Interpretation of tarot cards

Interpretation of tarot cards

Hard week? Big project to prepare? What decision should you make? Sometimes we would like to let others decide for us... Fortunately, the tarot cards are there to guide our decision-making so that they are more enlightened.

As always, the cards had things to tell us and they spoke. But what did they really want to communicate to us?

Here are the names of the cards and their symbolism demystified in order to fully understand their interpretation of course!

The hanged man            

Trust yourself and dare to sacrifice what must be sacrificed, even if you seem out of the ordinary in the eyes of others. Follow your own beliefs.                                             

eight of cups 

Go forward with determination, go for your goal and turn your back on what is distracting and superficial.                                               

ace of cups     

You get carried away by an emotion; a new love perhaps? Awareness? A need for expression? Live it fully.                                         

The Hermit             

The universe invites you to become fully aware of yourself. Accept who you really are and ignore other people's opinions.                                      

king of cut     

You have been lucky and successful in your life, but you have another aspiration. Warning: don't waste too much energy focusing on what you don't have.                     

seven of swords      

You have a problem to solve and the way you plan to go about it is not the right one. Think before you act.                                            

nine of swords     

You are worrying a lot at the moment; go get help. Beware of your tendency to isolate yourself.                                


Some of your beliefs are shattered. Have no fear, the truth is a good thing. Do not dramatize anything!                                     

five of sticks   

Your competitive situation is an opportunity to grow. In reality, you are simply measuring yourself against yourself.                                     

ten stick     

The light shines at the end of the tunnel, you are almost done with your difficult task. But don't stop until you reach your goal!                                      

three of pence 

Don't lose sight of the importance of your unique talent. Take pleasure in this activity which brings you contentment.                                          

The emperor       

It is important to live in a happy environment in which you can evolve easily. Make the necessary changes at work and at home.                                   

As the denier     

Do not underestimate the gifts that are offered to you; wasting what the universe sends to you would be a mistake.                                               

knight of denarius       

Give yourself a break and take time to recover. Trauma is no excuse for treading water.                                

The jugement     

Have the courage to take action and don't feel obligated to consider the opinions of others.                                               

nine of cut 

You live in love and abundance. Beware if you don't share it with others!                                

stick knight         

You seem ready for quite a challenge! Go confidently, but don't go crazy.          

ten of swords         

Do not give in to despair, even if you are exhausted. You will get there, a new cycle is offered to you.                                               

Seven of Pentacles 

The seeds you have sown are finally bearing fruit. The time has come to take stock of the work invested.                                

Jack of cuts

Stop rejecting the advice of others, especially if they are more experienced than you. A great project is coming up.                                         

King of Pentacles    

Warning: depending on material goods does not do you a favor. Luxury is sweet, but not enough for a happy life.                                          

sword knight            

Be alert, notice what is happening around you, even if you are very focused on your goal. It is essential for success.                                         


A period of peace and stability awaits you. Be open, even if you're not used to such comfort.                                               

Six of Cups     

Face the past with dignity without falling victim to your demons. Aim for balance.                                          

four of pence            

It is necessary to share resources, knowledge and time in order to live truly happy, without falling into excess.                                               


You are much stronger and braver than you dare to believe. Make good use of it and do not deny this innate power.                                    

The fool  

Don't lose your childish heart. It is wise to adopt a playful attitude when faced with serious issues. Have faith in life!                                        

nine of sticks 

In the face of failure, do not sink into despair; learn from them, even if they don't yet seem clear. There's no point in running away.                                   

Jack of Wands 

Make sure you are ready before embarking on your project (study, career or personal); otherwise, you risk being surprised by unforeseen events!                                    

The priestess      

Don't spend too much time getting lost in thought; dare to take action. This is what inspiration is really for.                                        


Letting go of outdated ideas can be scary, but it is this fear that actually leads to stagnation. Inaction can be painful to the soul.                                            

four of swords 

Go find your strengths on a spiritual level. It will help you get through your ordeal, even if you have to start from scratch.                                 


Be restrained in your reactions, but react. There is no point in being passive.                                  

The justice

Take responsibility for your life, after all you determine your future by your actions.                                               

stick queen

You need a project, you like when things move. Beware of your ego even if you like to shine.                                  

queen of cup

Take care of your own heart; people sometimes need to make mistakes to learn. Don't burn yourself out for them.                                 

two of pence

You have a busy life and everyone knows how well you juggle everything in it. Be careful, however, not to try too hard to impress the gallery; the work done does not always represent your real happiness.                                       

knight of cup

You dream of romance to the point of losing sight of the beauty and love that already exists in your life. Celebrate them!                                

