Astrology of Angels: how to find and invoke your protective angel

Astrology of Angels: how to find and invoke your protective angel

According to several beliefs and religions, angels are the messengers of a single God to human beings. Like spiritual guides, these angels guide and protect us. It would exist 72 protective angels. here is how to find your guardian angel by date of birth and connect to it. 

Please be aware that this article is a summary of the meanings of the 72 protective angels. In my book — Angels and Numerology, published by Éditions LaSemaine, explanations are more exhaustive. 

My research thus led me to Kabbalah, one of whose major teachings is that an angel is "one of the 72 facets of God manifested through a souffle or an sacred name ». 

Invoking your guardian angel: how does it work?

Whoever correctly pronounces the sacred name of an angel, who sings it, who prays to it or who wears it in the form of a talisman, has access to the powers, the chances and the graces he carries!

Le breath of an angel makes his presence felt by playing on intuitive effects or through deep feeling, but sometimes he shows up inside a dream or he is plotting a coincidence, an unforgettable encounter with another inspiring human being or a group of people.

Your invocations by song or prayer will give your protective angel the chance to come to your rescue, raise your consciousness and transform your life in a beautiful way. Its power will also allow you to take a step back from your inner states such as discouragement, despair and insecurities often linked to the fear of living, succeeding, failing and dying. In short, you will receive pearls of wisdom after experiencing the breath of your guardian angel. 

However, nothing prevents you from calling on other protective angels for their help and support when you find yourself facing important stages in your life.

First, find a quiet, relaxing place. Put on some music, prepare the place at your convenience. The goal is to establish a real connection with your guardian angel. To do this, listen to your breathing, your own breath, by closing your ears and putting all your concentration on your “breathing”: inhale through your nostrils and exhale through your mouth slowly. The invocation of your protective angel consists in naming him three times aloud to hear you well. Let your heart guide you!

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How to find the angel's breath or your guardian angel who has been watching over you since your birth day?

A protective angel watches over 5 days a year. For example, from March 21 to 25, it is the Angel Vehuia who protects and who brings his graces, his qualities and his chances of destiny to people born during these days. You will find in the list below the 72 guardian angels.

Don't forget that you are also invited to pronounce their sacred names "phonetically" as it should be.

The 72 protective angels

1. From March 21 to 25: Vehuia: pronounce Ve — hu — ya (emphasize the h)

This angel will bring you sharpness of mind, spiritual enlightenment or great wisdom of the heart or genius ideas when you invoke her. It also promotes intellectual enlightenment by provoking impactful awareness.

2. From March 26 to 30, your angel is: Ieliel: pronounced Ili — El (its root is ili)

This angel brings fame, the power to give birth, true love and the joy of living. It also protects against physical, moral or psychological attacks.

3. From March 31 to April 4, your angel is Sitael: pronounce Sita — el

This angel will free you from adversity; bad twists of fate or bad karma when you invoke it.

4. From April 5 to April 9, your angel is Elemiah: pronounce Ele — mia

This angel calms the feeling of anger, the torments of the spirit. When you invoke him, he will help you understand or he will intuitively show you how to find peace of heart and mind. It will also help you unmask traitors.  

5. From April 10 to April 14, your angel is Mahashiah: pronounce Ma — ha — zia

This angel brings success to self-employed people, scientists or high-level university students. It also makes it possible to exploit new ideas, find brilliant solutions or push the limits of the pharmaceutical or scientific industry in research and development.

6. From April 15 to April 20, your angel is Lelahel: pronounce Le — la — hel (emphasize the h)

This angel brings social support or public respect. It gives success. Otherwise, it undoes the lack of success and the frustrations, discouragement or disappointment that come with it.

7. From April 21 to April 25, your angel is Akkaia: pronounce Akka — ya

This angel helps to develop a manual or artistic talent (drawer, painter, sculptor) or intellectual or spiritual. He will reveal to you the mysteries of creativity or he will cause creative ideas of genius to arise in you when you invoke him.

8. From April 26 to April 30, your angel is Cahethel: pronounce Ca — he — tel (emphasize the h)

This angel will ward off negative energies when you invoke her. It protects hunters, fishermen, farmers. He watches over the plantations and the farm.

