13 things to know about Aries

From March 21 to April 20, it is the turn of the astrological sign of Aries to be celebrated! What best defines our Aries friends? Discover their preferences, their character traits, their perfect love matches and more: here 13 things to know about the Aries person.

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1. Her favorite colors are: contrasts and shimmering oranges. His favorite color is red, but he or she also appreciates the sobriety of white.

2. Its metals are: iron and steel.

3. Its element is: the Feu.

4. Its flowers are: hawthorn, star jasmine.

5. Its ruling planet is: Mars.

6. Her birthstones are: diamond and ruby.

  • The diamond symbolizes eternal love, duration or Aries stamina, when he wears a diamond, he connects with this energy of continuity, endurance, longevity.
  • The ruby ​​protects him or her against misfortune and ill health. The ruby ​​will help the natives of Aries to open their hearts and find love.
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Who are Aries and who are their friends and love matches?

7. Work and sports are very important to the Aries person. In fact, it's a sign that embodies courage and loves the adrenaline of performance! Aries is bursting with energy, life force, and vital momentum. He is known to be impulsive and go-getter. He has the temperament of a leader, a conqueror, a pioneer, for better or for worse!

The Aries person does not lack bravery, dexterity, skill and skill, but sometimes lacks tact in their interpersonal relationships. If he channels his energy badly, Aries can become a real little tyrant! It is a sign that targets prestigious positions and that directly or indirectly affects power. Otherwise, he earns his living as a self-employed or contract worker, professional sportsman, company boss or trainer. He can also distinguish himself as a business man or woman, poet, artist or writer.

8. His friends are...

  • Les Gémeaux with whom he will maintain a good companionship. They will release the same liveliness, the same sense of improvisation.
  • The Virgin will devote himself to his cause and both will complement each other to carry out the projects.
  • Capricorn with whom he will have rich and inspiring exchanges. But their opposite characters will undoubtedly end up dividing them...
  • Le Verseau will not be fierce enough for his taste, but they will both become extremely accomplices.
  • The fish will be his best advisers, allies and friends. However, the evanescence of Pisces will confront him at times.
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9. His perfect matches in love

  • The Lion who is as ardent and sentimental as he is. They will merge in passion. The only possible problem would be their reciprocal pride, which could unfortunately end up extinguishing the flame of love.
  • Libra with whom he maintains a great complementarity: they naturally attract each other. At worst, they will maintain a long and harmonious friendship. Opposites attract!
  • The Scorpion or a person with a Scorpio ascendant will give them the impression that they have already met in a past life.
  • Sagittarius will bring him the exaltation, militancy and grayness he so badly needs to feel alive. His two exalted natures will greatly benefit each other.

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10. His enemies are...

  • Another Aries : they will have to be wary of their outbursts.
  • The bull will help him calm his legendary ardor, but his slowness will quickly wear down Aries' patience.
  • The cancer will suffer too deeply from his abruptness and his directive and willful tone. Strange fact… or if the omens are good, Cancer will lead him to surpass himself as a human being.

11 What this zodiac sign represents symbolically: According to the ancients, the sign of Aries is represented under the symbolic features of Krios. He was the third son of Gaia (who is the symbolic personification of planet Earth) and Ouranos (who is the symbolic personification of heaven). Aries therefore generally have one hoof in Heaven and one on Earth, the head in dream and in reality, one hand in family and love life and the other in professional life, one foot on the fine line. of late winter, while the other is already laid on the spring border. In short, he is always torn between the old and the new, the past and the future, the end of something and the beginning of a new beginning. To undo this ambiguity, Aries must leave their past behind and CHOOSE to move forward.

12. Its finest qualities : Courage, strength of character and tenacity in the face of life's trials. Aries teaches us pure dynamism, it does not lack motivation!

13. Its biggest flaws : A person born under the sign of Aries, who has an Aries ascendant or who has his 12th house in the sign of Aries, will have a propensity for overwork and bad faith. He must be wary of his natural urges for debate, control and confrontation. In addition, his "leader's soul" could turn into dominance and create significant tension within his relationships. Be careful not to become too bossy!

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