The devil

Pay attention to your excessive tendencies, whatever they are (work, food, exercise). Balance is the secret to a healthy life.                                               

Queen of Pentacles

The process itself is as important as the result; enjoy it too.    

two cut

A very special relationship (in love or in business) is offered to you. Be grateful and savor the moment.                                            

The Hierophant  

Question authority; your judgment and your values ​​must prevail over the beliefs and knowledge that we are trying to pass on to you.                                        

six of sticks      

You deserve to be recognized and to receive congratulations; welcome them openly. 

six of swords

Running away from a difficult situation will do you no good. It just risks resurfacing later.                                               

Eight of Pentacles  

Your great discipline and effort will be rewarded, but don't forget to have a good time with what you love.                                              

four of sticks

Take the time to celebrate your successes and stop being too critical of yourself.      

Five of Pentacles 

Don't be intimidated by big people or corporations. Ask for the support you need, without exaggeration.                                      

stick king     

Stop believing that you are always right; you will quickly become intolerant.                

ten of pennies    

You are at the end of a cycle; do not cling to things that will no longer serve you. Instead, share those gifts that no longer serve you.                                  

Seven of Cups  

There are many choices available to you right now, but focus on the path you have already chosen. The rest is just distraction.                                  

three of sticks  

This is a good time to tame your patience; even if you get all worked up, it won't help.                                    

Six de denier

Really put your heart into the gifts you give; sometimes the material is not really what others need.                                         

seven of sticks  

Your actions and values ​​are being sorely tested right now. Adjust your attitude and admit your wrongs as needed. What will come out of it will be unshakable.                                  

eight of sticks   

No need to interfere in what may not concern you. You risk doing damage by not understanding the extent of your actions.                                       

Page of Swords

You are about to take on a new challenge and although you still lack the experience, you will do your best. Don't overanalyze the situation and dive in.                                            

Nine of Pentacles

You have built a life that you like and that's perfect. But if one day solitude no longer suits you, don't hesitate to change your way of life.                                       

The magician       

You have everything you need to succeed. The time has come to gather your forces and channel them well. Attention: it is essential to act with respect for others.                                 

ace of swords

You are the type who thinks a lot and asks yourself many questions. Use these skills to do good.                                         

two of swords

You have a decision to make and the time has come to decide. Do not wait too long before acting; show courage.                                           

three of swords      

You're heartbroken, but don't take comfort in it. This is not an excuse to avoid turning the page. Have a realistic picture of the situation.                                              

The choice they deny

Carelessness and ease await you. When you're comfortable with your job or your passion, take it to the next level.                                           

five of swords      

Was your last battle really worth it? Learn to resolve your conflicts without fighting.                                 

The Empress    

You are ready to bring your project to life. Preserve a balance to ensure its success, in short, do not overdo it for nothing.                                         

The world

You are at an ideal place in your life. Remember, however, that the human experience has its ups and downs and it is these experiences that really evolve you.       

two of stick 

Dare to trust your instincts to make a choice; logic can't always help. Now is the time to take action.                                    


Build a solid foundation for your dreams and aspirations. Do not overvalue certain aspects of people and property. Make informed choices.                                

The Wheel of Fortune

Don't make the mistake of thinking difficult events are directed at you personally. Don't let yourself be shaken by things over which you have no control.                                   


Don't stop when your goal is achieved; there are always things to learn; your potential is great.                                       

The moon 

Listen more to your intuition and don't allow fear or doubt to cast doubt on your abilities.                                          

ten of cups

Do not neglect your family even if they are so present for you. To be surrounded by love is a privilege. Continue to show tenderness.                                            

Eight of Swords

Take back control of your life. Leave the fear behind. This feeling of helplessness felt is not real.                                      

king of sword

Your intelligence is a double-edged sword: used well, it allows you to create a rich life, but exploited by your ego, it harms your interpersonal relationships.                        

five of cut  

You are going through a period of mourning (you have lost something important or someone). Happiness and optimism will soon be back, never fear.                                            

queen of swords    

Be flexible when things don't go your way. Live your emotions fully even if you fear vulnerability.                                             

ace of sticks

The universe is smiling at you. An opportunity (project or career) is offered to you. Take action quickly.                                               

three of cut 

Take the time to tell those around you that you appreciate them. Don't take anything for granted; cultivate gratitude instead.                                         

four of cut

Don't waste opportunities that you may regret later because of your pursuit of perfection. Accept the gifts that are before you.                                               


Renew your energies and refuel for the most difficult times. The good weather always comes back, don't stop believing in it.                               

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