Chinese sign: the personality of the Rat

Chinese sign: the personality of the Rat

The Brief History of Chinese Astrology

The Buddha, in a very distant time, would have invited several animals to pay homage to him and only 12 showed up.

First it was the Rat, the Ox (the Ox, if you prefer), the Tiger, the Hare (the Cat or the Rabbit, if you prefer), the Dragon, the Serpent, the Horse, the Goat (the Sheep, if you prefer), Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar (Pig, if you prefer).

The personality of the Chinese zodiac sign Rat

Le Steering don't give up easily. Beneath a sociable exterior, her deep nature remains independent. It is not uncommon for him to be a bit of a smooth talker, vain and seductive, however he does everything in his power not to hurt the people he loves.

His expressive, dynamic nature makes him an excellent communicator. His enthusiasm is contagious. Opportunistic and pragmatic, in addition to being extremely intelligent, the Rat can be astute, strategic, picky and sagacious. He is first and foremost a passionate being.

His anxiety increases when he does not pay attention to his negative or defeatist thoughts. He also has an excellent flair for business in addition to being good at maintaining good business ties.

The native of the Rat likes when there is action, which is why he gets bored so quickly when a job does not offer him the diversity he is looking for. In short, the routine suffocates him.

His personal charm is overwhelming and makes him very popular.

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