9. From May 1 to May 5, your angel is Haziel: pronounce Ha — ziel

This angel promotes the fulfillment of promises made to others or to oneself. It brings sincere friendship, if not reconciliation after a conflict. When you invoke him, he will awaken in you the courage to forgive.

10. From May 6 to May 10, your angel is Aladiah: pronounce Ala — dia

This angel calms nervousness, increases self-confidence and wards off discouragement. It protects students against anxiety, depression, integration or learning difficulties when they face different challenges during their training and which affect their development.

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11. From May 11 to May 16, your angel is Lauviah: pronounce Lau — via

This angel brings victory, wealth and power. It will allow you to shine in society or to stand out, to make a difference in the lives of people's goods.

12. From May 17 to May 20, your angel is Hahiah: pronounce Ha — hia (emphasize the h)

This angel brings protection against any physical or global adversity or violence (war); when invoked, it brings peace. It also directs dreams so that they reveal occult secrets or cause the dreamer to become aware.

13. From May 21 to May 25, the angel is Ielael or Iezalel: pronounce Ye — lael

This angel will bring you emotional balance, conjugal fidelity and love in your couple when you call upon her. It also makes it possible to establish sincere and true friendships.

14. From May 26 to May 31, the angel is Mebahel: pronounce Me — ba — hel

This powerful angel undoes lies, injustices, calumnies. It protects lawyers and lawyers, soldiers, magistrates, diplomats and politicians. He makes truth and justice triumph.

 15. From June 1 to June 5, the angel is Hariel: pronounced Ha — ri — el

This Breath angel brings spiritual insight and healing to the soul level. It ensures success in the sciences and the arts. It also helps in raising moral awareness in a person.

16. From June 6 to June 10, the angel is Hakamiah: pronounce Ha — ka — mia

This angel brings loyalty, respect, bravery, strength of action in the life of the one who invokes him. Under his tutelage, communications and exchanges or speaking out resonate in the hearts of people.

17. From June 11 to June 15, the angel is Leviah: pronounce Le — via

This angel manages research and scientific discoveries: advanced studies; literature and philosophy. It brings success to writers. It protects against mental disorders.

18. From June 16 to June 21, the angel is Caliel: pronounce Cali — el

This angel brings intellectual mastery and memory. It helps to overcome hardships and it even has the power to mitigate them.

19. From June 22 to June 26, the angel is Leuviah: pronounce Leu — via

This angel allows you to let go when a situation is hopeless. He makes innocence and truth triumph.

20. From June 27 to July 1, the angel is Pahaliah: pronounce Paha — liah (emphasize the h)

This angel makes it possible to fight against adversity, it helps to solve the tests lived on a daily basis. He offers his unconditional support to caregivers. He gives the power of faith.

21. From July 2 to July 6, the angel is Nelchael: pronounce Nel — cha — el

This angel brings mastery in the spheres of astrology, astronomy, in mathematical and scientific studies and passing exams. It brings comfort to the less fortunate. It protects artists and brings them success and fame.

22. From July 7 to July 11, the angel is Ieiaiel: pronounce Ye — ya — yel (emphasize the y)

This angel protects against evil people, despots and evil spirits. He is also the protector of sailors, divers, freedivers, frogmen, aquanauts, tubists, aquanauts, boat captains, etc.

23. From July 12 to July 16, the angel is Melahel: pronounce Mela — hel (emphasize the h)

This angel protects the environment and nature. It supports environmentalists, naturalists, ecologists, biologists, etc. He reigns over herbal medicine and protects phytotherapists, naturopaths, herbalists, etc.

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24. From July 17 to July 22, the angel is Hahuiah: pronounce Cha — ha — via

This angel offers protection against theft, fire, or the destruction of material property through an animal or harmful insects such as the infestation of carpenter ants, for example.

25. From July 23 to July 27, the angel is Nithhaiah: pronounce Nite — haya

This angel helps to invoke soul wisdom and spiritual power. When you invoke him, he will help you connect to your inner power, develop your spiritual or psychic gifts or talents. It can also help you remember your dreams.

26. From July 28 to August 1, the angel is Haniah: pronounce Ha — nia (emphasize the h)

This angel supports police officers, secret agents or double agents, spies to help them find the truth or missing people. When you invoke him, he will lift the veil on a hidden, secret or mysterious situation such as the disappearance of a loved one, an adoption situation, etc.

