5 tips for being in a relationship that lasts with a Scorpio

The person born under the sign of Scorpion intrigue, and it can even frighten those who have never experienced it before in their intimate lives. After all, this sign is represented by a dark and dangerous creature that has fascinated humans for thousands of years: the scorpion! 

And now life has put a Scorpion on your way and you begin to become attached to its sensuality and intensity! So you start looking for tips to better understand him or her, because despite his dark side, this person makes your heart beat and you let butterflies invade you.

Do not look any further! Here is 5 tips for having a relationship that lasts with a Scorpio.

1. Awaken her sexuality and sensuality

Sexuality is very important to Scorpio. If you're the type who doesn't like physical contact, it might complicate things. Generally very attentive to their five senses, the natives of Scorpio are sensual, sometimes without even realizing it. Do you want to continue to seduce him or her? Give him a massage, light candles that smell good, prepare him a good bath... In short, satisfy his feelings! A healthy and respectful intimate life is a must when in a relationship with anyone, but with Scorpio, it's crucial! 

2. With Scorpio, there is never enough transparency

Sometimes, we tell ourselves that not all truth is good to tell his or her partner. Scorpio is a formidable detective, however, and he will easily be able to read your non-verbal language when you are hiding something from him. The best strategy is therefore the franchise. Sure, there will be times when he won't always react cheerfully to what you have to say to him, but he'll get over it. Especially if you have had the opportunity to earn his trust, he will be able to forgive you for the most difficult truths to hear.

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3. Your loyalty will be appreciated

The Scorpio in your life is very afraid of getting attached to someone who will end up letting them down or making them suffer. This is why your loyalty is extremely important to him, and he will test it a few times! Don't wait for him or her to put their ridiculous traps in your way and instead show them of your own free will how much you support them. If his friends tease him too much, don't go along with them and defend him while staying by his side. He can sometimes have a little humor towards himself, but in very small quantities, so don't overdo it! Obviously, if his sometimes insecure behavior remains respectful towards you and that communication is going well between you, everything is fine, on the other hand if the Scorpio becomes controlling or even aggressive, set your limits! The natives of this Zodiac sign have access to intense emotions and are there to live them fully... But sometimes it can become heavy for those close to them.

4. Don't play with her feelings!

Some are sometimes tempted to test their partner's love by titillating their jealousy. This is clearly not the right way to solidify your love with the Scorpio partner, on the contrary! Very jealous by nature, if you dare to add oil to the fire, your relationship risks burning out. Nothing is sexier to her than your safety. After all, this person is already very afraid of losing you, so if you start harboring this fear, you will definitely lose him and you will regret it bitterly! Small games are not for him or her.

5. Show your affection, for real

False promises, very few for Scorpios. She or he isn't really interested in hearing you tell them a thousand times a day how much you love them more than anything. What interests him is to see it! So instead of telling him, show him. Take her in your arms, make her coffee the way she likes it in the morning if you wake up first, add a little surprise to her lunch, be present at important moments, listen for real to what he or she tells you... In short, show him your love on a daily basis with gestures and a quality of presence. Scorpio will know how to return it to you, because if he feels respected and loved, his generosity is limitless.

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