13 things to know about Virgo

    From August 24 to September 23, it is the turn of the astrological sign of the Virgin to radiate. What best defines the natives of the Virgin? Discover his preferences, character traits and more: here 13 things to know about Virgos.

    These few characteristic traits also apply to those who have a Virgo ascendant and/or several placements in this sign!

    13 things to know about Virgo

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    1. His favorite colors are: earth colors like terracotta (or terracotta), ocher, green, yellow, different oranges or red-brown, navy blue and turquoise. 

    2. Its metals are: alkaline earth metal and nickel.

    3. Its element is: Earth.

    4. Its flowers are: the orchid and the rose.

    5. Its ruling planet is: Mercury.

    6. Her birthstones are: amber, peridot, green or golden brown agate, carnelian, yellow sapphire and turquoise.

    • Le peridot will help him to discharge anger and rage or accumulated resentment, in addition to bringing him a feeling of liberation. This stone calms the tendencies to the desire for emotional and material possession. It is a stone of cheerfulness. It is also known as the “love at first sight” stone.
    • THEambre soothes existential anxieties, warms the body and the heart, promotes the process of self-healing.
    • When the Virgin wears a agate, she makes sure to keep her ideas clear.
    • La cornelian brings him luck and success.
    • Le yellow sapphire brings her the spontaneity and joie de vivre that she so badly needs.
    • La turquoise harmonizes his emotions.

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    7. Virgo loves a job well done! The sign of the Virgin is ruled by the planet Mercury and this star symbolically represents reason, expression and mental and verbal vivacity. Sometimes withdrawn and taciturn at times, the Virgo is also laughing, funny and playful at others. The person born under the sign of the Virgin passes easily from one state of mind to another, but has great intelligence: it's simple, she knows how to get to the point. This sign is so meticulous that no detail escapes him. Virgo can display great eccentricity at times, even though her style of dress is quite classic. Take for example Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson or Amy Winehouse, and the very lively singer Pink, who wears original, chic and daring clothes. The Virgin is not appreciated at its fair value since it often stirs up jealousies. One thing is certain, she deserves to be known and rubbing shoulders with a Virgo person brings a lot in your life!

    8. His friends are...

    • The Taurus with whom the pleasure will be in the game, these two Earth signs understand each other perfectly.
    • Gemini (if they are not in love) will be his greatest ally. They will share, because of the planet Mercury, real intellectual affinities and the same youth of spirit.
    • With Pisces a great tenderness will unite them and these two have the potential to be real BFFs!

    9. Her perfect love matches are...

    • The Taurus will install it in a rather correct routine, but nothing more.
    • Gemini seems tailor-made for Virgo: same libido, same intensity, and same intelligence.
    • Cancer will be a kind and receptive companion for Virgo.
    • Leo: Their eyes will automatically meet with a strong force of attraction. 
    • Scorpio forces fate and its demands could eventually put her off. However, this pair shares a great sensuality.

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    10. Signs Virgo may have trouble getting along with are...

    • Aries: he will love his energy, but not to the point of rubbing shoulders with it on a daily basis. They won't necessarily be enemies, but the relationship will be strained.
    • A person also born under the sign of Virgo will be the worst or the best… nothing is certain!
    • Sagittarius will irritate him with his exuberance and his lack of embarrassment.
    • Aquarius will subjugate him, but in the long run his sometimes selfish, not to say egocentric, points of view will end up getting on his nerves royally. 

    11 To seduce a person born under the sign of Virgo... Stimulate their intellect and show discipline (cleanliness, tidiness, etc.) because Virgo likes order and things well done. Virgos like people who take responsibility, but have a touch of madness that breaks the routine from time to time. Finally, Virgo appreciates honesty and feeling respected in their sometimes paradoxical personality. Be careful, this sign is likely to have a lot of worries so don't hesitate to reassure her.

    12. The Virgo's greatest qualities : Perseverance, sense of organization, quick wit, excellent learning ability and attention to detail. They are people of integrity, curious and who help others enormously.

    13. His Greatest Fragility : His determined, perfectionist, demanding and picky nature demands that everything be done well. Virgo must learn to let go of their desire for perfection, since it can damage their mental health, they must learn that they are doing enough and rest. If this visceral need gives him the impression of controlling his environment, his work or his life, he above all hides his chronic fear of being judged, rejected or singled out. 

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