27. From August 2 to August 6, the angel is Ierathel: pronounce Yera — such

This angel brings success to writers, journalists, editors, etc., by infusing them with innovative and brilliant ideas and an exceptional quality of writing.

28. From August 7 to August 12, the angel is Seehiah: pronounce Se — e — hia

By invoking this angel, you will have access to health or appropriate care and which will make all the difference in your life.

29. From August 13 to August 17, the angel is Reiiel: pronounce Rai — yiel

This angel protects against spells or helps to get rid of someone's psychic or sexual influence. He also helps during meditations or visualizations to engender the elevation of the soul or of faith when he is invoked.

30. From August 18 to August 22, the angel is Omael: pronounce O — ma — el

This angel protects against despair and sadness by bringing joy of life and courage to whoever invokes her.

31. From August 23 to August 28, the angel is Lecabel: pronounce Le — ca — bel (insist on the c)

This angel protects agro-industry, agriculture, agrifood, agrochemicals, (agricultural) production, (agricultural) exploitation, agrobiology, rural economy, as well as all stakeholders in the either of these areas.

32. From August 29 to September 2, the angel is Vasariah: pronounce Vasa — ria 

This angel brings the spirit of justice to whoever invokes him or helps him to discern good from evil in a situation or in a person.

33. From September 3 to September 7, the angel is Iehuiah: pronounce Ye — cha — via

This angel helps to get rid of an addiction to alcohol, drugs or love or sex, etc. It allows you to lift the veil on hidden, secret things.

34. From September 8 to September 12, the angel is Lehahiah: pronounce Le — ha — kia

This angel brings professional recognition. It also helps to calm that damn feeling of hatred that sometimes inhabits us or that unmentionable desire for revenge that breaks the soul.

35. From September 13 to September 17, the angel is Chavakiah: pronounce Ke — ve — kia

This angel brings reparation for an offence. It protects mediators, conciliators, interims, intermediaries, ombudsmen, arbitrators or umpires, negotiators, moderators, league judges, peacemakers or reconcilers, etc.

36. From September 18 to September 23, the angel is Menadel: pronounce Me — na — del

This angel will bring you the discovery of your mission of life, if such is your desire, when you invoke him. It also allows you to acquire financial stability and the constancy and persistence to achieve your goals.

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37. From September 24 to September 28, the angel is Aniel: pronounce Ani — el

This angel will allow you to achieve victory, to finally be recognized. It helps to undo negative or defeatist thoughts that block self-confidence.

38. From September 29 to October 3, the angel is Haamiah: pronounce Cha — a — mia

This angel protects against earthly powers: earthquake, tsunami, landslide, volcanic eruption, fire, etc. It helps magnetizers, hypnotists or anyone who treats with relaxation techniques similar to hypnosis.

39. From October 4 to October 8, the angel is Rehael: pronounce Re – ha – el

This angel helps to find the right method of healing through good specialists or doctors or oncologists etc. Above all, it helps to put anxieties or fears related to an illness or an important diagnosis into perspective.

40. From October 9 to October 13, the angel is Ihiazel: pronounce I – ya – zel

This angel moves away by his power the potential or hidden enemies. It also brings success in the field of publishing or in bookstores with readers, or in printing; to production artists who practice print and photography and creators from all walks of life.

41. From October 14 to October 18, the angel is Hahahel: pronounce Ha — ha — hel (emphasize the h)

This angel removes from our life the forgers, the liars and the hypocrites, and even the false witnesses or the false testimonies or the “fakes news” in these modern times. It supports religious, esoteric and occult vocations often reserved for initiates of cabalistic knowledge or the tree of life, various spiritual teachings, Tarot, astrology, arts of magic, alchemy, etc. .

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42. From October 19 to October 23, the angel is Mikael: pronounce Mi — ka — el

This angel protects against accidents while traveling by car, train, boat, plane or RV or during the course of a trip. Astronauts and interplanetary travelers are also protected by this powerful protective angel.

43. From October 24 to October 28, the angel is Vevaliah: pronounce Ve — va — lia

This angel brings wealth, power, luck and good fortune. It protects commercial and financial affairs. It also makes it possible to undo the underground intrigues of certain opponents, competitors or competitors.

