Between the Cards: Kim Rusk's Tarot Spread

You are fascinated by tarot? Would you like to learn more about this mysterious practice? The modern day witch Vanessa DL has met eight Quebec public figures as intrigued as you to find out what a tarot reading can have in store for them! Your turn, let yourself be enveloped by this experience and discover the meaning of the 3 cards selected by the host Kim Rusk...


Card # 1: the 5 of Cups

For your information: the first card drawn is the one to which the other cards want to bring your attention. In a way, it represents the way you can feel.

Kim got the 5 cut. This card is frequently associated with mourning… It can also refer to a feeling that we push away as much as possible, but which always ends up coming back. As a bonus, it may represent an attachment you had to a possession or someone you held dear. At the same time, the 5 of Cups tends to remind us that even if we lose things, during our life, it is important to keep in mind that there is still a lot to gain and keep, going from before…

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Card # 2: the 6 of Wands

For your information: the second card drawn – the card placed in the center – symbolizes the way to transcend the situation revealed by the previous card.

Kim got the 6 stick. Basically, this card denotes a remarkable success, a victory… Something you worked hard for and which finally comes to fruition in a beautiful way. It symbolizes the importance of letting yourself experience moments of joy, celebration, pride and gratitude.

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Card # 3: the 9 of Pentacles

For your information: the third and last card drawn represents the learning that you must take away from the situation in question, its outcome.

Kim instinctively chose the 9 de pentacles. The illustration of this card reveals a character in a garden… An abundant and fertile garden, full of colors and tastes (we can guess it)! The person who draws the 9 of Pentacles is often someone who has managed to cultivate many things, using their strengths: discipline and hard work. The time has therefore come to let go of a big "phew" and enjoy all your personal successes and these beautiful gifts of life.

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And There you go! Here is what the 3 cards drawn by Kim had to reveal to us.


Now, Kim's card, selected by Vanessa is... the high priestess! This tarot card wants to invite us to take a step back, but above all, a little time in mind with ourselves. The High Priestess wants to help us clear our minds to better hear our little intuitive voice...

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