The ascendants of Scorpio

You are Scorpion and want to know the influence of your ascendant on your astrological sign? First you can calculate your ascendant. Then select your sign and your ascendant.

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Scorpio rising Aries

First of all, you don't like coercion and that's the reason why you exercise an independent activity or trade. Tough tasks don't put you off one iota! You surely have aptitudes for sport and martial arts, boxing, risky trades. Your powerful sexual energy comes out of you through the pores of your skin. You like it when there's action, or doing research or making money and, more strangely, you have a serious penchant for mysticism. Your energy often overflows and you can go from one extreme to another in a jiffy. You have the temperament of a soldier, an army chief, a private detective, in short, you like weapons or anything related to defence. Martial arts, the art of war, skydiving, even the teaching of these disciplines, concentration in the effort or the deployment of physical forces… it knows you in titi! You don't feel tired, that's your weakness, and you overwork yourself. Then you get aggressive and get carried away over small things. In short, you are not in the lace. Your good character then turns into a “bad” character.


Scorpio rising Taurus

Scorpio does not have the same values ​​and the same sense of the concrete as Taurus. Mars and Pluto meet the beautiful Venus here and force her to fight and surpass themselves. The taste also for destructive or opposite situations sometimes pushes you to extremes. It may also be that you torture yourself unnecessarily too often or that you harbor dark thoughts or a certain bitterness in the face of life. The Scorpio does not have his tongue in his pocket and he throws darts with the conscious aim of attacking or unhorsing his vis-à-vis. On the contrary, you have the power to create, to bring out situations, things or relationships according to your good will. One thing is certain, you are capable of undoing an ego and making it swallow its words or make it listen to reason. You are definitely an alpha male or female.


Scorpio ascendant Gemini

Your piquant verve and your rather caustic sense of humor animate your critical spirit! However, you should be wary of your tendency to use dark humor. Sarcasm is never far away in these moments! You also have a knack for pinpointing what's wrong. In two minutes, you grab the person in front of you. Depending on your mood, you are the calm sea or the breaking ocean, in short, there are no half measures in you. You don't go overboard when a situation or a person doesn't suit you anymore. Scorpio likes to test people, Gemini loves to clown around. So behind your antics hides a powerful intellect capable of destroying the slightest false argument. The reserve and the shy side of the Scorpio do not prevent you from throwing yourself into the fray, from winning many hearts.


Scorpion ascendant Cancer

The Moon forces Mars and Pluto (the two ruling planets of Scorpio) to have mediumistic skills. You always want to go further in life, find your sense of belonging, your reason for living or being. We find ourselves here before a personality who feels the need to dig deeper, to understand, to give meaning to his life. Deep philosophy will nourish your quest for meaning. Life invites you to travel and adventure, but your zodiac sign being more of a homebody, you may limit yourself to inner journeys through visualization, meditation or reading, television or other mediums that will allow you, precisely, to "travel" or discover the world. You must beware of your BELIEFS which are only one facet of the great cosmic truth. You demand certainties and you display a certain skepticism until proven otherwise. Except that the ONLY certainty we have is that we will leave this beautiful planet one day!


Scorpion ascendant Lion

You like success and have an influence on society in general. You may be interested in politics. Or you are an activist always ready to go to the barricades to defend the rights of widows and orphans. Otherwise, you work in a company that allows you to express your creativity and your intense personality. Accomplish, achieve, produce, control, develop are just a few action verbs that suit you. You are a dynamic researcher, an outstanding detective, a psychologist, psychoanalyst or psychiatrist very involved in your community. Otherwise, you're doing your job with the sole purpose of getting results, and sometimes that intention plays ugly tricks on you. You are called to take a position of power or authority in life. It appears that you will act with great human know-how, which is to your credit. Your loved ones are well aware of your determination which turns too often, and according to your moods, into a kind of domination. In short, you have a little “control freak” side.


Scorpio Rising Virgo

The critical spirit is increased tenfold here and you can easily use black humor, rebellion or provocation to reach your target or to move the other. You are a crime novel character with your will to find the culprit, your love for investigative work and/or your quest for the depths. Fine fox, your intuition is very powerful. Nothing escapes you! You are recognized for your know-how, your service dynamics and for your discretion (the Scorpio ascendant). You observe intensely, well hidden in the shadows, the behaviors, the interactions and then you wait for the right moment to intervene. However, you are often on the defensive in front of others. You don't form friendships that easily, but when you do…it's for life. Your advice is invaluable and those around you know it and benefit from it because you are telling the truth. You can "reverse" suddenly and fall into provocation. Your sulphurous charm attracts passionate and exciting loves to you.