44. From October 29 to November 2, the year is Ielahiah: pronounce Ye — la — hia

This angel promotes personal success in any endeavor. It brings success and fame, prestigious awards won by our personal efforts. It helps to win lawsuits or to win professional causes and perhaps even losing in advance.

45. From November 3 to November 7, the angel is Saeliah: pronounce Sa — e — lia

This angel allows you to dominate the inner evil that generates self-destruction such as bulimia, alcoholism, drug abuse, anorexia, self-mutilation, etc. It brings courage, intuition, sensitivity, self-listening, clairvoyance and the feeling needed to find the path to healing.

46. ​​From November 8 to November 12, the angel is Ariel: pronounce Ari — el

This angel helps us unlock the secrets of nature. In fact, it allows us to make great discoveries in this area by revealing to us through our intuitions, our prayers, our meditations or our creative visualizations of the hidden divine secrets. He is the guardian of feelings. He uses premonitory dreams to pass messages.

47. From November 13 to November 17, the angel is Asaliah: pronounce Asa — lia

This powerful angel makes the truth triumph in broad daylight. It also offers to those who invoke it memory, success in higher education. Otherwise, it elevates the intellectual faculties and gives the gift of teaching or communication.

48. From November 18 to November 22, the angel is Miahel: pronounce Mi — a — hel (emphasize the h)

This angel promotes peace and harmony in couples. By invoking it, you are sure to meet someone good and you will be able to establish a lasting and fruitful relationship. In the event of a love conflict, he has the power to bring about a reconciliation.

49. From November 23 to November 27, the angel is Vehuel: pronounce Ve — hu — el (emphasize the h)

This angel will allow you to focus on a task. It offers an excellent level of concentration which allows you to block out disturbing elements such as sounds, external influences, or even your own thoughts that lead you astray.

50. From November 28 to December 2, the angel is Daniel: pronounce Dana — yel

He grants mercy to those who invoke him and consolation of the heart, mind and soul, especially if you judge yourself guilty, rightly or wrongly. In addition, it allows the development of personal talents. It brings grace, beauty, the power of seduction to whoever invokes it.

51. From December 3 to December 7, the angel is Hahasiah: pronounce He — cha — zia

This angel has the gift of healing, providing good care and helping to discover new techniques and remedies. When you invoke him, he will help you bear pain or recover after surgery.

52. From December 8 to December 12, the angel is Imamiah: pronounce Ima — mia

This angel protects our rights and freedoms. It will undo repressions, discriminations, exclusions, difficult situations such as the lack of freedom of expression, association and religion or violence that hinder your rights and freedoms.

53. From December 13 to December 17, the angel is Nanael: pronounce Na — na — el

This powerful angel allows us to access the mysteries not yet unveiled. When we invoke him, he sharpens our intellect and opens the door to knowledge by bringing us answers. In short, it undoes ignorance or lack of knowledge regarding a particular subject or situation.

54. From December 18 to December 22, the angel is Nithael: pronounce Ni — ta — el (emphasize the h)

This angel helps the "elders" to maintain a beautiful longevity. He brings his support in teaching others, the knowledge that we want to provide. When you invoke him, he will bring you the ability to learn and discover new things that you can share later.

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55. From December 23 to December 27, the angel is Mebahiah: pronounce Me — ba — hia (emphasize the h)

This angel brings us tranquility and confidence in life. You can invoke it, if you wish to rise in the social hierarchy. Women or men turned towards religion find themselves under its divine protection — it enlightens their souls by awakening their conscience or their spirit.

56. From December 28 to January 1, the angel is Poiel: pronounce Po — yiel

This powerful angel bestows good fortune on who invokes him. This wonderful Breath works to get us out of wandering and when we are unable to know what our heart desires or to understand what is really going on in our head. Poiel also helps lift us out of anonymity and embrace the adventure of life.  

57. From January 2 to January 6, the angel is Nemamiah: pronounce Ne — ma — mia

This angel deploys his shield of protection around kind, gentle and often helpless people. It brings strength of character to those who flee conflict and who prefer to buy peace at all costs. Also, Nemamiah supports and helps people who fight for a just cause. 

58. From January 7 to January 11, the angel is Ieilael: pronounce Ye — ila — el

This divine angel protects those who work directly or indirectly in mining companies. The powerful Breath of the Angel Ieilael frees the one who invokes him from this hardness which triturates his soul, poisons his life and prevents him from feeling and radiating a real joy of living.

