Good news: the effects of Mercury in retrograde will subside in the next few days!

Do you feel like it's "rolling square" these days? That your communications are complicated, technology is giving you trouble and nothing is working as expected?

These are some painful effects of Mercury in retrograde, and they will finally calm down this week!

The retrograde period continues until June 3, but a change of sign will come to work in our favor. It is that since May 10, Mercury was located in Gemini. This airy, changing and excessive sign may have influenced the beginning of this period of retrograde.

This week, Mercury left the air sign of Gemini to reside in that of Taurus. This pragmatic, calmer and more realistic Earth sign will cause the effects of Mercury retrograde to fade slightly.

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Mercury in retrograde: negative effects... and positive!

We often talk about negative effects of Mercury retrograde. Among these are different impacts on communication, travel and mental balance:

  • People are generally clumsier.
  • Sleep is affected.
  • People doubt everything (especially themselves!).
  • People forget things.
  • Anything related to communication technologies (telephone, computer, etc.) is slowing down, malfunctioning or breaking down!
  • Means of transport break down or are delayed (metro, plane, bus, train).

As we like to see the positive even in a situation where everything seems to be upside down, we can take advantage of this period to put some order and calm in our schedule and in our head: 

  • It is good to review one's plans or projects, reflect on the future, update our values ​​by taking stock.
  • Resume an activity or an idea put on stand-by.
  • Read a good book or rewatch a movie you enjoy.
  • Fix (literally and figuratively) what needs a little love.
  • Practice letting go as much as possible, meditate and move to feel good.
  • Take stock of you, your life, your career, your way of seeing things....

In addition, in the grounded sign of Taurus, this energy of "revisiting, reassessing, taking back, repairing" will be favored.

You are reminded that it is best to avoid making big decisions during Mercury retrograde. Instead, give yourself a period of reflection. This includes major contracts, major travel, large projects and the purchase of expensive or electronic items.

The retrograde will therefore end within a few days (June 3) and the end of this transit promises more appeasement.

Also note that the “post” Mercury retrograde shadow phase lasts until June 18th. This can have the effect of a kind of hangover after intense events. Hold fast!

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