Scorpion ascendant Balance

Your nature is very secret. In fact, you don't reveal yourself so easily. Only the privileged are entitled to this part of your personality. You have a determination to throw to the ground under your nice exterior, your subtle, bewitching charm, your feline grace. You don't like to flaunt your private life. You are totally invested in love. You don't like half measures and, despite a certain cordiality, kindness and open-mindedness, you are a passionate, intense being. Your demands on life and on others are immense and it is precisely these that prevent you from creating the life you would like. It will never be enough this or that and this desire for perfection is a kind of “racket” that blocks your access to the life that, once again, you would like to have. Your diplomacy and your sense of ethics are your trademark in a way.


Scorpion ascendant Scorpion

Possessive, you don't like people ogling your possessions or the person who shares your life. Besides, you are extremely secretive. You are ambitious, dominating or you dominate in your sphere of activities or social, proud, sensitive, relentless, obstinate, demanding and intransigent. You also have a critical and penetrating mind, you are an excellent observer and a shrewd secret agent. Several Scorpio Ascendant Scorpios make excellent snipers. In short, you have the eye no offense to your prey! You have a little despotic side to you which can be frightening. Otherwise, your transcended being carries a mad charisma close to stardom. With you, there are no half measures… it's all one or the other…


Scorpio rising Sagittarius

Your outbursts are legendary or they are certainly talking about them! You are dynamic and you have a lot of physical, moral and psychological resistance. You always want to go after everything even if it means getting your feet wet. Your fervor pushes you towards controversy and sometimes fanaticism. Your intuitions are premonitory. Your adventurous soul can lead you to the worst swamps as well as to the highest peaks like Everest - so you are often overwhelmed by the desire to live dangerous experiences. Fans of extreme sports are served with such a boost! Your very competitive nature can annoy sometimes. You like to move or move things, events or people. When you can't control everything, then you come to hate the “human factor” — those human weaknesses that prevent things or events from happening. Your sweeping declarations, so typical of Sagittarius, draw attention to you, but Scorpio silences you — they make you feel deeply about not revealing yourself too much in the light of day. The overly demonstrative nature of Sagittarius provokes your Scorpio nature!


Scorpio rising Capricorn

Rigor and rigidity in behavior, coldness in thought and actions pushes you towards a career in politics, eminence grise, secret mission, engineering, or in building and real estate. You are a scholar, a learned autodidact and capable of research. You have a sense of reality that sometimes goes beyond understanding. You are demanding, uncompromising, ambitious, a lover of a job well done and a careerist. Your reserve is matched only by your sense of observation! You have x-rays instead of eyes! People sense it and they run away from you. You say things directly without making detours and the others see this as a lack of humanity, altruism and love of the human race, when it is quite the opposite. You sincerely believe that the truth is capable of transforming the person and making them better, except that not all truth is good to say so as not to offend certain susceptibilities.


Scorpio rising Aquarius

Your temperament is innovative and you refuse any conformism. Your search for personal emancipation is legendary. You have always been looking for the Holy Grail and you will eventually find it! The only problem is your lack of discipline. You want to distinguish yourself, think outside the box (the planet Uranus associated with Aquarius). You could make an excellent aviator, fighter pilot, take an interest in advanced techniques, high technologies and, of course, astronautics in general. When you love, it's forever, but the list of strangers who have passed through your life and your bed can be long! When you have an idea in your head, you don't budge so easily. Rebellious (Aquarius) and withdrawn (Scorpio), you are difficult for those around you to grasp. You remain in their eyes, the most complex and mysterious being they have ever really come to know. This aura of mystery, you maintain it with love! It represents your protective armor against the wickedness of the world.


Scorpio Rising Pisces

Disturbing, magnetic, sensual and deeply intelligent, you have the ingredients capable of melting any heart in search of love. Your sensitivity and modesty are on edge. You willingly serve a humanitarian cause or a community. Your intuition is so powerful that it borders on mediumship. Moreover, you surely have attractions for the world of the occult, esotericism or life after death. The medical world, the occult precisely, bars (the planet Neptune associated with the sign of Pisces likes to work at night), hotels, aesthetics, restaurants, arts and music especially you one day or another will open the door to success. Your deep nature is mystical and you grasp the great secrets quite easily. You refuse to expose your vulnerable facet to others. The new, in fact, brings you the vertigo you seek so much to feel alive.


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