59. From January 12 to January 16, the angel is Harahel: pronounce He — ra — kiel

This angel diffuses the divine light on all levels: mental, intellectual, psychological, physical, moral and spiritual. Its illuminations amaze. However, its greater power allows access to wealth through gold and silver.

60. From January 17 to January 21, the angel is Mizrael: pronounce Mi — zra – el (emphasize the z)

Mizrael helps people dealing with mental health issues. This Breath also has the power to deliver those who are persecuted or who persecute themselves. Mizrael intuitively tells you when the time has come to impose your limits.

61. From January 22 to January 26, the angel is Umabel: pronounce Ve — mi — bael

This angel will help you understand the root causes of a situation that went wrong, or realize the mistakes you made that led to your downfall or loss of power. Umabel also has the unique gift of empowering those who invoke her to accept their age and the normal process of aging.

62. From January 27 to January 31, the angel is Iahhel: pronounce Yah — hel (emphasize the second h)

Lahhel protects philosophers and thinkers. This Breath brings to the one who invokes it perseverance and constancy of heart. It also grants the power to appreciate the little things in life. His Holy Breath protected against lies and manipulation.

63. From February 1 to February 5, the angel is Annauel: pronounce Anna — u – el

This angel brings strength, determination and courage to achieve ideals, goals, dreams and hopes. To achieve this, this unique Breath sends chances and graces rich in possibilities of new and exciting achievements. 

64. From February 6 to February 10, the angel is Michael: pronounce Mi — ka — el)

(do not confuse this Breath with the Holy Archangel Michael or the Archangel Saint Michael, the Archangel Mickaël or Michaël)   

This angel protects against wickedness and domination by others. Michael restores the vigor, the taste for fighting and the dynamism necessary to undo the uncertainties, doubts and hesitations that torment the mind and the heart in all directions. 

65. From February 11 to February 15, the angel is Damabiah: pronounce Da — ma — bia

This angel is also called the Great Sage. He often appears in dreams as a wise old man with very good advice. Damabiah is able to influence events and watches over expeditions and travelers. It also protects against water-related disasters.

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66. From February 16 to February 20, the angel is Menkl: pronounce Men — kel

By invoking this angel just before falling asleep, he will allow you to remember your dreams. Menkl can destroy plans and situations that have stalled or become bogged down in legal complications. It allows prisoners to experience a successful social reintegration.

67. From February 21 to February 25, the angel is Eiael: pronounce E — ya — el

Eiael allows you to find a refuge, a beautiful place to live. Do not hesitate to invoke it in this sense. This Sacred Breath has only one goal: to help you preserve your intellectual, spiritual and moral faculties for as long as possible.

68. From February 26 to March 1 (including those born on February 29), the angel is Habuiah: pronounce Cha — bu — ya

This angel drives out the dryness of the heart and the spirit which engenders intellectual and creative sterility. He carries in his Holy Breath two fundamental qualities: growth and abundance. He gives back to the one who invokes him the taste of being happy.

69. From March 2 to March 6, the angel is Rochel: pronounce Ro — chel (insist on the ch)

This angel instills the qualities he possesses: the ability to see, observe, perceive and consider reality in order to reconnect with it. It stops the family rejection by causing situations which open the conscience to each of the people who made you undergo this rejection. 

70. From March 7 to March 11, the angel is Iibamiah: pronounce I – iba – mia

This powerful angel protects pregnant women or during childbirth. Iibamiah makes it clear with love that “Each human being has a unique soul and a mission, specific to this soul, which he must carry out here on earth. No one can do it for him, even if there are people wiser, holier and better than him."

71. From March 12 to 16, the angel is Haiaiel: Ha — ia — iel (emphasize the i's)

This angel will make you brave in critical and unforeseen moments. This Breath watches over people who live in a country at war and who suffer terribly from this situation on a daily basis. Haiaiel also protects children who leave the family home. 

72. From March 17 to March 20, the angel is Mevamiah: Me — va — mia

This powerful angel helps to heal the sick or people who have suffered a serious accident. This Breath supports and supports our decisions, even if they shake a life already mapped out, and suggests the right means to change our destiny.

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