggressive! It is the learning of a lifetime for him to detach himself from criticism in a healthy way and to react with more diplomacy and tact.

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12 Its greatest weakness : Pride would be his Achilles heel in life. Disrespect him and you'll hear him roar until the walls shake! Whether male or female, the Leo could experience deep love difficulties during his life if he lets himself be absorbed by his susceptibility. Don't forget that he is a very sensory being and that, to ignite his desire and interest, you must titillate his five senses: hearing, smell, sight, touch and taste. The Leo can also, if he is not careful, take himself too seriously and become bossy.


13 His greatest qualities : his ability to express his identity, to amaze people and to shine in society. Leos are also capable of great generosity, they are very loyal towards the people he loves and is fulfilled when people understand his desire to live an active and adventure-filled life.

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