Here are the tarot cards used by Ginette Blais in the Astro 2021 series

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Our astrologer Ginette Blais is back with a new annual release of its mystical series, Astro 2021. This time, in addition to offering a host of predictions for each zodiac sign, it also uses three sets of tarot, a matter of adding an even more intriguing touch to its video capsules! We therefore invite you to discover these famous tarot games that Ginette particularly likes and we reveal to you how to use them.


1. The Universe Has Your Back : Transform Fear to Faith - Amazon

Gabrielle Bernstein

A tarot deck (of 52 cards) which aims to be both inspiring and comforting. Each of its cards tends, in its own way, to help the player to draw on his inner strength – of which he is sometimes unaware of the presence – in order to have patience and peace as allies to find his rightful place in this universe. . In other words, as Ginette Blais says: "This tarot game provides wonderful advice, a bit like a life coach from the universe would do"!

Price: $25.61 (in English)

Why does Ginette use it?

This tarot is an extraordinary addition. It brings a different point of view of the universe to the person who consults.

Personally, how can you use it at home?

Simply shuffle all the cards, then pull one out of the deck. If the answer this card gives you is not clear enough for you, select another card. This tarot game is practical for knowing what the universe is trying to tell you when a life ordeal turns into a recurrence (relapse, repetition, recurrence): the events come back in a loop and you do not always understand their relevance. .


2. The Egyptian Tarot - Amazon

The Scarab

Legend has it that the cards in this particular tarot deck speak directly to the mind – or the soul – of whoever shuffles them… Note that there are several Egyptian tarot decks, but all have a point in common: the precise and splendid illustrations of the cards are both mystical and historical.

Price: $32.85 (in English)

Psitt: it's Ginette's favorite tarot deck! The astrologer opens up about his memories of her:

“I was 16 years old when the Egyptian tarot came to me through the purchase of a book on the “Mysteries of Egypt”. My young mind was then searching for truths and answers. At the end of the book, I discovered the Egyptian tarot and I fell into the magic potion. I became interested in the Tree of Life and the extremely relevant symbolisms of this tarot”.

Why does Ginette use it?

To help those who use its services understand what is happening to them and why. A chart of the sky takes time to assemble and the urgency of a situation often requires action in real time. Thereafter, Ginette has plenty of time to complete the interpretations with the person's star chart.

Personally, how can you use it at home?

Start by taking out 13 cards, which represent the 13 constellations. A quick technical astro lesson: there are 12 constellations, but Scorpio only has 10 degrees and Serpentarius completes it with 20 degrees. Then, this draw can allow you to establish a kind of sky chart based on the tarot.


3. The psychic tarot, oracle cards and its accompanying guide - Amazon

John Holland

This tarot deck is as much for people who want to slowly tame this mystical practice as for those who have been in tune with it for many years. Its 65 cards aim to help players build a bridge between the psychic gifts they possess and the knowledge of a very powerful ancient world… Its accompanying guide is also said to help develop your intuitive instincts.

Price: $33.99 (in English)

Psitt: here is another essential tool from Ginette. She even admits that it is a must for her!

“Another tarot that has become a must for my interpretations. I love it. It allows me to accompany my charts of the sky and my interpretations concerning the Egyptian tarot. In fact, the author, John Holland, has incorporated colors, symbols, shapes, words, numerology and divination, energy centers and much more into his charts.

Why does Ginette use it?

It considers it to be an indispensable supplement to interpretation.

Personally, how can you use it at home?

In three simple steps:

  • You ask a CLEAR question (no time to make a thousand detours or innuendos, there).
  • You draw a card.
  • You read the oracle attached to this card.


And then, do you feel the call of the tarot?


Discover these games and much more in Ginette Blais' Astro 2021 series!

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